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I Don’t Want To Go Against The Sky (Web Novel)


When I became a rich young master, I had to enjoy it.

Training? No!

That is so boring.

I have a system, no need for training.

Are you hungry? Come, I will treat you with some food at a luxurious restaurant.

What a poor homeless. Come, I will give you a house.

I, Lin Fan am a good person.

240 • 2020-02-17 12:18:46


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 223: He Really Hated It2020-05-29
Chapter 222: Don’t Say Surprise, He Was Most Afraid Of It Being A Nightmare2020-05-29
Chapter 221: None Of The People On Martial Path Mountain Are Simple2020-05-29
Chapter 220: I Forgot His Name2020-05-29
Chapter 219: Am I Going To Meet Trouble Here?2020-05-27
Chapter 218: I Will Beat You To Death2020-05-27
Chapter 217: Death Looms2020-05-26
Chapter 216: How Is My Will So Easy To Squash2020-05-26
Chapter 215: Don’t Chop Him, You Can Chop The Rest2020-05-26
Chapter 214: I Told You, Something Is Going To Happen2020-05-26
Chapter 213: Take A Good Look2020-05-24
Chapter 212: Back To Wang Family2020-05-24
Chapter 211: This Doesn’t Sound Right2020-05-24
Chapter 210: My Daughter Is So Charming2020-05-24
Chapter 209: Cousin Made Huge Profits2020-05-23
Chapter 208: I Hope You Can Remember Me2020-05-23
Chapter 207: What I Want Is Loyalty2020-05-23
Chapter 206: Today, Young Master Zhao, Will Treat2020-05-23
Chapter 205: Don’t hesitate, I Will Buy It2020-05-20
Chapter 204: I Remember You Went To The Brothel2020-05-20
Chapter 203: Bridge Builder2020-05-20
Chapter 202: Your Killing Intent Is Too Heavy2020-05-20
Chapter 201: An Expert Holds Up An Entire Power2020-05-20
Chapter 200- experts only need one person2020-05-20
Chapter 199- Stop causing problems for cousin2020-05-18
Chapter 198 – Your smell, your voice2020-05-18
Chapter 197-Father is good2020-05-16
Chapter 196- You can’t even break my defence2020-05-16
Chapter 195- You all left too quickly2020-05-16
Chapter 194- I became stronger2020-05-16
Chapter 193- Senior Brother, I am Junior Brother2020-05-16
Chapter 192- you dont like my fatty meat2020-05-16
Chapter 191- So much silver so why not take it away2020-05-13
Chapter 190- Let me teach you how to play with bugs2020-05-13
Chapter 189 – This thing feels amazing2020-05-12
Chapter 188 – Ah I fainted2020-05-12
Chapter 187- Horse flipped2020-05-11
Chapter 186- Little Grandmaster2020-05-11
Chapter 185- Can you consider my feelings2020-05-10
Chapter 184- Kid you have balls2020-05-10
Chapter 183- Grandson you are not bad2020-05-09
Chapter 182- Climax2020-05-09
Chapter 181- Can’t hold on2020-05-09
Chapter 180- Battle with no retreat2020-05-09
Chapter 179- I Lin Fan am not such a person2020-05-09
Chapter 178- Nosy heart burning intensely2020-05-06
Chapter 177- Reality is like that2020-05-06
Chapter 176- This girl has potential waiting to be uncovered2020-05-06
Chapter 176- This girl has potential waiting to be uncovered2020-05-06
Chapter 176- This girl has potential waiting to be uncovered2020-05-06
Chapter 176- This girl has potential waiting to be uncovered2020-05-06
Chapter 176- This girl has potential waiting to be uncovered2020-05-06
Chapter 176- This girl has potential waiting to be uncovered2020-05-06
Chapter 175- Couldn’t bear to watch2020-05-05
Chapter 174- Battle for disciple2020-05-04
Chapter 173- Marry the princess to me2020-05-04
Chapter 172- Keep on killing keep on feeling good2020-05-03
Chapter 171- For you, I will break2020-05-03
Chapter 170- Recently I became strong2020-05-03
Chapter 169- Sense of mystery from cultivation is amazing2020-05-02
Chapter 168- Are they bickering2020-05-02
Chapter 167- Burning the old nest2020-05-02
Chapter 166-Did you get it wrong2020-05-02
Chapter 165- Danger signs have broken out2020-05-02
Chapter 164- This person is not career-minded at all2020-04-29
Chapter 163- You are finding free labour2020-04-29
Chapter 162-Where did that look of disdain come from2020-04-29
Chapter 161- Feels good to be trusted2020-04-29
Chapter 160- This is brotherhood2020-04-27
Chapter 159- I will treat you like how you treat me2020-04-27
Chapter 158- That’s impossible2020-04-26
Chapter 157- Why not go rob2020-04-26
Chapter 156- Misunderstanding, really a misunderstanding2020-04-25
Chapter 155- Could you be more reasonable2020-04-25
Chapter 154- More bad luck2020-04-24
Chapter 153- Another painful lesson2020-04-24
Chapter 152- How courteous2020-04-23
Chapter 151- Weak bug2020-04-23
Chapter 150- I am a hero2020-04-22
Chapter 149- Cheers. everyone is cheering2020-04-22
Chapter 148- Such bad acting2020-04-21
Chapter 147- Another successful business deal2020-04-21
Chapter 146- I know. He went to a whorehouse.2020-04-21
Chapter 145- I want to be an exquisite young master2020-04-21
Chapter 144- Were we wrong2020-04-19
Chapter 143- You young people2020-04-19
Chapter 142- We Yin Demons are pitiful2020-04-19
Chapter 141- Your mystery makes me curious2020-04-19
Chapter 140- I Zhang Tianxian am so strong2020-04-17
Chapter 139- Feeling good2020-04-17
Chapter 138- You are already really strong2020-04-16
Chapter 137- You all cannot see the blade2020-04-16
Chapter 136- It was best to live2020-04-15
Chapter 135- Wow so fragrant2020-04-15
Chapter 134- What kind of Sect is this2020-04-15
Chapter 133- I am the one stabbed, not you all2020-04-15
Chapter 132- Everyone hid so deeply2020-04-13
Chapter 131- Yin Demons are such small and cute things2020-04-13
Chapter 130- Entire race was wiped out2020-04-12
Chapter 129- I, Li Cong am not like the rest2020-04-12