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Chapter 37 - Things from now on

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Things from now on

I managed to escape from the disposal ruins that had been said to have zero survival.

Feeling the warm sunlight with my body, I could finally take a break—

I can’t say something like that.

“There is a mark on the entrance that only the investigation team, who goes to inspect regularly, understands… There have never been any change in that mark.”

I remembered the words that sh*tty goddess has said before I was being disposed.

Hiding behind the shade of a pillar, I kept my vigilance on my surroundings.

It seems that there have been no monitoring establishments nearby nor investigators that would guard the entrance.

I think back again about the words of the goddess.

“–the investigation team, who goes to inspect regularly—“

Is it because this ruins had always been closed?

I’m constantly looking around the area as I look around for any presence of humans as I examined the entrance of the ruins.

I don’t see any thing that has changed at all.

I also can’t find any indication of anything that looks like a mark.

“—a mark on the entrance that only the investigation team, who goes to inspect regularly, understands…”

To sum it up, the mark has a troublesome disguise.

It should be considered that it’s only a matter of time before they know that I have escaped the ruins.

The door of the ruins had already closed.

The moment that I had gotten out, the door had surprisingly been closed.

It’s as if this ruins is telling me to “Quickly get lost!”

Is it because I’ve killed too much of the monsters living in this ruins?

I wasn’t able to bring out that golden jewel that was needed to open the door.

I would have sold it if I was able to bring it out but…

It seems that the outside world is not doing well too.

The area nearby the exit of the ruins looks like a ruined landscape.

In other words, this ruined landscape could be said to be the inheritance of an ancient civilization.

I could definitely see the image of what should be an ancient ruins, just like those photographs I had seen on my textbook.

I quickly looked around the neighborhood.

It seems that this ruins is in the middle of a forest.

I guess it’s about time that I should live this place.

I need to escape here before they would be informed of my existence.

I have no business with this place anymore.


I’ve discovered a path that I think people had used before.

I could see the bare earth.

The ground had solidified after being treaded on multiple times.

Is this the road used by the investigation team and the people who normally goes in this forest?

If that’s the case, I think it’s better for me not to go through this path.

“Captain! I had seen traces of unfamiliar footsteps that has passed through this path!”

It’s possible something like that will happen later…

I guess I’ll go through this forest a short distance away from the path.

[I wish I can find some place that have some water… I want to wash my body already.]

Although I have already escaped from that place, there are still many things that I have to do.

I’d also like my habit of speaking to myself that I had developed in that ruins to be cleared off.

I really need to stop it.

[Status Open.]

<Touka Mimori>

LV 1789

HP: +5367

MP: +59037

Attack: +5367

Defense: +5367

Physical strength: +5367

Speed: +5367

Wisdom: +5367

<Title: E-Class Hero>

Only the MP had a different amount of digits in it.

But this is not what I really want to check out now.

I wanted to check the skills entry.

I want to check out the two skills that have leveled up.

<Paralyze: Lv 2

MP-consumption 10 / Multi-Target Casting / Optional Release / Partial Release (Head)>

<Poison: Lv 2

MP-consumption 10 / Multi-Target Casting / Optional Release / Option: Non-lethal>

The entries have increased.

Both of the skills have <Optional Release> added on them.

When I were back in the ruins, there had been no situation where I felt the necessity to cancel my skills.

I haven’t really thought about my inability to cancel my skills.

It is now possible for me to release them out of my skills if I so will it, huh.

If I there is a monster nearby, I’m going to try it later…

The other new addition in the <Paralyze> skill is the <Partial Release (Head)>.

I am wondering about the additional display, this “head” word that is enclosed by parentheses.

Does this mean that it’s possible for me to release just the head from the paralysis?

It seems that it will be useful when I want to talk with the one I paralyzed.

There’s also the new addition in the <Poison> skill, <Option: Non-lethal>.

In short, I think that I could now make my poison into something that doesn’t kill my target.

If I were to talk as if this were a game, it’s like a poison that always leaves someone into only 1 HP?

I think this might surprisingly be useful.

I don’t think I’ll be using this skill that much though.


If I want some kind of effect to be added on my skills, I think something like making it work to that sh*tty goddess is a perfect skill for me.

[I need to test out the additional effect of my <Poison> when an opportunity comes.]

I close down the status display and took out a cola from the leather bag.

This cola had been in my bag for quite some time.

This is the last mouthful until the PET bottle is completely empty.

Let’s drink this in celebration for returning alive from the ruins.

I gulp it all in one breath.

It might have been obvious, but the carbonic acid in the cola has long been lost.

However, this dense sweetness quenched the fatigue out of my body…


I keep the empty PET bottle with me.

I will keep it as a water container when I have found a clean river.

I started walking through the forest again.

There are many things for me to think about.

However, I need to confront them just one at a time.

I would get too confused when I think about all of them at the same time.

Besides, Multitasking has never been my strong point.

[Now then…]

I guess I should find a village or town first.

I want to take a proper rest at some inn.

I also want to buy some new clothing.

It’s because I want to change out of this uniform under my robe.

This uniform from my original world is too conspicuous.

With the situation I am right now, I need to avoid standing out as much as possible.

I also want to know where I am now.

Is this place within the territory of the Allion Kingdom?

Am I closer to the center of the territory?

Or am I somewhere near the frontier?

Or is it that I’m in an another country?

Worst of all, there’s a possibility that I’m even in the other side of the sea.

I want to get a map if I can find one.

Fortunately, I have found some silver coins and jewels in the ruins.

It’s reassuring that I’m not completely broke.

However, I think I need to know how much is the worth of the silver coins and the jewels.

I also need to know the market price of the commodities.

I’ve also received some macro informations when we were just summoned by that goddess. (T/N: macro information = public info.)

However, I haven’t heard of the section where the micro information was explained.

I think I need some suitable confirmation myself.

[After that—]

I glance at the leather bag that I am carrying.

The Forbidden Archives of Spells and Curses.

I can’t gather any information from this.

This may be the power that would help fight that goddess.

[Now that I think about it…]

Is it possible for me to learn the contents of this book?

Can I become a forbidden spell-user if I were able to learn how to read the language used in this book?

Or the ones who could learn these spells are limited to their race?

I want this to be clarified too.

[I have to gather information about forbidden spells as much as possible.]

And then…

[I want a sword.]

Unintentionally, I muttered.

My status other than my MP is low.

That’s what I had been thinking until today.

I recall the memory of when I was in the ruins.

I almost haven’t used any of my stamina around the second half of when I was there.

I haven’t gotten sick even once.

I also feel that the fatigue I feel on my feet as I ascend the ruins got diminished and it’s as if my feet feels lighter than before.

There’s also the luggage that I have been carrying in my leather bag that I feel is lighter than before, even though the things that I had been carrying has increased.

That’s why I think that the effect of the correction value has certainly started to show.

However, the Soul Eater and the various monsters has continued to recognize me as someone who is “weak”.

Even after I had broken through Lv 1000, I was still the weakest in the ruins.

So to speak, I’m probably the magician types who stays at the rear guard.

I’m not the warrior type who fights in the vanguard.

That’s what I think.

That why I suddenly said that.

“I want a sword.”

That’s why I murmur such a thing.

[It would also be reassuring if someone like a shieldbearer could be my escort…]

If I have a “sword” that protects me when I was casting my abnormal state skills on the rear, I can concentrate on invoking my skills without worry.

In the ruins, I don’t have to worry about blind spot if I just put my back against the wall.

Removing the blind spot can be used at that ruins since that place has numerous walls that you could also hide in.

However, that is not always possible when I’ve arrived here above ground.


Hiring a skilled mercenary could be one of the possible actions I could take if I wanted an extra helping hand in the fight with the goddess.

[–Or I could just make my own mercenary group.]

In order to achieve my revenge, I would have to exert double… no, triple counter-measures for every possibility that could happen.

This unidentified forbidden power.

It would be dangerous if I bet too much hope on just these forbidden spells.

I scratch my head.

[If my abnormal state skill works on that sh*tty goddess, it would have been easier for me to exact my revenge… well, it seems you can’t be hasty on the things you do even in this world.]

It can’t be helped.

There’s nothing convenient in this world.

On the contrary, I think that things have been too convenient for me since I have the abnormal state skill and the convenient ability of my leather bag.

[After that… I should also find some time to look through the contents of that book that I had received from the Great Sage, “Encyclopedia of the Forbidden Arts”—]

(T/N: I’m going to rename the book to synch it with the one written on the manga.)

A presence.

I close my mouth and raised my vigilance upon my surroundings.

I can’t feel any thirst for blood.

However, I could feel its intent to attack others.

Is it a monster?

I investigate the source of the presence as I hide behind the trees.





A translucent creature that is blue and round jiggled on the ground.

[Aren’t those—]

There are apparently six of them, as far as I could see.


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