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Chapter 33 - That’s enough.

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That’s enough.

The zombies have also been paralyzed along with the Soul Eater because of multi-target casting.

The zombies have completely stopped moving.

The reason that I had deliberately moved closer towards the wall was to secure an angle where I could see everyone.

[Pretending that I’m cornered in the wall—]

If I have a wall in my back, I could target all the enemies that gathered in my front.

[—only for you to be the one who were cornered instead.]

I extend out both of my arms towards the front.


Targeting multiple zombies at a time,

I casted poison on all of them.

The zombies’ appearance began changing after I’ve casted poison on them.

As I thought, my poison works on “undead” beings just like that time with the rotting dragon.

[These zombies clearly had a murderous intent towards me. Even if the information imprinted in them were created from the souls of the disposed people… they still wouldn’t refrain from attacking.]

Returning evil intents with evil intents.

Facing killing intent with killing intent.

Crushing everything who cross my path.

I weave my way in between the paralyzed zombies.

Is it because of the damage they’re taking?

One of the feet of some zombies seems to have melted.

The aforementioned zombies are now kneeling on the ground.

They kind of look like they are kneeling towards their king.

Standing behind one of these poisoned zombies was the Soul Eater.

[My status in this ruins would probably be the weakest. However, looks like being the weakest isn’t so bad after all.]

The Soul Eater looks like it’s glaring at me as it grinds its teeth out of anger.

The feelers in it’s body is slightly vibrating that it looks like it’s convulsing.

It can’t move them.

It seems it also can’t use that beam it has used before.

[I’m glad that I was the weakest— that I was underestimated. That’s why I have survived.]

I have survived.

The other disposed people wasn’t able to survive.

The skeletons of the disposed people which I had came across with.

That skeleton that was used as a plaything by a monster.

The four skeletons that I have found when I had arrived in this place.

The Dark Hero.

It may be difficult to call them my “comrades”

I don’t even know who they are.

Rather, I don’t think they’d even consider me as their “comrade”.

The humans discarded by that sh*tty goddess.

For this reason, they must be “good” people.

And for the greater good, they were disposed of.

However, I don’t think I’m one of those “good” people.

My purpose now is to have my revenge towards that goddess Vysis.

A disposed hero who was obsessed with my revenge.

Such an ambition is not something that can be praised by others.

It’s not something done by a decent person.

They have taken hold of their sense of camarederie, no matter how absurd it may be in this kind of place.

However, I am really pissed off right now.

I thought about the regrets that the disposed people had.

I thought about the humiliation that the disposed people received.

I thought about the despair that the disposed people have felt.

[I can’t help but get angry…]


The souls have been confined by this guy all this time.

How much had they suffered?

They’ve suffered enough when they had been disposed to this kind of place.

Being tormented when they were killed by monsteres here should be enough, right?

And yet, this monster seized their souls even after they had died.

The disposed people would continue suffering, even after death.

That’s why I thought of giving it the same ending.

Full of regrets…

Full of humiliation…

Full of despair…

I turned towards the Soul Eater.


The face of the Soul Eater turned purple.

Bubbles started popping out of its body.



The poison has been successfully applied.

<Your skill level has increased>

<Lv 2 → Lv 3>

I return a glare straight towards the Soul Eater who had been glaring at me.

I approached the face of the Soul Eater and stood at the front of it’s eyes and nose.

I’m afraid that the hatred and anger that had been accumulating within me was about to burst.

That’s why I’m going to do it now.

I stand in front of one of his eyes and looked down towards the Soul Eater.

[You must have never thought that one of those small fries you looked down on would be the cause of your death, huh—]

The corner of my mouth lifted up until the limit that it can.

[Just a single moment and the one in predicament suddenly changed—]

A wicked laugh came out of my mouth.

[That’s quite an unsightly moment of your death, isn’t it? Don’t you think so, Soul Eater?]

Opening my mouth, I stick out my tongue and dissed the Soul Eater.

[Uu!? Uooohhhhh—iiigggggiiiiiii… uuuwwwoo! nniiigggiiihhhiiiiii—!]

It seems that its anger has reached its peak.

It looks like it have forgotten its current situation because of the rage filling up within it.

Does this guy understand human language?

Or did it somehow understood the intentions that my words had transmitted?

The Soul Eater’s body began vibrating.

Bushu, bushuuuu~!



Blue liquid began gushing out of the Soul Eater’s body.

It’s a different color from the red liquid it had gushed out before.

It may be possible that this blue liquid is its blood.

The blue liquid is slowly scattering about as it gushes out like a fountain.

I’m glad that I had stepped back and got into a position where the blue blood haven’t reached where I am.

I started observing what is happening right now.


This phenomenon happening right in front of me.

I started making hypotheses of what this could be.

[If you forcibly move with all your strength when your body is under paralysis… it’s possible that you would take further damage within your body…]

It’s probably because the Soul Eater has an stupidly high base ability, that’s why this on-site death experiment have occurred.

[This is quite a good example.]

Thanks to that, it seems that I won’t have to wait longer for the death of this monster compared to when I wait for it dying from poison.

Would the prepared <Sleep> even get its turn?

Well, I’ve never seen one of my enemies dying that early.

It also saves me some time.

If you want your death to come faster, then I’m thankful for that.

The Soul Eater’s killing intent and anger won’t stop.

I’m sure that this guy had been continuously tormenting the disposed people until now.

However, it’s possible that it may never been the one who was tormented before.

I am the strongest being in this ruins.

I’m sure it believed something like that.

On the contrary though— it may have been possible for me to win against this Soul Eater only because the other disposed people couldn’t win against it.

That’s why it had underestimated me.

This result may have only been possible because of the foundation that the past disposed people had made.




A crack ran through the rocky face of the stone statue.

The rocky surface of round half of the stone statue’s face fell off and fell down towards the ground

The meat behind its stony exterior could be seen from the outside.

The flesh inside its skin has a mixture of black, red and pink colors.

Its flesh though is smeared with the blue blood gushing out of its body.

There are also cracks showing up on its teeth.

It makes you realize that its impending collapse is near.


Even so, the anger within the Soul Eater didn’t subside.

Its overflowing emotions couldn’t be suppressed by reason.

All I could feel within him was— killing intent, pure and unreasonable, killing intent.

While I am waiting for its death, the yellow gauge in their heads is about to be depleted.

[That’s enough.]

The words that I had just spoken wasn’t meant for the Soul Eater.

It was—

[It’s time for you to rest.]

–to the disposed people who had their souls trapped in this place.


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