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Chapter 22 - Something you can’t escape to

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Something you can’t escape to

This hypothesis makes me convinced a little.

My abnormal skills are not as bad as what others think.

However, this theory does not explain why is it that I have a low correction value.

There is a very large difference compared to A-Ranks.

Well, A-Ranks may have a different growth rate from me…

The calculation for the correction value for every level-up doesn’t necessarily have to be the same multiplication system.

However, even after passing through 10o levels, the increase in Physical Strength in my status is still lesser than Oyamada’s initial value.

Even now, I still don’t think that E-Rank is not superior than A-Rank.

No, even just the unique skill itself have an abnormal performance.

I may not be able to think like that if my whole skill set is taken out.

[Well, there is no way I could verify that hypothesis, and there’s no way that will happen while I’m here.]

I still have a way to fight back.

That’s enough for me now.

I waited for the death of the dragon zombie in silence for a while.

If it dies when it’s far away, would I still get the experience?

I’d like to be able to try that, but…

I want this monster’s experience.

I leave it at the time I first encounter another monster.

It’s not the time for me test my doubts.

A fairly long time passes.

[Guuuiioooohhh!! Eeeerrrhhh…!]

<Your level has increased.>

<Lv 501 → Lv 549>

The dragon zombie had finally fell.

It certainly had quite a lot of HP.

It took quite a while for it to die.

I know that <Poison> naturally isn’t an instant death skill.

It can’t be helped that it takes quite some time.

Most of all, the existence<Poison> could be said to be my life line.

Without this skill, I would have been completely stuck.

It’s just… there’s a small thing I’m worried about.

Right now, another problem has occurred.


There were problems I had already solved.

Countermeasures against monsters.



[This is indeed… quite a serious problem…]

My eyes were getting heavier.

Yes— I’m sleepy.

The excessive tension after being summoned.

The extreme tension after being transferred to this ruins.

Several full speed sprints, escapes from death, correspodence with the hierarchy in ranks, and the passage of time…

The immediate crisis is now gone.

I may not be fully satiated, but I was able to eat.

Because of that though, the tensed nerves within my body have temporarily relaxed.

My brain is now sending complaints about wanting rest.

A feeling of fatigue is now washing over my body, enveloping it with sleepiness.

It seems that I still can’t escape sleepiness even if my status goes up.

It also looks like the correction values are decreased due to the lack of sleep.

But what can I do about this?

If I had companions here, someone could have kept watch.

However, I’m in a situation where I couldn’t afford to make mistakes.

There’s a reason why this ruins had its reputation.

Is there any rooms in a ruin like this?

[It’s just that…]

I look upwards.

The gentle spiral slope that continues upwards.

I’m going to climb that, right?

Can I keep on climbing even if I’m this drowsy?

Won’t I fall down halfway up there?

Isn’t that dangerous?

Although the area boss, the zombie dragon was defeated…

From my experience, I don’t think it’s limited to just that one dragon.

What should I do?

Where could I sleep?

Is there a suitable place somewhere in this wide limestone cave-like area?

I decided to walk around this area to search first.

I’ll go into the hole where the dragon zombie has came out of.


I could smell a peculiar strong pungent odor.

The further I walk, the narrower the hole is.

The back was completely filled with a green liquid.

It somehow looks like an underground waterway.

Though, it looks like the liquid flowing seems to be acid.

I pick up a stone and put halfway of it on the liquid.


It seems to be weaker than acid than the bodily fluids of a monster.

But the odor that it’s releasing is so bad.

I don’t think I can sleep with this pungent smell around.

I got out of the hole and went around the whole area again.

However, I couldn’t find any place where I can hide.

[This is bad…]

It’s very difficult to sleep with my body defenseless around possible harm…


The dragon zombie is collapsed near the wall.

The dragon zombie’s bones were cluttered.

It’s probably the effect of <Sleep> I’ve just used on it.

It’s body may have been bent or even broken because of the sudden weight that it’s incapable of supporting.

You’re almost completely weak when you’re asleep.

Suddenly, an idea came up on my mind.

But, [..would this idea even work?]

I went closer and touched the dragon bone.

Next, I pulled away its arm and struck it with my fist.


It’s hard.

[It’s strength is okay… I think. But…]

Is there an appropriate place that the same as what I’m thinking of?


I climb up to the bones that are elevated.

[How about here…?]

A part where thick bones were folded over.

I look over into the area.

A hole was confirmed in the back of a crevice.

Is it possible for one person to enter?

And also, this crevice–

[Should I go?]


I’m trying to squeeze my body into the gap between the bones.

Can I even squeeze in here..?



[..and there–]

I slipped through.

I illuminate my leather bag while looking around.

The gap is around the size of a person lying alone.

However, it seems impossible to stand up.

The length of the hole is limited as it only reaches up to my waist.

However, that’s enough.

[It’s a bit smelly, but this is my inn for the night.]

The smell of rotten meat can’t be helped.

I’m fine with it in exchange for my personal safety.

It’s better than the pungent odor from the hole earlier.

It seems that the strong, acidic body fluids of the dragon zombie have not oozed out here.

I went out of the hole for a moment.

There are a lot of fine bones scattered about here.

They’re parts of a broken bone when the dragon zombie fell.

I choose some of the thinner bone fragments and picked them as many as possible.

I place one of them on the ground and stepped on it.


The sound of breaking bone.


It’s quite soft with this level of thinness.

The sound it’s making is reasonably clear.

[Here, put some of them here… here also…]

The ground around the dragon zombie.

I’ve scattered bones in the area around the crevice I’m staying at without leaving a single gap.

If a monster like that birdhead tries to approach me while I’m sleeping,it’ll inevitably step on one.

This provides me a simple alarm system.

Well, time to go back…

When I returned to the inn made of bones, I sat down and leaned against the bony wall.

It’s dangerous if I sleep lying down.

It would be better if I sleep while I’m in a sitting position so that I could move immediately.

The drowsiness is slowly getting over me.

I close my eyes.

And as I expected.

I came to sleep at once.

v —Pakkiii—

My awareness rapidly awakened me.

I slowly opened my eyes.

[…they really came, huh.]

How long have I been asleep?

My mind was— quite clear.

If you were able to successfully sleep deeply, you would be able to recover sufficiently even if it’s just a short time.

Well, I saw that in the internet.

My body… still feels a bit heavy.

It’s probably because I’ve just woken up.

Well then, what kind of monsters—




It’s not just one…?

I peek outside through the gaps between the bones.

I can’t see clearly from where the angle I’m looking from.

However, I understood clearly.

[I see.]

It seems a crowd has gathered.

[It’s a large group that had arrived.]

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