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Chapter 34 - The light that leads to the past

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The light that leads to the past


The Soul Eater have finally died.

<Your level has increased.>

<Lv 1229 → Lv 1789>

In front of me is the pile of meat mixed with the debris of the surroundings.

That is how I would describe the things that I’m seeing right now.

The zombies have turned back into a sludge, mixed along with the wreckage everywhere.

There’s no sign of them moving.

Now that I think about it, I remembered that the skill level have increased during the battle.

The skill level of <Paralyze> and <Poison> have increased.

Did I finally reach the required number of uses needed for it to level up?

Or do my skills have their own experience needed and it levels up depending on the number of enemies I have used it on?

It may also be possible that it depends on the strength of the opponent I have used my skill on.

In what way do my skill level increase in experience value and what means is it depending on?

Many people still didn’t know that much regarding the study of skills.


[If my skill were effective against the souls that the Soul Eater had captured, I might have needed to use a large amount of my skills.]

Though if the souls have really suffered from my poison…

As expected, even I won’t feel that it’s a good thing.

[If you had really suffered… well, I’m sorry—okay?]

Suddenly, the Soul Eater’s corpse began to glow a pale light.

[—uuwwwwoooohhhh~! ooooowwwwwuuuuuuwwwwwoooooo~!]

A large amount of ghosts surged out of the Soul Eater’s corpse.

I feel like I’ve seen something like this from the TV or something else before.

It’s like a large school of fishes swimming through the blue seas.

Or at least, that’s what I felt when I looked at them.

The ghosts revolved around the area for some time.

After a while, they went towards the ceiling as if they’re wanting to phase through it.

When the horde of ghosts had finally touched the ceiling, it’s as if the ghosts had been blown away to pieces.

Pale blue particles slowly fluttered down from where they had blown off.

It’s as if the quiet night full of anxiousness have disappeared as the first drop of snow fell on that night.


A voice…

I can hear a voice.

“I was the first person that you had met when you have just arrived in here. I was relieved when you had noticed the minotaur that had been lurking behind you and have successfully escaped. You’ve really done your best…”

The first thing that I have encountered when I have arrived here was the half of a skull.

“I’m sorry about that time. It seems that my axe couldn’t even chip some of the skin of that four-armed avian. But, I’m glad that you have survived. I’m so happy that it’s as if it was me who has survived.”

When I was on my way towards the first birdhead that I had paralyzed, I had found an axe back then.

Although it couldn’t even hurt the really tough skin of the birdhead.

“I’m glad that my cloak have helped you halfway of your journey. Though I’d like to say that I’m a little embarrassed now that the Great Sage is now wearing it. Anyway… Thank you.”

The black cloak that I had once worn and I had exchanged back at the ruins area.

I borrowed that cloak from the skeleton that I had first met on the location where I was transferred.

“I’m quite proud of the quality of that dagger, but it seems that the monsters here were too strong for it to work. Fufufu, I’m quite surprised when you tried to eat the minotaur’s eyeball though. Anyway… Thank you for defeating that Soul Eater…”

The dagger that had pierced through the eyeball of the minotaur.

I had also got that from the luggage of one of the skeletons I saw in the location where I was transferred.

“It’s great that you have defeated that dragon zombie! Gwahaha! I’ve been cornered by that monster at that swamp until I had fallen down there and died! That’s quite a stupid way to die! Anyway, you’ve done great in there! You’re quite a great guy!”

The skeleton that have been floating around in that swamp at the limestone cave area.

“U- Um…”

The visage of a translucent, pale blue figure of a human showed up in front of me.

I remember the clothes she’s wearing.

I still remember it.

There’s no way I can forget about it.

There’s that lizardman who imitated the scream of a disposed person.

Those are the clothes that the skeleton had been wearing.

She looks like a kindhearted woman.

To the extent that the thought of what happened to her makes my heart bleed.

The woman clasps both of her hands together.

“I- It may a bit uncivilized for me to say this but… when you had beaten up those cruel lizardmen, I— I feel refreshed! For blowing away those monsters, thank you very much!”

Peko ~tsu

She bowed down to me.

It might be just my reflex but I returned the bow myself.

Wearing a relieved smile on her face, the woman finally disappears.

“I was also relieved because of your deed. I’ve honestly didn’t expect for you to defeat them but… I’ll specially thank you for that concern you showed so that our remains would never be used as a plaything again. I wish for your good luck from the bottom of my heart, young man.”

I am familiar with the clothes he’s wearing.

The lizardmen had imitated him when he was burned by those guys alive.

“I- I’m also relieved! Those panther men were really terrible monsters…”

“I specially want to thank you for disassembling the playthings that our remains have become and arranging our remains in the cave area. Thank you very much. You are a very kind person, you know?”

They’re probably the owners of those two skulls that the two-headed panthers used to play as a nunchaku.

“I would be glad if the jewels I had could be of use to you up there on the ground above… I don’t know about the current economic situation there, so they might have been cheaper now. So, if they really became cheap, I’m sorry about that…”

“But you know, I don’t think that the value of the silver coins would change! Or so… I think… Fufufu, anyway. It’s amazing how you can defeat that monster in that ruins area! I’m going to wish for your safety after you go to the ground above! Good luck!”

A pair of a man and a woman.

The both of them were holding their hand together.

I immediately knew who they were even if they don’t remind me of the clothes they’re wearing.

They’re the pair of skeletons that were holding hands in one of the rooms in the ruins area.

[And… The last one would be you guys, huh…]

The last to appear was a group of five men and women.

I am very familiar with the man who stepped up first.

It’s because I’m wearing his robe right now.

The Great Sage Anglin.

He was also called the Dark Hero.

The last ones who are left should be the ones who died in this area, huh.

” “

He’s talking about something.

But I can’t hear his “voice”.

I just barely understood the words “thank you” with how his lips moved.

I tried reading his lips as much I could but… I don’t understand what he means.

It’s as if the part of my brain who understands what he says is concealed away in a deep fog.

However, it seems that the other party really have the intention of trying to convey something to me.

Less than a minute have passed, the five people have began fading away.

The Great Sage is still trying to say something.

” “

After he finished saying his piece, the Great Sage finally turns around.

The other four people warmly welcomes him back.

“Welcome back.”

Or so they seem to say.

The four people beside the Great Sage began waving their hands towards me.

I understood that they seem to be saying “Thank you” with how their lips moved.

I raised my hand and waved back in response.


I’ve thought of the last words of the Great Sage.

There’s only a few words that I had understood clearly.

“Please, that goddess”


I was honestly quite surprised.

How much time have passed?

For me to be taken over by a sudden drowsiness…?

[Moreover, that just now—]

Are those perhaps, ghosts?

It’s quite a strange feeling.

I always thought that it was quite lonely wandering here in this ruins.

But now, have I ever been alone on my journey?

Have my seniors in this place always been watching over me quietly?

I don’t know what’s the truth.

It’s probable that they have always been there, all this time.

However, I didn’t feel creeped out by their existence.

I could feel from them, the same warmth that I used to feel back when I was with my uncle’s family.


I’ve suddenly remembered the last words left by the Great Sage.

What did he say next again?

“Please, that goddess—“

-must be stopped?

-must be defeated?

-must be killed?

I don’t know what he said next but, I could feel the intention that they are trying to say.

Did he say it on behalf of all the people that were disposed people in this place?

[It’s just that… It’s not like I’m obligated to accept their request. Well, though I say that… you can be relieved.]

I struck my left fist with my right palm.

Pashi ~tsu!

[It may take some time but—]

I glared towards at the memory of the goddess that began surfacing on my thoughts.

[I’ll make sure that the sh*tty goddess will pay for what she has done to me, even if that’s the last thing I could do.]

I finally began looking for the remains of the Soul Eater, until I picked up the golden jewel that used to be on its forehead.

After that, I went back and picked up my leather bag so that I could finally climb the stairs.

Once I’ve began climbing the stairs, I looked back on the ground.


Who was the one I said my goodbyes too?

I don’t understand why I had said it too.

I inserted the golden jewel into the recess in the door.

I could feel vibrations.

The door have finally opened.

Light began going in between the gap between the doors.

It’s the first time in a while that I have felt the nostalgic, warm sunlight within my body.

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