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Chapter 75 - 75 - Now, In a Distant Place

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75 – Now, In a Distant Place

<The Holy King’s POV>

Ortora Stramius.

We used to be the king who had once ruled the Holy Kingdom of Neia.

Now, we are having a nightmare.

Dreams sometimes evoke the vivid experiences that you had from the past.

That was back when we had enough energy to move his legs…

The Holy Kingdom of Neia.

Bakuos Empire.

There’s a group of ruins stretching over around the border between these two countries.

At one point, Golden-eyed monsters began to overflow from these ruins.

Both of our countries has decided to deal with this problem together.

At that time, the emperor of Bakuos led his troops himself.

Not wanting to be inferior, we also led his troops and headed for the ruins.

It was when the army of the Holy Kingdom of Neia arrived late.

We began to doubt what we’re seeing.

Was the Evil God that we had heard from the legends descended into this world?

At first, we thought that we were just hallucinating.

The boy’s red eyes shone brightly.

His white hair were being bathed in the blood of monsters.

The most noteworthy thing about him is his expression, it’s as if he’s enjoying this battle.

The monsters gradually began avoiding the boy.

Those Golden-eyed monsters were known for being ferocious.

Moreover, the boy began cursing at the fleeing monsters.

“Why!? Why are the f*cking Golden-eyed monsters, who are synonymous to ferociousness, acting in that f*cking shameful behaviour!? Why aren’t you facing me!? Don’t you have any pride as ferocious monsters!?”

A boy who is soaked with the blood of the monsters he defeated.

His voice is filled with despair.

It sounded like a shout filled in pathos.

The boy wished for an “enemy”.

We had only learned about this later.

And, the boy finally seem to notice us.

I still remember it even today.

The moment his red eyes met with ours.

His eyes shows anticipation, expecting that the strongest person in a kingdom would be the king.

The boy began walking towards us, the king of a country.

However, no one stopped him.

Nay— no one could stop him.

The boy stared at us with his red eyes that glowed with fighting spirit.

However, I found out that the heat that was on his eyes disappeared in just an instant.

“Tsk, it’s just a small fry.”

The boy’s voice quivered as his expression began to look distracted.

He seems utterly disappointed.

The boy looked up towards us.

He held out his towards us who’s currently riding above a horse.

“Hand him over.”

The boy said with a creepy, and yet serious look.

“Hand over the strongest person in your country to me, bastard.”

Bamm! Thud!!!

[—–Ahh… Haaa… Haa….. ngh!]

We jumped out of the bed.

My room is very quiet and deserted.

We live in a lakeside mansion located south of the Imperial territory.

This Former Holy King Ortora lived in this place quietly.

After we had surrendered to Bakuos, this is now my new “residence”.

If you were to go towards the north, you would find the place where the Holy Kingdom of Neia used to be.

The former royal castle is now in the control of the Black Dragon Knights.

The emperor had given them most of Neia’s territory.

(Black Dragon Knights…)

I’m still seeing that boy in my dreams.

(That boy has become the leader of the Black Dragon Knights now, huh… Ahh, how dreadful…)

We began to loosen out the gown around my chest.

There’s a lot of sweat clinging onto our body after we had slept.

It’s probably because of that nightmare.


We were overwhelmed.

We covered our face with both of our hands.

Inside our head, the face of the leader of the Holy Knights came to our mind.


She left the castle before the Black Dragon Knights reached the capital.

I heard that she is still running away.

(I don’t regret the fact that I let you escape… I don’t regret it, but—)

I can’t stop worrying about her.

Is she safe right now?


A muffled groan began leaking out of our mouth.

The feelings of regret from deep within our hearts, they gushed out.

(I may have made the wrong choice at that time. Ahh, if I knew that this would happen… nghh!)

We suddenly opened our eyes wide.

(Even if it’s forcefully, I should have held her within my arms… nghh!)

However, our daughter didn’t allow any man to approach Seras.

She didn’t give any exception, even to her own father and king, Ortora.

The leader of the Holy Knights, Seras is a forbidden fruit for the men.

If you follow the roots of this, it’s because of my daughter’s idea.

We can only meet Seras in public places.

Even the time and place where us, the king ourselves, can meet were limited.

Despite being my own child, we were not good at dealing with our daughter.

No, we can even say that we were afraid.

Therefore, we haven’t interfered with Seras.


Whenever I remember it, my chest would tighten painfully.

Her limbs seem to paint beautiful lines of seductiveness.

Her pink smooth lips.

Her rich breasts that have always troubled the fabrics that held them.

Her clear voice that sweetly stroke your ears.

Her fragrant and delicate female scent.

She has become a gallant and magnanimous person.

What settled it more is her flawlessly beautiful face…

The entirety of Seras Ashrain made this old, dying king into a vigorous male again.

(Ahh… I hate it…)

I feared that she will belong to someone else.

We were sincerely afraid of it.

(We are the king that she serves… the one she had devoted her sword to. Therefore, she is our possession… When I was the king, I should have removed the prohibition for ourselves. These scorching desires and these passion swirling within my thoughts, I would savor her just as I savor the Seras within the world of my fantasies… I keep telling myself that…)

We could only see ourselves sobbing.

(In front of Seras who could see through lies, we had to always play the part of a good king with extreme care… but in fact, we were just a coward…)

Seras has disappeared somewhere now.

My daughter, Cattleya guided her so she could escape.

I was aware that she’s moving under her guidance.

I was already aware but… I overlooked it.

(At that time, I thought that Seras would be in the hands of the people from Bakuos. Yes… I will just keep the existence of Seras Ashrain as a sweet, nostalgic memory of a dying elder…)

We found ourselves inadvertently grabbing the sheets strongly.

It shows how strong our feelings are.


[As I thought, that’s no good.]

We will not allow it.

We will not permit it.

(Now that I think about it, she would still be defiled by other men if they catch her— How could I put this uneasiness at peace… nngh!)

However, we will not pull out the hand that we had struck with already.

If she’s someone that we can’t own…

(Ahh! At this rate, some random guy might steal her away! If this kind of suffering were to continue forever… nngh!)

Our head began drooping down without any force within them.


We held our hands together.

It’s as if we were praying.

[This may be my last request… I beg of you…]

We squeezed out a powerful and yet, hoarse voice from our withering throat.

[Please go die and disappear from this world…!]

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