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I Don’t Want To Go Against The Sky (Web Novel)


When I became a rich young master, I had to enjoy it.

Training? No!

That is so boring.

I have a system, no need for training.

Are you hungry? Come, I will treat you with some food at a luxurious restaurant.

What a poor homeless. Come, I will give you a house.

I, Lin Fan am a good person.

674 • 2020-02-17 12:18:46


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 632: Life Is Tough2020-12-25
Chapter 631: Finally Walk The Path Of A Foodie2020-12-24
Chapter 630: Start To Swallow2020-12-24
Chapter 629: Where Do I Know This Person From?2020-12-23
Chapter 628: Damn Fellows2020-12-23
Chapter 627: Evil God Servant’s Tourist Site2020-12-22
Chapter 626: Cousin, Stop2020-12-22
Chapter 625: Monster Emperor’s Desires2020-12-22
Chapter 624: Is The Food Not Good?2020-12-21
Chapter 623: What’s The Point? Just Say That You Are Leeching Off2020-12-20
Chapter 622: Wa, You Are Being Shameless2020-12-20
Chapter 621: Worship Your God2020-12-19
Chapter 620: Do You Know Where My Cousin Is?2020-12-19
Chapter 619: Actually, He Is A Decent Person2020-12-18
Chapter 618: Too Much, That’s Too Much2020-12-18
Chapter 617: We Might Become Good Friends2020-12-17
Chapter 616: Problem With His Brain2020-12-17
Chapter 615: Name Is Like Thunder To The Ears2020-12-17
Chapter 614: Taking Revenge On Evil Gods2020-12-16
Chapter 613: Run Away2020-12-15
Chapter 612: Old Ancestor, You Are Quite Unlucky2020-12-15
Chapter 611: That’s A Little Too Much2020-12-14
Chapter 610: Why Are There So Many Problems After We Took Over?2020-12-13
Chapter 609: No One Will Believe You2020-12-13
Chapter 608: Old Ancestor Asks For Cooperation2020-12-13
Chapter 607: Beating Up One Another2020-12-13
Chapter 606: What For? You Will Recover After Resting2020-12-11
Chapter 605: Evil God Lula’s Psychological Injury2020-12-11
Chapter 604: Beating Them Up2020-12-10
Chapter 603: Insect Valley’s Secret2020-12-10
Chapter 602: Main Reason For All Getting Wiped2020-12-09
Chapter 601: Don’t Be Afraid, I’m Not A Bad Person2020-12-09
Chapter 600: Tragic Lula2020-12-09
Chapter 599: Fighting To The Death2020-12-08
Chapter 598: A Bunch Of People Who Deserve To Die2020-12-08
Chapter 597: That’s Just So Weak2020-12-08
Chapter 596: Two Hardworking Old Men2020-12-06
Chapter 595: Catching Evil God2020-12-06
Chapter 594: Hard To Do, A Little Dirty2020-12-06
Chapter 593: Nurturing Troops To Use2020-12-04
Chapter 592: Saint Hall2020-12-03
Chapter 591: More Chaos2020-12-03
Chapter 590: Fist Is Still Useful2020-12-03
Chapter 589: Are you a god? No, I Am An Ordinary Person2020-12-03
Chapter 588: This Is My Territory2020-12-03
Chapter 587: Are There Experts In This World?2020-12-01
Chapter 586: This World Of Despair2020-12-01
Chapter 585: What’s Going On?2020-11-30
Chapter 584: That’s Weird, Why’s There No Feeling?2020-11-30
Chapter 583: Why Don’t We Try?2020-11-29
Chapter 582: Let’s Blow A Sect2020-11-29
Chapter 581: Life Is Just Great2020-11-28
Chapter 580: Starting A Family2020-11-27
Chapter 579: What Did You Say?2020-11-27
Chapter 578: Alliance Falls2020-11-26
Chapter 577: That’s A Bit Awkward2020-11-26
Chapter 576: Would A Person Even Say Such Things?2020-11-25
Chapter 575: No Killing Of The Envoy2020-11-25
Chapter 574: So Vicious, Don’t Even Want Their Lives2020-11-24
Chapter 573: 5 Seconds, Just 5 Seconds2020-11-23
Chapter 572: Forced To The Corner2020-11-23
Chapter 571: I Didn’t Beat Them Up, They Are Harming Themselves2020-11-23
Chapter 570: Alliance In Chaos2020-11-22
Chapter 569: Alliance, Lets Begin2020-11-21
Chapter 568: Deal With All These People And It Will Be Quiet2020-11-21
Chapter 567: End2020-11-20
Chapter 566: I’m Trembling In Fear2020-11-20
Chapter 565: I Will Hand The Commander Position To You2020-11-20
Chapter 564: No, I Understand Him2020-11-20
Chapter 563: You Really Came To Snatch People2020-11-20
Chapter 562: Hesitating To Run Or Not To Run2020-11-18
Chapter 561: How Frustrating2020-11-18
Chapter 560: It Is A Waste Of Your Talent To Be A Sect Leader2020-11-18
Chapter 559: Beginning And End2020-11-17
Chapter 558: Haiz, All Of Us Got Sick Playing2020-11-17
Chapter 557: He Is Evil2020-11-17
Chapter 556: Shock! Shock!2020-11-15
Chapter 555: Boring, Really Boring2020-11-14
Chapter 554: Where Is He? He’s Gone2020-11-14
Chapter 553: I Left Quickly With Everything2020-11-14
Chapter 552: Let Everything Go With The Wind2020-11-13
Chapter 551: Different Sheng Rufo2020-11-12
Chapter 550: Why Hit Me?2020-11-12
Chapter 549: Leave With No Regrets2020-11-11
Chapter 548: You Are Quite Weak2020-11-11
Chapter 547: Come And Take A Look, Would A Person Even Say Such A Thing?2020-11-11
Chapter 546: This Is Your Honor2020-11-11
Chapter 545: All Of You Don’t Know The Joy Of Becoming Strong2020-11-10
Chapter 544: This Is My Greatest Gift For All Of You2020-11-10
Chapter 543: Eh Eh, We Can Run Over Them2020-11-09
Chapter 542: Damn You2020-11-09
Chapter 541: Wait Til I’m Out Of Secluded Meditation2020-11-07
Chapter 540: I Came To Mock All Of You2020-11-07
Chapter 539: Dry And Boring2020-11-06
Chapter 538: All This Is The Future2020-11-06
Chapter 537: I Don’t Like To Act2020-11-05
Chapter 536: Excellent People Are So Popular2020-11-05
Chapter 535: Sick And Tired Of Playing2020-11-04
Chapter 534: Can You Not Do That?2020-11-04
Chapter 533: We Are Not Stupid2020-11-04
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