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Intermission Chapter: Yuketsu no Ichizoku

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<A fugitive’s POV>

Intermittent short breaths shook the serene air flowing in this place.

[Haaa— haa… haa… haa—]

A very dense forest.

Avoiding the major paths, I continued to run.

The sound of twigs breaking.

This could be a troublesome signal if I was trying to avoid the conspicuous roads in the forest.

But I don’t care even if they heard me.

I shake away the branches on my path.

However, I also made sure that I don’t break more than three pieces.

Does the thinness of my body help with dodging the branches on my path?

I’m making sure that I don’t step on any twigs on my path.

It’s really quiet, but I certainly am running fast.

It’s as if my body is clad in wind.


I promptly slowed down my sprint.

(Their presence disappeared…?)

The speed of the trackers must have slowed down.

I must have lost them… is not something I’d think about in this situation.

I don’t think that they would give up so easily.

At that time, I became really bewildered.

Should I fight here or not?

I turned around while I placed my back against the trunk of a tree.

A stance against ambushes.

The pursuers were from— “Yuketsu no Ichizoku” (T/N: Heroic Blood Clan)

They are the descendants of the “Different World Heroes” who had once saved the world.

Some heroes that came from different worlds had children on this continent.

The person who had inherited the blood of Heroes were said to have exceptional physical abilities and talents compared to the ordinary people.

However, I heard they can’t reach the levels of those Heroes who had fought against all evils and grew through multiple battles.

However, comparing them to their ancestors is a story for another time.

It doesn’t change the fact that they’re not an easy opponent who I can easily win against.

I heard that all of the surrounding countries had some families with heroic blood flowing through them.

They are important forces for those countries that weren’t able to summon Heroes.

My troubles are still here though.

I could definitely fight back if it’s just against one opponent.

However, it will be difficult if I were to face four people at the same time.

Fatigue had slowly accumulating in my body as I exhaled out a small sigh.

(Apparently, it’s impossible to shake them off— should I use it or not?)

“Spiritual Garment” (T/N: Sei-shiki Reisou)

I decided to get ready for the inevitable.

There is no guarantee that I’d win.

But, I would need to cut them off if I want to escape.

If I can’t escape from them, I should fight them while I still can.

I called out the spirit residing within me.

(I, Seras Ashrain call upon a spiritual garment… I sacrifice my peaceful sleep and offer it to you to form a contract—)

Keeping the spirits’ name in my mind, I speak out the rest of the contract.

(Sylfizea, Ferryl Banger, Will Ozega…)

(T/N: These names might change depending on when they ever appear on the manga. I would sync it to that translation.)

Wind Spirit, Ice Spirit, Light Spirit

Three stripes of colors wrapped around my, Seras’ body.

A combination light green, bluish and white lines.

When the light have started to disappear, I can see myself wearing armor and some other equipment.

These armor and equipment are things I have never worn before.

These were manifested by the power of the spirits.

Formally named, Spiritual Garment.

My appearance looks like I’m the Female Knight of the Light who had appeared in the legends.

My appearance looks like how she was evaluated nowadays.

I unsheathe the sword that’s hanging on my waist.

—-Pisshhiii, pikki—-

The blade of the sword is reinforced by ice.

Blue snowflakes are appearing around the blade as they improve the efficiency of my sword.


An equipment was also slipped on my head and covered my head down to my eyebrows.

The sliding part also hides where I’m looking at.

Spiritual Garment, Final Form.

Of course, my sight is also blocked by the cover in front of my eyes.

But, there’s nothing wrong with it.

The wind informs me of everything that’s around.

My nerves may become overloaded, but my senses were definitely sharpened.

However, compared to my sense of sight, I could easily catch the presence of the enemies’ movements.

I could also anticipate their movements easier too.

I put my ears against the earth.

(The successors of the Heroic Blood’s four-person group of bounty hunters “White Walker”… To think I’d catch the attention of those four… I’ve been really negligent…)

The so-called “Kiba”— Zalash Finebird (T/N: Fang)

The so-called “Kisou Tengai” — Asura (T/N: Demonic Heavenly Body)

The so-called “Geki Atsu” — Jaybin Sengai (T/N: Extreme Pressure)

The so-called “Kenshin” — Magatsu Bradinus (T/N: Sword God)

I sat upright as I move away my ears away from the ground.

Is it because I’ve been running for too long?

Fatigue has accumulated on my brain and body.

I closed my eyes that are hidden inside the hood.

(Athough no one knows of their names in the mercenary circle, I have heard of a remarkable and yet atrocious four-man group… It seems that I have never heard of any good rumors at all…)

I’ve fought with them multiple times until here.

They’re certainly strong.

However, I don’t think they’ve seriously attacked me yet.

It’s as if they were probably trying to measure my ability.

However— they have soon started to gradually attack seriously.

That’s why I’m prepared to fight them right here as I’m reinforced by my determination.

(I can’t let them catch me.)

I prepared for them as I grasped the handle of my sword tightly with both of my hands.

(Right in this place, I’ll defeat them!)

I waited for any signs of movement.

I’m also making sure that I have sharpened my senses, so that I could see through any kind of movements nearby.


A single drop of sweat stained my white cheek as it flow along my skin.

It has been quite an amount of time since I’ve been in this state.

(Are they still not moving yet…? No… They’re probably waiting for something—)


As if I was pierced by my sword enchanted with ice, I could a chill pierce through my spines.

Are they finally going to start getting serious?

Our game of tag had come to an end huh.

The playtime is over.

Is this when it really starts?

The time for the real hunt.

And— I unintentionally released one of my hands from the handle of my sword.

This is because I have this strange feeling of discomfort somewhere on my throat.

I put my hand over my mouth.

(What… What is this?)

I feel like something wrong will happen.

It’s like I’m assaulted by a sudden urge to vomit.

I feel shaky.

Everything in my sight looks intensely irregular.

I don’t even know if the White Walker became stronger or weaker as time had passed.

As my recognition of the situation became clearer, I can’t help but be agitated.

I don’t know how strong my opponents are.

I can’t even analyze their strength correctly.

I have made a foolish decisions, huh.

To think that I had thought that I could fight against these strange enemies…

Can I even fight back against weird enemies like these?

Heroic Blood Clan.

Was it imprudent of me to attempt to fight against an enemy who carries the legendary blood?

Should I have ran away at that time?


I quickly reacted upon the sudden sounds I heard.

Holding the blade enchanted with ice, I charged towards the direction of the sounds.

(…no.. oh no!?)

The sounds I heard just now was just a trick.

On the thicket diagonally behind my back— I felt a presence.



Who the heck is this?

He… doesn’t look like he’s from the White Walker.

I can’t feel any “strength” coming out of him at all.

But, it’s strange.

Something’s unusual.

He doesn’t look as strong as those four.


He’s not stronger than them at all.

And yet— the spirits were frightened of him.


(It’s as if his presence… It’s as if they’re from a monster…?)

One more thing that’s suspicious was, I can’t feel any hostility from him at all.

It’s as if his harmful thoughts are so thin.

Most of all…

(My body… can’t move…? Why…!?)

[I felt your intent to attack me— Well, thanks to your killing intent, though I also felt some impurities on your killing intent mixed in. Anyway, that’s beyond the point.]

A man’s voice.

What in the world is he saying?

(There are impurities on my killing intent…?)

[I felt that there’s something different from the four-person group I had met earlier, so I guess I’ll talk to you for a bit. Though I said that, I’ll keep your movement sealed just in case.]

After a bit of a struggle, I can finally say something.

[What… do… you… want…?]

[If I were to put it simply, I feel like I lost my way. If you’re knowledgeable about this place, tell me where the nearest town or village is. I’m not a local of this place. It’s also because of it that I don’t know those things that you’d usually call common knowledge. That’s why I want you to tell me everything I needto know about this place—]

For a moment, my thoughts came to a halt.

(There’s no signs of falsehood at all…?)

With the help of the spirit of the wind, I am able to determine whether someone tells the “truth” or not.

From the impressions of the spirits, I’ve also understood that the accuracy of this judgement was high.

(Is he really… just a lost person? Moreover…)

There’s one big question that had been bugging me.

He just mentioned earlier of a “four-person group that he had met earlier”.

(Did I hear it correctly—?)

The presence of those four people has disappeared.

What exactly happened to the White Walker?

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