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Chapter 13 - Similar Variant Monster

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Similar Variant Monster

At the place where I turned to,

There was a humanoid monster with the head of a cow.

In Greek Mythology, I remember it’s called a Minotaur.

[Burururu~! Fushi yu~ u u oo o o!!!]

Its eyes are golden.

Its blood vessel are pulsing.

A muscular body.

A dark orange line runs throughout its body (Is it its blood vessels?).

Its skin color is dark.

A huge horn for ramming people.

Like a reindeer.

Base image of a minotaur.

But, with an unusually terrible form.

What is noteworthy is the liquid that it’s releasing.

There are some protrusions shaped like petit Fuji-sans that can be seen on its body.

There was a hole about the size of a hundred-yen coin at the tip of each protrusion.

Something is released intermittently from the hole.

Dripping liquid.

The liquid falls to the ground.

Doro~ tsu! (T/N: apparently, the sound of dropping liquid)

Bicha~ tsu! (T/N: sound of splashing)




The ground is.

That bloodthirst from back there is from you, huh…

The ground around the transfer destination was relatively uneven.

That might also be the cause.

It’s creepy.



It’s too fast, it already caught up.

I couldn’t hear its footsteps until it entered my sight.

Can I even escape?

A variant minotaur.

Can the goddess win?

Can Kirihara’s personal skill defeat this?

In the past, it was said that powerful heroes and warrior were disposed.

No one has ever left the ruins alive.

They were killed.

By this guy.

No way to win.

For the E-Rank me.


This is it, huh.

This is the end of Mimori Touka.

At least, I need to say a few things.

I wanted to say thanks.

To my uncle and his family.

Thank you for being kind to me.

I was thinking of saying it properly on the day I graduate from high school.

I should have said it earlier.

And then, Sogou Ayaka.

Even if it’s only I who think of it as a debt of gratitude.

But still, I want to say.

I want to say my thanks.

Thank you for trying to protect me.

Hita… hita… hita… (T/N: sound of someone approaching steadily)

The minotaur is approaching slowly.

You can say that the entertainment is already over.

The person who has been transferred is probably a bait.

For this guy, who is wandering about near its nest.


My nails rub against the ground.

No weapons.

There’s only this leather bag that glow.

My status is a failure.

My skill is a bigger failure.

[My life was… taken over by my uncle’s family.] (T/N: not sure here.)

I started to stand up.

But, I stop.

Even if I stand up here and escape, the minotaur is probably faster.

At this distance, it can catch up quickly.

Above all, I’ve used up my stamina with that full power sprint earlier.

A stalemate.

Everything comes to an end.

I close my eyes.

It comes to my mind.



[If you’re going to disappear, just disappear already, trash.]

[ Well~ Too bad I can’t see Mimori unsightly death, I would have liked to see it~! It’s so, a shame~!]

[Forget everything and sleep peacefully, Mimori Touka… R, I, P….]

[ Howl and struggle all you want at the bottom of the base.]

I slightly open my eyes.

I feel nauseous.

Isn’t he enjoying it too much?

This bastard.

Such an end like this…

Would anyone accept something like this?

I grind my teeth.

[I want power–]

The minotaur furiously roared.

[Buru ru~uououohh! GoarrrhhhhhhHhHHh~!!!]

Is it threatening me?

Or are you claiming me as your prey?

The minotaur reaches out.

To my head.

Me too,

[Bu ru~ u?]

Reached out my hand.

To the minotaur.

The arms of the human and the demon intersect without conflict.

I know.

The huge hand is now approaching my head.


I didn’t want to die without doing anything.

I know that it’s a failure of a skill.

But, I used it.

At least, a retort.

Frustrating feelings are overflowing within me.

Or was it just survival instinct?

My instincts tell me, “struggle”

At least a glare.

The minotaur grasps.

Personal skill.

Abnormal State, Endow–

(T/N: I know I translated it earlier as endowment, but I just realized just having it to “endow” makes it have the same syllable as its japanese counterpart “fuyo”)


Last resistance… done.

I close my eyes.


After a few seconds.

I notice something out of place.


Nothing happened?

It’s not strange that my head is crushed by now.

Or even if my neck is pulled out.

And yet—

Nothing has happened.

Is it because of tension?

Is it because of fear?

My face is sweaty again.



My face,

I raised it.

I opened my eyes right away.

The minotaur…


…have stopped.

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