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Chapter 69 - Azure Dragon Stone

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Azure Dragon Stone

(T/N: Seiryuu Stone)

I presented one blue jewel as remuneration for guarding me.

It’s one of those jewels from that pair of skeletons in the Disposal Ruins.

If Seras knows the value of this jewel, I may be able to understand the value of the other jewels too.


As she was observing the jewel, Seras yelped as she was about to drop the jewel in her hands.

However, she was able to catch it before it fell on the floor.

[I- I’m sorry about that.]

[Are you okay?]

[Yes. It’s just that, I’m slightly surprised.]

[About what?]


Seras held out the jewel in her hand.

It’s as if she wants to ask some questions.

[No matter how I look at this, this can only be that… This is the Azure Dragon Stone, right? But…]

[Azure Dragon Stone? Someone just gave me that jewel before. The only thing I’ve heard from him is that this should be a valuable jewel.]

Well, that’s what the owner’s spirit (?) said.

“I would be glad if the jewels I had could be of use to you up there on the ground above… I don’t know about the current economic situation there, so they might have been cheaper now. So, if they really became cheap, I’m sorry about that…”

Seras began to examine the jewel in detail by holding it over the light of the lamp.

[Is this the real thing?]

[I don’t know.]

[Touka-dono, could you please try injecting magic energy into this jewel?]

[Hmm? Can’t you just do it yourself, Seras?]

[Us elves weren’t as good at refining magic energy compared to humans. The amount that we’re able to refine is comparably smaller. To verify the authenticity of this jewel, we would need some decent amount of magic energy.]

They have lower ability to refine magic energy than humans.

If that’s how it is, why is it that it’s the elves that were the main users of Spirit Techniques?

[I understand.]

I received the jewel from her and injected my magic energy.

At that moment, the jewel sparkled like a glittering prism.

It’s like a boisterous dance of pretty lights.

Though, that light immediately stopped.

[It also matches the phenomenon that I have read in one of the books before. That’s probably the real thing, Touka-dono.]

[I’m still a bit left in the dark but, well… this should worth something, right?]

[I don’t know if you could just briefly describe it with “it does worth something”…]

Seras began explaining.

[The Azure Dragon Stone is said to be a rare stone that was produced by a dragon called the Azure Eyes Dragon, which could be considered as a legendary creature. It was said that the corpse of the Azure Eyes Dragon would melt when this dragon have died. However, there were some rare cases where there was something that would be a beautiful stone that would remain there even if the rest of the dragon’s body were to melt.]

(T/N: I’m tempted to put in Blue-eyes…)

Seras’s gaze was on the jewel in my hand.

[The Azure Eyes Dragon was said to have the greatest strength among all monsters, and it was said that they would be designated as a Disaster-Rank enemy whenever they appear. Although there were multiple heroes and mercenaries that has dreamed of making a fortune by defeating them and challenged this monster, most of these people were killed.]

Most of my attention was on the Great Sage at that time but…

I recalled about those two who were still holding hands even after they died in the Disposal Ruins.

They may also have held some considerable power.

[For the meantime, I don’t think the Azure Dragon Stone is something that could be distributed in the market. How should I say this, the value of this jewel is…]

Seras puts her hand over her forehead as if she’s slightly troubled about saying it.

It seems that she’s trying to suppress that confusion that’s about to spring up.

[Could I easily explain it if I just say it exceeds the reward I’ve got from the Dragon Eye Sakazuki?]

[I see. Then, this should be fine as payment for guarding me, right? I feel as if this jewel should be difficult to accurately judge its value since it’s pretty valuable.]

Nevertheless, I think I may be able to use these jewels when I needed some kind of great negotiation with someone.

I could also use this in exchange of some materials.



The hand that used to be on Seras’ forehead were now held out in front of me.

As if she’s telling me to stop.

[You can’t do that.]


[I don’t exactly know what you’re thinking, but I could feel that you’re thinking something that you shouldn’t do.]

Simple-minded people could easily meet their end.

Or perhaps,

I look down at the small bag beside me which holds the other Azure Dragon Stones.

There is still a number of them even if I give one of them to Seras.

I threw the Azure Dragon Stone towards her.


Seras catches the jewel in haste with both of her palms.

She then raises her gaze after looking at the thing on her hand.

[Umm, Touka-dono….]

[That’s already yours. If you want to throw it away, you’re free to throw it away.]

[Eh? No, however—]

[I’ve now paid the remuneration. Or, is it that you think that it’s too few?]

[That’s true, but…]

If this thing is worth more than the Dragon Eye Sakazuki, then it should be fine.

[Then, the negotiation for your remuneration should be concluded with this, right?]


Pigimaru cries out as if he’s trying to press an answer from Seras.

The smile on Seras’ lips have somehow relaxed.


She closed her eyes as if she’s still thinking about something.

[I feel like I lost at something…]


I put back the small bag of Azure Dragon Stones into my bag and sat down on the chair.

[You are to continue calling me Hati on the public areas for the time being. Of course, I would also call you Mist when we’re in public too. When you’re sure that we’re just alone or when it’s just Pigimaru nearby, you could call me with either of my name.]

[I understand.]

And as if she thought about something, Seras looks quite conflicted.

[It’s fine for the meantime but… are you really fine with this?]


[As you’ve already known, I’m currently being chased right now. There are also multiple personal things that I haven’t talked about with you. However… the entirety of my story, I still have yet to—]

I can’t decide on how to proceed.

I can understand from the tone of her voice and the expression on her face.

This is related to her conscientious personality.

[You can talk about the details of your background whenever you feel like you want to talk about it. I just wanted to create a relationship with you where you could sleep without any kind of problems.]

An environment where Seras could sleep as she pleases.

That’s all I wanted.

Having to lack some sleep would always interfere with her job as a guard.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t matter as long as the problem of her inability to sleep were to be solved.

[I think you should already know this, but it’s not your past that I wanted to reveal.]

I know the real identity of Mist.

Seras also knows that I know about her, Mist’s identity.

All we needed now is to both share this recognition upon our situation.

[It’s fine if you just remain in your optimum condition as the guard of your employer. Well… I’ve already said this earlier, but you can tell me all the things you want to talk about during the journey. I may inquire some things that I think were things that I need to know, but I basically don’t plan to investigate about your past at all.]

Seras calmed down after she heard my words.

[It seems that Touka-dono would always care about my situation.]

[Of course. I’m a kind person after all.]

As a matter of fact, I have only been telling her the truth all these times.

Well, it’s convenient for me if she took my words as if it’s my care for her.

[Anyway, are you able to sleep tonight?]

[I think that with the amount I’ve used in the ruins, I think the effect should disappear tonight.]

Tonight, my desire to sleep (with someone) has returned.

I’m sorry, it’s just a little joke.

[Well then, I don’t think you would need my <Sleep> tonight.

[Fufu, that’s right.]

[If that’s so, go back to your room and get some rest. I’m afraid I’m too tired having to be hospitable with your types.]

Seras chuckles a bit.

[I should have guessed already.]

Seras’ facial features and ears began changing.

Her elven ears turned into the ears of a human.

Is she staying alert even when she just have to walk a few distance along the corridor outside?

This elf is very thorough.

Before leaving the room, Seras turned towards me and Pigimaru.

[Well then, good night.]

[Pii~ ♪ ]

Seras smiled towards Pigimaru.

I could feel a slight gap with how she treated us two.



[Would you like to have some breakfast with me tomorrow?]

[Yeah, I understand.]

After deciding that we would meet tomorrow morning, Seras left the room.


It’s still a bit early for me to sleep.

I’ve also took some nap today.

Standing up, I picked up the bottle that contained the Monster Enhancer.



[Would you like to absorb the Enhancer now? Well. it’s fine to wait for some time if you’re still afraid—]


Pigimaru immediately answered.

His color shows a positive response.

“If you’re ready, let’s do it!”

That’s what I feel he’s saying.

[As expected of my partner.]

[Pii ♪]

Pigimaru morphed into a bowl-like shape.

[Should I pour the contents in there?]


[Then, I’m going to pour it now?]


The Enhancer is a transparent liquid.

Slowly, I poured it into the opening of the bowl-shaped Pigimaru.

Eventually, I’ve poured all of the contents on Pigimaru.

Pigimaru returns to his rounded shape after enclosing the Enhancer.



Pigimaru’s body began to emit light.


If I were to describe the result, then it would be a success just like the second experiment that’s written in the “Encyclopedia of the Forbidden Arts.”

The effect of the Enhancer towards Pigimaru were the same just as described in the results of the experiment.

[It’s already deep into the night, so I guess I’ll thoroughly inspect the various effects tomorrow… Should I check out for a bit before I sleep?]

I sat cross-legged on the bed and opened the “Encyclopedia of the Forbidden Arts”.

I occasionally turned over the pages of the “Encyclopedia of the Forbidden Arts” and finally confirmed the appearance of Pigimaru. I kept browsing the contents of my book until I’m finally overcome by drowsiness and fallen to sleep.

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