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Chapter 15 - Remaining MP, Risk and Resolution

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Remaining MP, Risk and Resolution

Can I go?

Above ground, I mean…

I just have to keep an eye on everything.

If I keep on using <Paralyze>…


There are things I have to check.

I entered the shallow tunnel I’ve found earlier.

I inject some magic into the leather bag that had lost its light.

The leather bag starts to shine.

This secures my visibility.

[Status Open…]

All right.

Come forth.

<Touka Mimori>

LV 1

HP: +3

MP: +1/33

Attack: +3

Defense: +3

Physical strength: +3

Speed: +3

Wisdom: +3

<Title: E-Class Hero>

As I expected.

My MP have decreased.

I’ve used <Paralyze> three times.

Once for the goddess.

Once to that minotaur.

And another for that bird head.

Does using it each time consume 10 MP?

But what happened to the remaining 2 MP…?

Ah, I get it.

It’s those two times I’ve injected magic in the leather bag, huh…

This is bad… I have almost no MP remaining.

No, the goddess explained that the status that was just a correction value.

In short, that correction value is almost gone now.

In other words, my MP pool that is not quantified is the real amount left.

If it is, then that means I should have some MP left remaining.

On the other hand, I don’t have an exact amount of how much I have in hand.

If the remaining MP is 10 or less than that, the unique skill can no longer be used.

If my only weapon can’t be used, It’s a complete checkmate.


It seems that I still have some MP remaining so I could feel relieved.

But still, I’m quite worried because I can’t see how much I have left.

I shake of my anxiety and moved to the skills page.

<Personal Skill: Abnormal State Endowment/Available>


<Paralyze: LV 1 / comsumes 10 MP>

<Sleep: LV 1>

<Poison: LV 1>

If you look properly, the data on <Paralyze> have increased.

The MP consumed was now displayed.

Is it a mechanism where it displays the MP consumed after I’ve used it at least once?




I hold my head.

This won’t do.

No matter how I put it, there’s now way my MP would hold on like this until I reach above ground.

Does MP recover over time?

Just like RPGs, will it recover if I sleep here?


Even if I completely recover, I’ll recover just 30 points.

The rest of my own MP pool is unknown.

Wishful observation of my own MP is dangerous.

I’m still E-Rank.

[And also…]

What happens if I complete consume my own MP?

Will I faint?


If this is the case, putting my hands on my own MP is risky.


Come to think about it…


After Kirihara used his unique skill, <Golden Dragon Wave>, he said something.

Something like his skill LV has improved.

It seems that the concept of “Level Up” exists in this world.

Yeah– Just like a game.

[If my LV goes up, I could overcome this situation…]

My MP pool would increase.

The skill’s MP consumption may also decrease.

However, I’m an E-Rank hero who have a low growth rate.

S-Rank hero Kirihara have a high growth rate.

Kirihara seems to have a so-called “experience points/EXP” by using only one skill.

And leveled up.

On the other hand, I’ve already used it three times but my skill LV still hasn’t increased.

This is the difference between E-Ranks and S-Ranks.

What should I do?

How do I raise my level?

If this is like one of those classic games, if I defeat a monster, I will get EXP.

I silently stare at my skill page.

[<Poison>, huh…]

When it comes to the the skills I have that are likely to deal damage, it’s this one.

Other than that… there were also those weapons that were left by the dead heroes?

Finding something like that, huh.

Then, killing paralyzed monsters with their weapons.

I used to be a commoner, I don’t think my base abilities would be high.

Since I’m E-Rank, the correction value is also low.

However, there may a chance to win depending on the weapon’s ability.

If it can damage one side continuously, or–

[Ah, but…]

If the disposed heroes that are transferred here were robbed of their weapons, then there’s no way.

Anyway, my unique items may be called the worse ones of them.

Can I keep the weapons and magic items of the strong heroes as it is?

Well, it might be possible that a strong hero was transferred with their equipment if it was as a grudge.

[Or rather–]

I peeked outside from the tunnel.

In the direction of the bird head.

[How long is the duration of the paralysis?]

I don’t have time to waste.

I want to avoid wasting my MP anyway.

Just in case, [I should go back and check…]

If it’s still paralyzed, it’s a pretty long duration.

One-sided attack strategy may also be quite possible.

But, if it’s not there.

[At that time–]

Well, [Then, that’s the time…]

Now I have to go and grab my little light.

Therefore, I take the risk.

And prepare myself for what’s to come.

v I go back to where I came from.

This choice may have been wrong.

It may have been better to keep going up.

…… but still, I have to check.

After paralyzing it, I escaped.

I don’t know how much distance it is to the bird head.

At that moment, I turned around–

The bird head who slipped into the darkness may suddenly attack.

My heartbeat is accelerating.

Doku~ Doku~ Doku~ ——-

My breathing have become shallower.

But still… Is my eyes getting used to it?

Even if there is no leather bag, I can still see a little bit.

Even in the dark.


I stand still.

There’s something is falling down.

This is…

[An axe?]

Is it a disposed-one’s property?

It seems I have overlooked it earlier because I was running desperately.

I picked it up.

It’s quite heavy when I held it.

Is the blade still sharp?

I only have 1 MP left in my correction value.

Should I check its condition with my leather bag using my last remaining MP?

No, it’s not necessary yet.

If I go near that bird head, there’s a light source.

That bird head that glows with orange lines.

I’ll check it at that time.

I walk again with the axe in hand.

My chest hurts.

I’m thirsty.

That bird head…

Is it still there?

There, beyond the darkness…


I can see it.

I can see the light of the orange lines throughout its body.


The bird head is still there.

O- Okay…

It seems it still is paralyzed.

Unless it’s just mimicking one that is.

[Pppiii kkkkoooo, bbbiii kkkooo, pppaaa, kkkooo, pppiii! PPuuuuooohh~, pppuuu chhiiii kkkoooo rrrroooohhh]

It has been released.

I can feel its clear killing intent.

I can’t do anything because I can’t move.

I can sense it.

Only its habits are the things I can’t stop.

Paralysis doesn’t seem to stop all functions of the body.

No, I quite understand…

If all functions were stopped, it will become an instant death skill.

I can see something.

What is that?

A gauge?

If you look closely, there was a yellow gauge-like display above the bird’s head.

It’s like a game display.

Supposing that this yellow gauge is the duration of the effect…

I still have half the amount of time left until it frees itself.

I take my distance away from the bird head.

I pick up one of the stones that are scattered around on the ground.

And I threw it.

Ka~ a~ an~ tsu!

It hit the back of the bird head.

What is with that high-pitched sound?

That’s not the sound of skin.

Did it have an absurdly tough skin?

I hide myself and watch.

There’s no sign of the bird head moving.

I remembered the RPGs and social games back in my original world.

Abnormal State is canceled if any attack is received.

There were some of those kind of games.

Whether or not the attack will release the paralysis, I wanted to try that out with that attack.

It’s still not moving.


All right.

I involuntarily find myself doing a guts pose.

Well, there were many games that the paralyzed state was still intact even after being attacked.

I felt like it follows the same theory.

Well… It seem until the gauge runs out, I can do whatever I want.

I get out of the rock where I’ve hidden.

I’ll now check the state of the axe with the light emitted from the bird head.

It looks like there’s no chips on the blade.

[ 喰ら, eh—] (T/N: no clue. I think it’s the axe’s name.)

Wielding it with both hands, I promptly swing it.

I tried imagining a lumberjack.

First, cut off each of the bird head’s arms one by one!

Buooon~ tsu!

Gakyin~ tsu!


A strong numbness ran through my arm.

I unintentionally dropped my axe.

My arms are bursting in pain.

A dull and heavy soreness came afterward.

[Hah~– Hahh….]

It’s no good.

It’s too hard.

Look at the blade of the axe there.

There was a crack.


Some of the liquid around its body dripped towards the axe.

The axe melts…

It melted faster than when it dripped towards the ground.

Does the acid work better on metals?

I can’t use that axe anymore.

[Such toughness is foul play…]

Should I insert the blade in that hole? (T/N: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

No, that won’t work.

Won’t it just melt in that liquid?

If that’s so, [I have no choice but to do it.]

The MP other than the correction value.

I will use my own MP.

I will use <Poison> on that bird head.

I get closer to the bird head.

I raised my arms.

It’s in my field of vision now.


I breathe deeply.

Calm down, me.


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