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Chapter 57 - The Value of the Treasure

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The Value of the Treasure

I step into the room.

I can’t feel the presence of any monster.

As for Pigimaru— well, he also didn’t make any particular reaction.

It’s fine for now, but…

I move in front of the altar.

I look up towards the stone statue that’s suspended near the wall.

It may be just a premonition but…

[This statue would probably move.]

If you had got in touch with the stories in modern Japan, you would most probably have expected it already.

Those mechanisms that would begin to move the moment that you get your hand on the treasure.

This gimmick is really common in role-playing games.

This stone statue is absolutely suspicious.


Should I do the first strike against it instead?

I extend my arm towards the stone statue.


Suddenly— The stone statue began to change color from the top of his head to its clavicle.

[Pii? Pii!]

Pigimaru began reacting to it.

Life began appearing and could be visible on the scales on its skin.

Immediately after that, I could visible feel its presence as its killing intent began gushing forth towards me.

[—Giieeegggeee, shhhiiiyyyaaahhhh!]

However, it’s already too late.


The monster have already been paralyzed.

Is it perhaps the influence of paralysis?

Its change in color stopped halfway.

Next should be… applying poison.



[Gyyoooohhh, gueeeehhhh…!?]

The top part of the gigantic humanoid dragon’s body, the part that had turned into flesh earlier, became dyed in poison.


It’s change in color also stopped halfway.

It looks like its head is trying to squirm about.

It seems like it’s frantically trying to release something out of its mouth but…

The more it moves while it’s paralyzed, the closer it would be towards its death.



Blood began spouting out of the ears and the mouth of the humanoid dragon.

This phenomenon only occurs when someone tries to forcefully move even when they’re paralyzed.



The part above his clavicle began cracking down into pieces.

The head with its tongue sticking out began tumbling over in the floor.



The remaining parts of the stone statue also began crumbling.

Stones over varying sizes were scattered about on the floor.

Is the guardian of this treasure that so-called gargoyle?

It’s one of those monster-based traps where the nearby statues would suddenly move when someone does something.

[Speaking of those who conceals themselves as a stone statue, the Soul Eater was one of them, right? However, it’s good that this monster doesn’t have something like an Automatic Interception System like the Soul Eater had…]

It would have been really troublesome.

If this monster doesn’t have something I could take advantage of like that hobby of the Soul Eater where it bullies the weak, then I feel like couldn’t win against it.

[And, this should be—]

I pick up the Dragon Eye Sakazuki.

[Is this the centerpiece of this event?]

It’s a silver cup.

The silver color on its surface would sometimes look purple depending on the angle of where you’re looking at.

These golden jewels were the one who imitates the dragon’s eyes huh…

The stem part of the Sakazuki kind of resembles a dragon’s forefoot.

This dragon forefoot is designed to be holding the cup part of the Sakazuki from the bottom.

I wiped the slightly dirty surface of the Sakazuki with my sleeve.

Its glossy surface now reflects the light that the pyroxene have been giving off.

[This is quite beautiful.]

With its size, I could probably take it home with me.

Now then, what should I do?



There’s the presence of someone behind my back.

As I turn around, I quickly hid my body behind the altar.

At the same time as I’m evacuating— I held out my arm.

However, I haven’t activated my abnormal state skill.

[…So, it’s you.]

A familiar face now stands in front of the gate.

I thought that I had some wonderful opportunity after that rumor about an “abnormality” lurking around in this ruins…

Or did she also continue in the raid because she also took the opportunity just like I did?

It seems that the person who entered the room also recognized me.

I could see that some of her alertness have become lower.

[So, it’s you.]

It was Mist Barkas.


Aside from the clothes she’s wearing, Mist was only equipped with just a forehead protector and bracers.

I can’t see any armor on her body.

Did she take it off before?

There are some light that were gathering in her forehead protector.

The light looks kind of like mercury as it flows about on her forehead protector.

Is that what she’s using as a substitute for lighting?

The light on Mist’s forehead is slowly weakening.

Now, her slender figure were illuminated on by the light of the underground pyroxene.

How should I say this?

She doesn’t fit in this monster-filled underground ruins.

She’s seems like one of those people who dons her dress while she walks through the Royal Palace.

Mist’s eyes fluttered as she looked down.

She grasped her left arm with her right hand.

It’s like she’s trying to suppress the emotion that’s about to burst out.

Her expression looks like she’s kind of depressed.

[Since the other mercenaries have been turning back, I thought that I would be the first one to arrive here but…]

It seems that she knows of this “incident” too.

However, it seems that she still continued on her raid despite the risk that she would face huh…

Her brows furrowed as she looked towards me.

She smiled, but it looks kind of forced.

Her voice also sounds a bit unreliable.

I stayed still for a bit as I waited for her vague reproach.

[It seems that I was still a bit naive in how I see things huh… Taking a rest just because I had some bit of trouble after encountering a group of monsters… Well, it seems that it had slowed down the speed of my raid.]

Is she admonishing herself?

It looks like she’s trying to blame herself because she lacks some power.


[If you need this Sakazuki, should I give it to you?]


Mist looked up and turned towards me.

Her face looks like she’s quite stunned by my words.

[What did you just…?]

[I’ll give this to you if you need it that much.]

[W- What do you want in exchange?]

[Exchange for this?]

[I could give you 300 gold coins in exchange, umm… That’s all I can offer right now but—]

Mist’s line of sight began lowering down towards her lower body.

She gently put her hand towards the scabbard of the sword hanging on her waist.

[This sword, I think you might be unfamiliar with this too… but you should be able to get about 300 gold coins for this. Hati-dono, what can I do so that you would accept this exchange?]

Mist puts her hand above her chest.

It kind of looks like how a knight makes a vow towards a king.

[If it’s something that I could do, then please tell me what it is.]

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