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I Can Turn into a Fish (Web Novel)




Comedy Fantasy

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A chance to change, to challenge destiny, making dreams a reality, and live a legend! A regular man gains a system that allows him to turn into a fish!

79 • 2019-09-05 11:12:46


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 176: Agreement2019-09-05
Chapter 175: Filming a Movie?2019-09-05
Chapter 174: Shark Feast Part Two2019-09-05
Chapter 173: Shark Feast Part One2019-09-05
Chapter 172: Shark Hunting Part Two2019-09-05
Chapter 171: Hunting the Shark Part One2019-09-05
Chapter 169: Great White Shark2019-09-05
Chapter 168: Fishing2019-09-05
Chapter 167: Competition over the School of Fish (2)2019-09-05
Chapter 166: Competition over the School of Fish (1)2019-09-05
Chapter 165: Warning2019-09-05
Chapter 164: Ocean Sunfish School2019-09-05
Chapter 163: Storm2019-09-05
Chapter 162: Seafood2019-09-05
Chapter 161: It’s hard to catch large fish2019-09-05
Chapter 160: Seine Fishing2019-09-05
Chapter 159: The Stunning Result of the Trawler Catching2019-09-05
Chapter 158: Calmness2019-09-05
Chapter 157: Police Station2019-09-05
Chapter 156: Power2019-09-05
Chapter 155: Winning the First Battle2019-09-05
Chapter 154: Fighting2019-09-05
Chapter 153: Followed2019-09-05
Chapter 152: Pathetic Saintly Dragon and Primordial2019-09-05
Chapter 151: Fish died2019-09-05
Chapter 150: Popular2019-09-05
Chapter 149: Arowanas and Aquariums2019-09-05
Chapter 148: Saintly Dragon and Primordial2019-09-05
Chapter 147: Selling the Black Horned Snow Dragon King2019-09-05
Chapter 146: Under Scrutiny2019-09-05
Chapter 145: The Sea Wasn’t Calm2019-09-05
Chapter 144: Wolf and Sheep2019-09-05
Chapter 143: Hunter in the Ocean2019-09-05
Chapter 142: Scary Income2019-09-05
Chapter 141: Popular2019-09-05
Chapter 140: Invitation2019-09-05
Chapter 139: The Opening Promotion2019-09-05
Chapter 138: Highlight of the Collection Part 32019-09-05
Chapter 137.5: Picking Fish2019-09-05
Chapter 137: Highlight of the Collection Part Two2019-09-05
Chapter 136: Highlight of the Collection Part One2019-09-05
Chapter 135: Wastrel2019-09-05
Chapter 134: Fishing for the First Time2019-09-05
Chapter 133: Go, Mermen!2019-09-05
Chapter 132: Progress2019-09-05
Chapter 131: Purchasing A Fishing Ship2019-09-05
Chapter 130: Having Guests Part two2019-09-05
Chapter 129: Having Guests2019-09-05
Chapter 128: Conference2019-09-05
Chapter 127: Attending the Conference2019-09-05
Chapter 126: Brother, Your Eyes are really Good2019-09-05
Chapter 125: David’s Arrival2019-09-05
Chapter 124: Taking Shape2019-09-05
Chapter 123: Acquaintance2019-09-05
Chapter 122: Arrangement2019-09-05
Chapter 121: Monstrous Learning Ability2019-09-05
Chapter 120: Reforming: The First Merman2019-09-05
Chapter 119: Auction2019-09-05
Chapter 118: Sword Fish and Yellow Fin Tuna2019-09-05
Chapter 117: Gifts and Abilities2019-09-05
Chapter 116: Searching for Fish with Abilities2019-09-05
Chapter 115: Hire2019-09-05
Chapter 114: The Dream like Aquarium (2)2019-09-05
Chapter 113: The Dream like Aquarium (1)2019-09-05
Chapter 112: Jellyfish and Christmas Tree Worms2019-09-05
Chapter 111: First Time into the Sea2019-09-05
Chapter 110: Sonar Fish2019-09-05
Chapter 109: Pupu’s Grandfather’s Troubles2019-09-05
Chapter 108: Winning the Bid2019-09-05
Chapter 107: The Bid (2)2019-09-05
Chapter 106: The Bid (1)2019-09-05
Chapter 105: Fish Farms2019-09-05
Chapter 104: Returning Home2019-09-05
Chapter 103: Premium Ingredients2019-09-05
Chapter 102: Shocking David2019-09-05
Chapter 101: Goldmine2019-09-05
Chapter 100: Attacked2019-09-05
Chapter 99: Failed2019-09-05
Chapter 98: Reform Attempt2019-09-05
Chapter 97: Mysterious Energy2019-09-05
Chapter 96: System Upgrade Energization2019-09-05
Chapter 95: An Oddity2019-09-05
Chapter 94: Leveling Up Crazily2019-09-05
Chapter 93: Marching on the Mississippi2019-09-05
Chapter 92: Ocean Sky Cruise2019-09-05
Chapter 91: Arriving in America2019-09-05
Chapter 90: Influence and Going Aboard2019-09-05
Chapter 89: Dragon Travel Resort (1)2019-09-05
Chapter 88: Restaurant Plan2019-09-05
Chapter 87: Treating Guests2019-09-05
Chapter 86: Borrow Fish2019-09-05
Chapter 85: An invitation from Hai Qing Ministry of Tourism2019-09-05
Chapter 84: Fame2019-09-05
Chapter 83: The Black Horned Snow Dragon King2019-09-05
Chapter 82: A Real Dragon2019-09-05
Chapter 81: Kato Showa2019-09-05
Chapter 80: Bet2019-09-05
Chapter 79: How can a Small Flame compete with the Bright Moon?2019-09-05
Chapter 78: Dragon Fish Kings (3)2019-09-05
Chapter 77: Dragon Fish Kings (2)2019-09-05