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Chapter 21 - Area Boss

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Area Boss

I look back to where I’ve already went to.

The location where I transferred first.

The place where I had been fighting for survival against the monsters.

The upper area, The deserted area, Area other than those are still unknown.

[I’m not sure since I haven’t marked the place, but I’m sure I didn’t go there yet…]

I walked on the rustling sands with caution.

Did I walk for about 2 or 3 hours?

I now stood before a huge, semicircular, distorted hole.

[…let’s go.]

I step one foot forward.


The sound of wind?

I can feel the flow of wind passing through.

However, I don’t think it would be conveniently connected to the exit.

I have not encountered a monster so far.

It’s like there’s no sign of it anywhere here.

Is this an area where there are neither minotaurs nor birdheads living here?

I touch the black rock’s surface.

Pitttooo It’s a little slippery.

The ground here is also pretty uneven.

The ash-like sand is scattered like a puddle of water.

While the rocks look like koi fishes that stand out as a monochrome.

It doesn’t look like the rocks that are lost in the snow.

As I went on, I found myself in a large open space.


It’s like I’m in a large limestone cave.

As there was a swamp, I tried to get closer.

The water is tinged green.

Kopokopo, pokopoko, pokooooo…

Something is making the swamp bubble…

I have a feeling that this swamp is entirely made of poison.

This smell feels like they’re stabbing into my nose.

No matter how I think about it, I don’t think this water is drinkable.

If I had access to drinkable water, I’d be able to fill it in my PET bottle.

I look down towards the swamp.


I thought I had found something but… it’s just a skull.

It’s most likely a human skull.

Was there a guy who fell over the water?

However, this is also proof.

That someone came through the minotaurs and the birdheads.

There seems to be some of the other people that were disposed who struggled to survive.

I looked for the way to the next area.


A gentle slope.

It’s like a spiral stairway who completely lost its color.

Or is it like crepe fabric that had been stretched thin?

In short, this was a gentle slope.

[Should I go up here..?]

It looks like a large limestone cave everywhere I look.

It doesn’t look like a dungeon anymore no matter how I look.

What exactly is this ruins?

Shortly after I began climbing the slope…

[This is–]

There is something that is sinking in the ground.

It’s a lot of bones.

And it’s clearly not just human bones.

Is this… monster bones?

This should be the minotaur’s bones?

And there’s also something that looks like the birdhead’s…

I took a deep breath.

Perhaps, here too…

There’s something here.

[…hmm? What’s that?]

I can hear something.

Something, like a cry–

Dooohhh, gwaaannhhhhhh!!!

A rock being crushed violently to pieces.

[Wha- What’s the heck is that!?]

I held my arm forward to protect my face.

A block of rock rolled heavily beside me.

I saw it at the end of my sight.

[…that’s huge.]

There was a huge hole that sunk in the ground somewhere to my left in front of me.




Pittooo, ppiiitttooo…

[This guy…]

I am looking up at a really huge sole.

With a sole this big, I can only imagine.

A head that looks like a dinosaur.

An eye socket as large as a cave.

It has sticky dark purple meat that smells rotten.

There’s a dim, orange light that runs through a line in the rotten meat.

The dim light has raised the silhouette of the sole.

The bare bones of the ribs is starting to show.

There’s some rotten meat to something that looks like the bone of its wings.

A winding pattern of half-meat, half-bone tail.

Huge pointed tails.

An extremely large body.

That thing opened it mouth.


Some kind of skeleton type monster?

Or is it a ghoul?

Or probably this is the so-called—


Dragon zombie.


The wind pressure of a shout.

A sour odor that pierce my nose.

[Giyyyooeee– Giyyyoo, giyoooeee- guuueehhh, guueeeehhh!!!]

Something is oozing out from its fangs.




Is that acid?


The dragon zombie sticks out its long tongue.

It’s tongue is undulating like an earthworm moving in a fast motion.

It was clearly aiming at me.

In an instant, I feel paralyzed where I stand.

This large limestone cave-like area…

[Is this its nest?]

Then, those bones that were sunk in were the victims who were disposed.

The dragon zombie’s trash can.

I can feel it– this guy’s killing intent.

I raise my arms.

I have nothing but gratitude.

I’m thankful that’s it’s trying to kill me.

I can now, without worry, Without hesitation, -kill this thing.

And so, I’m grateful.

He went into the battlefield for survival himself.

The dragon zombie raises his forefoot.

Did it know that I’m paralyzed in fear?

It seems like it’s about to crush me into minced meat.

The dragon zombie’s intense appearance.

Its overwhelming impact.

When I saw it, I was certainly sweating heavily.

However, I could also feel joy springing up within me.

The new monster, Dragon Zombie’s EXP




[Gi– !? Giihii… gyo… yo…?]

The dragon zombie’s front leg stop, raised in mid air.


v [It’s about time…]

The first <Paralyze> gauge is almost depleted.


A blue gauge appears.

After a while, the yellow gauge disappeared.


The paralyzed dragon zombie fell down where he stands.

It looks like its legs were broken and could no longer support its weight.

The gravity generated abruptly crushed its previously intense appearance.

It’s eye socket is hollow and it’s difficult for me to understand what it thinks.

[It seems to be asleep.]

I sat down in a cross-legged position.

In front of the huge dragon’s head.

The dragon’s bone changing its color It’s now turning from white to purple.

Abnormal State Skill.

It seems it also works well for the so-called Undead type monsters.

[Zuuu… zuuuu….]

Is it really sleeping?

A sour odor.

The odor of rotten meat.

This greenish part should be— moss, huh.

There is no sign of it waking up.

Well, all I have to do now is wait for its death.

But I can’t let my eyes off of this.

I can’t cut the combo of paralysis and sleep.


Should I check my status for the moment?

Status Open I check my status while paying attention to my surroundings and the gauge on top of the dragon’s head.

<Touka Mimori>

Lv 501

HP: +1503

MP: +12403/16533

Attack: +1503

Defense: +1503

Physical strength: +1503

Speed: +1503

Wisdom: +1503

<Title: E-Rank Hero>

[I’m feeling a weird dreadness from the Lv501.]

However, aside from my MP… are my other status values high?

I had referenced it before, but Oyamada had a Physical Strength +500 while he is Lv 1.

Of course, not all the heroes may have “initial value x Lv” status numbers.

If that’s the case, when Oyamada becomes Lv 4, he will be overpowered.

In another point of view, the growth rate of Touka Mimori is even lower than an average person.

I’m certain that’s what that sh*tty goddess said so.

Would you become a decent pawn if your level had risen dramatically? That might be possible.

[And if it’s so…]

It may be better if I don’t put much emphasis on the correction values aside from MP.

What’s important for me now is my reflexes.

The ability to activate my skill before the enemy is able to take action.

It’s also necessary that I’m able to react to sudden surprise attacks.

So if I can’t rely on the status correction here–

I would need to polish my own reflexes.

Well, I think I could train myself while I’m fighting on this ruins.

[And, the MP that has decreased–]

It’s the amount that I’ve put in the leather bag and I’ve used for the dragon zombie..

I don’t think I should be concerned with my remaining MP.

This amount should be enough.

As for my skills…

<Paralyze: Lv 2

MP-consumption 10 / Multi-Target Casting>

<Sleep: Lv 2

MP-consumption 10 / Multi-Target Casting>

<Poison: Lv 2

MP-consumption 10 / Multi-Target Casting>

The multi-targeting ability is now available for all of my skills.

It also displays the MP consumed for every cast.

I see, if I level up, I can see that even the performance will increase.

[Though I say that…]

I put my hand over my mouth.

The MP consumption doesn’t change even if my level rises.

In terms of success rate and the duration of the current hundreds of casts…

[I would say it’s an extraordinary performance.]

I can’t help but blurt it out.

E-Rank Hero.

The lowest rank.

[Is this really the skill of someone from the lowest…?]

Before being transferred to this place, I remember that Kirihara has questioned why the grade is in the alphabet.

[Well. But why is S the best?]

The goddess has replied, [Because S stands for “Special”.]

The alphabet grades that fit in our world.

[…english words.]

My abnormal state skill.

If E is at the bottom, its performance is rather too great.

[Like for example…]

I had an abrupt thought.

It’s just a hypothesis.

I have no backing evidence.

It’s all just pure thought.

But what if E alone was different from the other grades?

A special meaning.

An extraordinary meaning.

An exceptional meaning.

In other words, it may also not mean the “failure group”.

The english words that have the initial E.


[It’d be outrageous if the acronym of E-Rank’s E is for Extra…]

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