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I Don’t Want To Go Against The Sky (Web Novel)


When I became a rich young master, I had to enjoy it.

Training? No!

That is so boring.

I have a system, no need for training.

Are you hungry? Come, I will treat you with some food at a luxurious restaurant.

What a poor homeless. Come, I will give you a house.

I, Lin Fan am a good person.

561 • 2020-02-17 12:18:46


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 447: Why Don’t You Believe Me?2020-09-19
Chapter 446: I Told You To Be Careful2020-09-19
Chapter 445: You Failed To Defend2020-09-18
Chapter 444: I Won’t Be Bullied In The Future2020-09-18
Chapter 443: Big Brother, Let Me Follow You2020-09-17
Chapter 442: Kneeling Down And Shouting Daddy2020-09-17
Chapter 441: I Am A Capable Person2020-09-17
Chapter 440: Wow, You Are Serious2020-09-16
Chapter 439: Solving It Alone2020-09-16
Chapter 438: Aiyo, That Sounds A Little Wrong2020-09-14
Chapter 437: Someone Like You Wants To Beat Me2020-09-14
Chapter 436: Monster Emperor’s Friend2020-09-13
Chapter 435: Whether You Die Is Not Important2020-09-13
Chapter 434: Really Came2020-09-13
Chapter 433: The Facilities Are A Little High Class2020-09-13
Chapter 432: Thank God2020-09-11
Chapter 431: Are All Of You So Vicious?2020-09-11
Chapter 430: Wah, That Is A Little Too Much2020-09-10
Chapter 429: I Am Getting Hunted Down2020-09-10
Chapter 428: Moving The Sect Again2020-09-10
Chapter 4272020-09-09
Chapter 426: You Ran Just Like That2020-09-08
Chapter 425: He Will Overshadow The Crown Prince2020-09-08
Chapter 424: Wow, So Despicable2020-09-08
Chapter 423: I Thank You2020-09-07
Chapter 422: Are The Kids So Arrogant Now?2020-09-06
Chapter 421: Where Did My Wife Go?2020-09-06
Chapter 420: Relying On Looks2020-09-05
Chapter 419: Sad Child2020-09-05
Chapter 418: Betraying Sect So Fast2020-09-05
Chapter 417: I Did So On Purpose2020-09-04
Chapter 416: Time For Me To Mock You2020-09-04
Chapter 415: Why, Why Must I Be So Strong?2020-09-03
Chapter 414: Luckily, Lin Fan Is A Normal Person2020-09-02
Chapter 413: If The Enemy Doesn’t Move, I Won’t Move Either2020-09-02
Chapter 412: Senior Lin Is Someone With Class2020-09-01
Chapter 411: I, Zhang Xuan, Want To Be Your Close Friend2020-09-01
Chapter 410: What Has He Gone Through?2020-08-31
Chapter 409: That Is Just So Tragic2020-08-31
Chapter 408: You Are An Honest Person2020-08-30
Chapter 407: You Have Been Abandoned2020-08-30
Chapter 406: It Would Be Much Better If There Was A Beauty Filter2020-08-29
Chapter 405: I Have Surrounded Them2020-08-29
Chapter 404: Arm In The Darkness2020-08-28
Chapter 403: Can Only Scare You First2020-08-28
Chapter 402: One Realm A Month Is Too Slow2020-08-28
Chapter 401: Princess Yongle2020-08-28
Chapter 400: All Of You Scram2020-08-26
Chapter 399: Time To Scare You2020-08-26
Chapter 398: You Only Have Three Days2020-08-25
Chapter 397: How Do We Even Fight This?2020-08-25
Chapter 396: Are These People Even Human?2020-08-25
Chapter 395: This Thing Is So Heavy2020-08-24
Chapter 394: We Bumped Into The Mouth Of The Gun2020-08-23
Chapter 393: Chopped Down Right Away2020-08-23
Chapter 392: Senior, Am I Good Enough?2020-08-23
Chapter 391: Is It Too Late To Pray Now?2020-08-23
Chapter 390: I Was Afraid Wind Would Blow In2020-08-21
Chapter 389: You Want To Rebel2020-08-21
Chapter 388: Is Life More Important Than Face?2020-08-21
Chapter 387: Let’s Go Take A Look2020-08-20
Chapter 386: Monster Emperor Loves To Work Together2020-08-19
Chapter 386: Monster Emperor Loves To Work Together2020-08-19
Chapter 385: I Want To Run Now2020-08-19
Chapter 384: What Kind Of Person Am I?2020-08-19
Chapter 383: How Did You End Up Like That?2020-08-18
Chapter 382: People Who Believe In Me Will Become Immortal2020-08-17
Chapter 381: Hello, Chief God Lin2020-08-17
Chapter 380: I Am Telling You That This Is Good2020-08-17
Chapter 379: Then, Just Try2020-08-16
Chapter 378: I, Lin Fan, Must Have A Servant2020-08-16
Chapter 377: No One Dares To Jump Out2020-08-15
Chapter 376: Low Profile Cultivation2020-08-15
Chapter 375: Pointless Working With You All2020-08-15
Chapter 374: You Are Really Smart2020-08-15
Chapter 373: How Amazing?2020-08-13
Chapter 372: These Scenes Let Me Comprehend Something2020-08-13
Chapter 371: Do You Want To Play With Me?2020-08-12
Chapter 370: He Is Acting Cool A Little Too Much2020-08-12
Chapter 369: Danger Does Not Exist2020-08-11
Chapter 368: Imperial Dynasty Destroyed2020-08-11
Chapter 367: Wah, You Are Too Much2020-08-10
Chapter 366: Sect Leader Lin, What About Martial Path Mountain?2020-08-09
Chapter 365: Back To Martial Path Mountain, Moving Homes2020-08-09
Chapter 364: All Your Fault, All Your Fault2020-08-08
Chapter 363: Leaving2020-08-08
Chapter 362: A Tough Victory2020-08-07
Chapter 361: We Are All Kids2020-08-07
Chapter 360: I’ve Seen A Ghost2020-08-06
Chapter 359: We Have Already Lost2020-08-06
Chapter 358: You Dare To Take The Move? Damn You, Liar2020-08-06
Chapter 357: Second Form2020-08-05
Chapter 356: Like A Monster Is About To Appear2020-08-04
Chapter 355: Because Of One Pighead2020-08-04
Chapter 354: Unreasonable2020-08-03
Chapter 353: But I Am The Strongest2020-08-03
Chapter 352: I Will Commit Suicide2020-08-03
Chapter 351: Nervous, Emotional, Afraid2020-08-03
Chapter 350: This Battle Is A Little Dangerous2020-08-03
Chapter 349: Am I Going To Die?2020-07-31
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