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I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything (Web Novel) - Chapter 70 - The Reason for the Prohibition of Curses

Chapter 70 - The Reason for the Prohibition of Curses

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The Reason for the Prohibition of Curses

The next morning, I had breakfast with Seras in the restaurant downstairs.

The other customers were sending glances towards Seras.

The current face she’s wearing right now is that of “Mist Barkas”.

Her beautiful appearance is quite a factor that attracts the eyes of the opposite sex.

However, the most attracting factor that caught everyone’s attention is that news that she’s the discoverer of the Dragon Eye Sakazuki.

[Oi, look at that. It seems that there’s already a mercenary that has taken that woman for himself.]

[Yeah. It seems that the discoverer-dono likes that type of man.]

[I have even heard this rumor that the beauty came of his room last night?]

[Fyuuu~♪ Not only did she discover the Dragon Eye Sakazuki, did she also discover what her taste for a man is?]

[I’m jealous of that sharp-eyed guy over there~♪]

The restaurant is filled with jeers.

Seras’ hand that held her spoon stopped.

The expression on her face is quite stiff.

Her fist was clenching her spoon really tight.

[It’s fine if they were just insulting— but if they’re insulting my benefactor, Hati-dono, then that’s something I can’t overlook.]

[If they have something to say about me, let them say it.]

I said as I brought my meal into my mouth.

[It’s just a waste of effort if you try to fight back against such people. It’s not like you could find someone like Monk among them.]

It would only a demerit if we were to cause a fuss in here.

Well, there should be no problem if it’s just something of this level.

Seras slowly unclenched her fist.

The stiffness on her face has also disappeared.

She took a deep breath.

It’s as if she’s trying to calm herself down.

[It seems you’re quite an adult, Hati-dono.]

[It’s just I’m already used to dealing with the ill intent of others.]

Or rather than saying that I’m used to dealing with their ill intent, I guess you could say I’m used to dealing with foolish people like these.

They actually look quite cute compared to Kirihira’s gang and that f*cking goddess.

Putting aside their killing intent, I could just easily ignore the ill intent that they’ve been sending my way…

[Well, I’m thankful that you could bear with it. By the way, this is completely out of topic but… have you ever heard about forbidden curses before?]

I asked about the characters I’ve seen in the Archive of Curses before.

However, we still haven’t talked about any story about curses itself.

[Yes, I’ve heard of them before.]

So, they do exist.

Or rather than that,

[You really know everything, huh.]

[I don’t know everything. However, I used to have a hobby of scrounging through old literature back in the past.]

With a gentle smile on her face, Seras puts her hand over her chest.

[The time when I was reading was also the time when I could feel particularly calm. You could even say that it’s the most comfortable for me when I’m having my one-on-one interaction with my book.]

I don’t think I could particularly feel what she felt back then…

I could only see the characters I’m reading on as just enumeration of information.

Of course, there may be some emotions that would sprung after I read something.

And yet, I wouldn’t care about what I’ve felt after discovering this feeling once.

It seems that Seras has a habit of placing her hand over her chest sometimes while she’s speaking.

[Fuunnn, I think it’s nice that you have a hobby that could help you calm down. Anyway, can I hear about the story about the Forbidden Curses?]

[Ah, excuse me. Ordinarily, these Forbidden Curses were referred to as just “That Certain Ancient Spell”.]

[Did you know the reason why they are called “Prohibited Spells”?]

[It was said that name was bestowed upon the Goddess Vysis herself.]



[…By the way, what exactly is this goddess?]

[It is said that there was a deity that was sent to this world be the Chief God of Heaven that would bring salvation and blessing upon the world. This deity is the Alion’s Goddess Vysis. When the Great Evil was on the brink of appearing into this world, the deity would summon Heroes from another world that would fight back against this Evil— and it’s only the Goddess Vysis that possess the means to summon them.]

That f*cking goddess.

[So, the one who prohibited the use of the Ancient Spells, the “Forbidden Curses” is the goddess huh…]

[Yes, that’s according to what I’ve read in the books before. That’s why, you could even say that the Goddess intended on prohibiting these spells. Well, people have questioned before whether these Forbidden Curses even exist or not.]

I feel like this information is really important…

A set of spells that the goddess has prohibited.

If you look at it from another side, you could even think that these set of spells were something that the goddess considers as dangerous.

In short—

It is likely that these Forbidden Curses were an effective countermeasure against the goddess.

This must also be the reason why the Great Sage brought the Forbidden Archives of Spells and Curses in the Disposal Ruins.

If this is the case then, the need for me to meed the Witch of Taboos has increased.

If the accuracy of the information I’ve just acquired is high…

There is also a lot of significance in searching for someone who could read the characters in the Forbidden Archives.

Seras faintly smiles.

[I’m sorry. This is all I know about it… If someone had read some other old books I have no knowledge of, then they would probably know more about it.]

[No, this much is enough.]

I look straight towards Seras’ eyes.

[Thank you.]

Seras puts down her hand above her lap while her shoulders seems to shrink.

[I- I’m glad that I can be of use…]


[Do you have to be that startled that much even though I’m just saying my thanks?]

[It’s just that it was the first time I have seen Hati-dono directly saying your “Thank you”, so… I feel a bit embarrassed.]

I see.

It seems that my moderate attitude towards her is quite effective.

I promptly changed the topic.

[Anyway, what are your plans for today? I think we ought to leave Mills before the sun sets but…]

[Let’s see, my plan shortly after this was—]

Seras began listing out the things she planned on her schedule.

As far as I heard from her, it seems that she would be finished with the Marquis’ hospitality in this morning.

By the way, Pigimaru is waiting in my room right now.

Last night, after pouring the Enhancer on Pigimaru, I was observing the progress of his enhancement until I slept.

I felt that the color on his squishy skin was slightly shinier than before.

However, there was no particular change regarding his appearance.

Well, it can be said that it’s just as described in the “Second Experiment”.

It wouldn’t be the appearance that would change.

It would be another aspect of him.

Let’s see…

I guess we should try it out later after we meet up with Seras later.

We’ve finally finished our breakfast.

Pulling away her supple chair, Seras stands up.

[At around 1 pm, I should be able to come back after receiving the reward from the Marquis. They seemed to be busy too, so I told them that we should be able to finish the process before noon.]

It seems that it’s a bit troublesome to turn the Azure Dragon Stone into money.

On the other hand though, gold is a currency that could be used immediately.

As I thought, she should still get the rewards for the Dragon Eye Sakazuki.

It seems that it was how she has judged things.

Just as we have talked yesterday, you wouldn’t be as troubled about things as long as you have lots of money.

[Well then, Hati-dono. See you later.]

[Yeah. I’ll see you later at around afternoon in front of this inn.]

[I understand.]

And like that, Seras left the inn and went towards the Marquis’ mansion.


After parting ways with Seras, I returned to my room.

I would still be occupying this room until afternoon today.

At around 10 o’clock, I decided to test out the strength of Pigimaru after he was strengthened.

After deciding so, I left the inn and looked for a place hidden from the eyes of others.

I entered the path behind the inn.

It seems that there’s quite a grove growing out on the back.

After walking for some time, I could see an abandoned building in the center of the grove.

It’s just as how the innkeeper told me.

He said that it used to be his inn back then.

Now, he had moved inside MIlls and did his business at the inn where I’m staying at.

In short, you could say that this is the predecessor of that inn.

[This is quite a nice place.]

I came here because I wanted a slightly larger space where Pigimaru could try out his new capabilities.

I was searching for a place that might be hidden from the eyes of others.

That’s when I found such a good place that was pretty hidden.

This area is also certaily larger than my room in the inn.

[Well then, let’s start Pigimaru.]


Thus, Pigimaru and I conducted some trials in order to check the effects of the Enhacer until it’s around noon.

After finishing the trials, I went back to the inn and had my lunch.

At this point, the time right now should be around 12:30 pm.

The time of our appointment will be in about 30 minutes.

If they had finished early, they may have already done with their talks.

[Are you finally heading out?]

I finished the preparations for my departure and went down towards the ground floor.

I then talked to the innkeeper.

[I’ve been in your care for the past few days.]

[Oh~, Hati-sama! When you were to visit Mills again, please come back and stay in this inn again!]

[Yes, I would definitely stay here if I ever get to visit Mills again.]

It would be easier and more flexible in here as long as you give some tip.

I thanked the innkeeper and went out of the inn.

Seras have yet to appear.

Together with Pigimaru under my robe, I waited for Seras to arrive.


3 pm has already passed, but Seras still didn’t appear.

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