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Chapter 44 - Witch

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[You know of someone who can read these characters?]

[There was once someone who was used to be called “The Witch of Taboos”. Have you heard of that name before?] (T/N: …kinki no majo, pfft.)


A witch, huh…

[I heard that she was driven away from where she used to live because they see her as a dangerous individual. She possess a really vast knowledge regarding the taboos in this world.]

That’s why there’s the word “Taboos” in her name, huh.

But with the way she’s saying it, this information must have been a rumor.

I can’t make a decision just based on a rumor.

Though I say that, this should still be a valuable clue that I could hold on.

[If I want to see her, where should I go?]

[Do you know of the Great Ruins?]

[First time I’ve heard of it.]

[It is said that she lives somewhere in this Great Ruins.]

[Didn’t she ever settle down in one place?]

[She didn’t. Well, I’ve heard no rumors of her settling down.]

[Is it far from here?]

[If you went to the north, you can reach it. It’s just that—]

The woman stops as if the words were stuck on her throat.

It’s just things that she has heard of, too.

There’s a low chance that those rumors were true.

[I think it would be difficult to meet the witch.]

[The reason is?]

[The Great Ruins was also known as the “Golden Demon Zone”.] (T/N: Kin-sei Ma Guntai)

Unfamiliar words keep on popping out one after another.

Well, it’s obvious.

I have no knowledge of this world.

So, almost everything I hear of are fresh words that I don’t know the meaning of.

There are some aspects that I can’t help thinking about but…

There are too many words that I had learn for the first time that I need to remember.

It’s like all these information were flowing through a muddy stream which ends up in my brain.

I’ll make sure to sort the out one by one later when I have some free time.

[From it’s name, I take it that this area is inhabited by various monsters?]

[Yes. It’s a danger zone that’s right in the middle of this continent.]

[I see.]

So, the witch has hidden there huh…

An area which was designated as a danger zone.

It seems that everyone on this continent know that by how she said it.

On the other hand though, that place is really a great place if someone want to hide away from the eyes of the world.

[I understand. Thank you for the valuable information that you had given me.]

I glance at the gauge.

The <Paralyze> will expire in a few minutes.

The words that this woman has said seems to be credible.

However, there is still a probability that she would start attacking me as soon as the effect of <Paralyze> expires.

I have to be careful in a world where even that f*cking goddess pretends that she was an affectionate goddess.


Is it about time that I leave?

[Is there anything else you want to know?]

[No, that’s enough. Thanks.]

The woman wryly smiled.

[Well then, that should be enough of a repayment for the fact that you have saved me… or that’s what I think, but as expected that’s not how things really go, right? Considering that it’s a repayment for saving my life, I don’t think that’s enough compensation—]

[No. That’s enough.]


[These information would now clear out the helping hand I had sent you before. I’ve had enough just with these information.]

I think that I could just get any further information that I’m lacking when I get to arrive at that small city.

[This is where we split up. That should be fine, right?]

[Y- Yes. If that’s what you want.]

I’ve asked most of what I really need to know.

The impression I have with her is neither good nor bad. It’s just that she’s too honest.

If she’s going to live with that kind of life, I’m worried that her future would be full of difficulties.

She kind of reminds me of someone.


Ah, I see.

She resembles my aunt.

They’re both people who are too good to others and yet, they inadvertently make others worry about them.

They’re a bit similar.

Knowing that people like my aunt exists, I’m secured that there should be some good people within the sea of people I get to meet.

[Goodbye, then.]

[Umm… I still can’t move my body because of your technique though—] (T/N: Jutsushiki, it should have been technique formula but… I stuck with just that)

[Wait for a few minutes and my “technique” would automatically lose its effect. Well, I can’t ensure that you won’t attack me after being released after all.]

I think I mentioned that I had used a “skill” to her before.

But, it seems that this woman thinks that I use some kind of technique.

[I understand. So, it will be released after I wait for some time huh.]

She didn’t even doubt my words at all…

Is it because she have some kind of means to determine whether I’m lying or not?

[I’m thankful that you answered my questions quickly.]

[Well, it seems that you were in a hurry because of something.]

It seems that she must have sensed it to when I was worried about the gauge.

[So, you replied quickly because you know I’m in a hurry huh… You’re quite thoughtful.]

[You’re my benefactor after all.]

[I don’t hate people like you. Well, I don’t think I’ve got any right to say it since I’m one of those people who attacked you by surprise but… for the time being, I’ll wish for your safety on your journey.]

When I turned around and said my goodbye, I left the place.

After walking a few distance away from her, Pigimaru appears from within my robe.




[Why did I disregard that woman?]


Pigimaru changed to green.

[I didn’t really feel any malicious intent towards me… She also replied my questions precisely. There was really no reason for me to hurt her because she had no intention to kill or harass me. It’s not interested in genocide. There’s no need for needless killing. I will only kill according to my rules.]


Pigimaru’s protrusion moves up and down.

I feel like it’s nodding upon my words.

[Though I said that, I can’t deny the possibility of that woman following us, now that she can move. I’ll rely on you to keep watch of the back… I’ll leave it to you, partner.]


As if it’s saluting at me, Pigimaru turned into green.


Well, it’s not good if some naivety we’re mixed in with my decisions.

It can’t be helped.

She looks like my parents after all so this much should be acceptable.

There should be some room for consideration if I felt that the other party somehow resembles my uncle’s family.

This should also be in my rule huh…

Well it’s obvious, but there are still exceptions to my rules.


After walking for some time, I finally found a small body of water on my way.

Is this perhaps spring water?

[…Should I lightly wash my body while I’m here?]

I ask Pigimaru to keep on the lookout and approached the water.

It’s crystal clear water.

I could even clearly see my reflection on the water surface.

I feel like I’ve been looking worse than a civilized human should look…

The words of my real father flashed back into my mind.

“Tsk. It’s that brat with the creepy eyes.”

No— did my eyes turned back to how it looks back when I’m with them?

Or, is it that this is how I look like originally?

I scoop out water with both of my hands.

Unprocessed water.

Normally, they should be avoided as a drinking water.

Though I said that, I still want to secure as much water as I could.

It might be useful for something.

I drew water into the empty PET bottles in my bag.

I then took off my clothes, folded it neatly and placed it beside the body of water.

I held a part of the school uniform that had been teared off as I went towards the water and slowly dipped my feet in.

It’s fortunate that the water is not chilly.

Looking at the sunlight that pass through the leaves of the trees, I still have some time before the sun starts to set.

If I want to take some bath, it should be right now.

I can see that the tensed nerves on my body started to loosen as I slowly dip my body into the water.


I could hear the rustling of leaves.

The nerves that started to loosen became instantly tensed after knowing that there may be a sudden intruder.

I raised my arm towards where I felt the presence.


[…It’s you, huh.] (T/N: ecchi scene)

It’s the blonde woman I had met earlier.

The woman that’s about to step out of the bushes stopped on her tracks.

However— I can’t find the armor or equipment that I had mentioned earlier.

She’s carrying a hemp bag on her shoulder.

I don’t think those things that I recalled of would ever fit on a hemp bag of that size…

I don’t think she abandoned it though.

We stared at each other for a while.

The woman quickly turned her eyes away.

[…I’m sorry to intrude.]

The woman bowed down her head.

[Do you intend to use this water, too? After my body is dry, I intend to leave—]

[No, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.]

The woman turned on her heels and disappeared back into the forest.

I went back to where my clothes was and wiped my body with a piece of cloth.

I felt quite refreshed after taking a bath.


Pigimaru, who was lying flat on the bushes, jumped out.

He’s slowly approaching me.

[Hmm? What is it?]


Is it depressed?

It looks like it’s sorry for something but…

Well, I quickly figured out what it is.

[Don’t tell me… Do you feel responsible for not realizing that she has approached?]


Pigimaru slowly turned into green.

I crouched down and reached out towards Pigimaru.


Did it think that I’m going to hit him?

Pigimaru responded back with a determined look as if it’s prepared on whatever happens.


I gently patted on Pigimaru’s jiggly body.


[Don’t worry about that. Did you hurt your hand earlier?]

[Pii! Pii!]

However, to think that Pigimaru didn’t notice her when she arrived…

I look at the direction where the woman had left.

Even though I was somewhat relaxed earlier, I didn’t notice her at all.

Most of all, even Pigimaru who is more sensitive to the sounds and movements around me.

Even if Pigimaru had been wary, he couldn’t detect her…

That woman must have “something”.

[I think that woman had something that helps her to erase her presence and the sound of her movements… if she had something like that, it can’t be helped that I didn’t notice.]


That reminds me of that four-person group that had been tracking her.

They probably had some excellent abilities if they could keep up with her.

[Pi, pi, pyiii~]

Pigimaru was still desperately apologizing.

A faint smile floated up on my lips.

[Like I said, I had been telling you that you don’t need to feel so responsible. Don’t worry, I won’t leave my partner here alone.]

The pink-colored Pigimaru rubbed against my foot.

[Pyiii~♪ Kyuiiii….♪]

For the time being, I guess everything seems to be fine.

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