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I Don’t Want To Go Against The Sky (Web Novel) - Chapter 146- I know. He went to a whorehouse.

Chapter 146- I know. He went to a whorehouse.

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Chen Shengyao was frightened so badly he didn’t dare to return back to the Chen Family and could only hide with Li Cong outside.

Where did the three guys come from?

He had never seen them before.

They came out so randomly, placing a blade on his neck and threatening him.

This was something that Chen Shengyao couldn’t accept.

As the Chen Family Young Master, when was he ever threatened like that? This was obviously him not respecting Chen Family.

“Young Master, where will we go now?” Li Cong was like a bird frightened by a fired bow; he observed the situation around. He had never felt threatened when he was in Jiang City or when he was in the Chen Family.

Chen Shengyao’s face was dark and sunken, “Hide first and let’s now return yet. Those fellows saw that we ran and might search for us.”

“Young Master, should we head to Martial Path Mountain?” Li Cong said.

The only thing he thought about was Martial Path Mountain. Since he saw Lin Fan’s strength, he felt that Martial Path Mountain was the safest.


Li Cong felt the killing intent from the Young Master’s gaze.


Did he say something wrong?

He didn’t feel that he did. When one faced danger, one should search for an expert, wasn’t that a normal matter?

“Li Cong, do you know what the consequence of going to Martial Path Mountain is? Don’t mention Martial Path Mountain to me; even if I die, I won’t go there.” Chen Shengyao said fiercely.

Their brains had problems.

Chen Family and Martial Path Mountain had conflicts.

To head to Martial Path Mountain once he faced danger, where would Chen Family have faced in the future?

Li Cong looked at Chen Shengyao; that wasn’t right.

A period ago, when safety in Jiang City wasn’t safe, didn’t Young Master head to Martial Path Mountain to hide? Why wasn’t it the right thing to do now?

This meant that the danger wasn’t serious.

He hadn’t felt a huge pressure from the danger.

However, he had no choice.

Whatever Young Master said was right, so how would Li Cong dare to retort?

“Yes, Young Master is right, we won’t head to Martial Path Mountain.” Li Cong replied to Young Master, but he was thinking about where to hide to be safe.

In the past, such a thing had never happened in Jiang City.

During this period of time, he faced more and more different problems.

Most of them were frightening.

Jiang City was covered by a never before seen danger.

In the end, Chen Shengyao brought Li Cong to hide in the biggest brothel in the city. Since they were in such a place, they probably wouldn’t be found by others.

Within Jiang City.

Three males continued to search for Yang Fei.

Yang Fei was the concubine of the Gang Leader. She laid low for many years, stealing the most respected treasure of the gang. If not for them noticing it, they might have never found out.

“Big Brother, who knows how long we would need if we continue to search like this.” That one-eyed male said.

The masked man had a cold and serious expression. He bent down, his palm landed on the ground, and instantly many small bugs covered his arm. These small bugs were smaller than rice grains and dashed towards all directions.

“Since we can’t find it, then we will force her out. People will die in the city, and they would die because of her.” That masked male said.

Although these bugs wouldn’t attack people, they loved to cling to humans, entering through small holes, slowly breeding in the body, and then breaking out from the eggs.

They were useful in searching for Yang Fei. Thus is someone was infected, then they could only blame themselves for being unlucky.

Next day.

Old Li was a pork seller; although he looked fierce, he was really gentle, having a great relationship with his neighbors.

“Old Li, the color of your face isn’t very good, are you sick?” Regular customers selected their meat, but they felt that Old Li’s face was ashen white, there wasn’t any color of blood at all. His gaze seemed drifted; there were small black dots like something was up.

“No, I am fine.” Old Li said, his voice was small, like he had no strength at all, “It must be the cold.”

The regular customers didn’t think much, just lowering their heads and selecting the meat.


Blood flowed from the meat stall.

“Old Li, your pig blood…” The customer raised his head before he finished; he saw blood around his mouth. There were also large amounts o blood flowing from his nose.



Commoners surrounded, and when they saw Old Li, they were all frightened.


What happened.

What happened to Old Li, why did he lose so much blood? Did he fall really sick?


Old Li’s stomach moved, his mouth opened, and large amounts of black bugs surged out, landing on his stall. The bugs were pitch black, had really hard shells. They were very, very small, all of them were young bugs, much smaller than rice. If one didn’t look carefully, they would think that it was dust.

Not only did Old Li have bugs that surged out from his mouth, but there were also even bugs from his nose and eyes.



The commoners shouted in panic.

When they had ever seen such a scene, they were frightened so badly that their souls left their bodies.

The area around the stall was occupied by the bugs. The bugs pounced onto Old Li and covered him.

“Quick, go search for Young Master Chen.”

They remembered what the Prince told them to search for Young Master Chen when they had problems.

Chen Manor’s door was broken in by the people.

Manager You was stunned.

Something happened in the city, and Young Master had to solve it.

Oh my god.

Were these commoners serious?

They really listened to the Prince?

Who was the Young Master? Didn’t they have a good idea about that?

To actually come to search for Young Master, did they suddenly treat him as a protector god?

“Manager You, something happened to pork seller Old Li. Young Master Chen is not here; we need him to settle the situation.”

The commoners blocked the door of the Chen Manor and asked where Young Master Chen was.

“Quiet, my Young Master went out last night and is not in.” Manager You said.

They found it hard to accept the current changes.

In the past, the commoners feared the Chen Family, but now it was different. Why did they treat them as the core of the city?

“What? Young Master Chen is not in, then what should we do?”

“I know where he is.”

“Last night, I saw him enter the Brothel.”

“Let’s go, quick to the brothel to search for him. Only he can solve it.”


The commoners left, heading towards the brothel.

The brothel in Jiang City was huge.

The woman in charge waited outside. Recently business wasn’t good, and she felt helpless. The girls were grumbling that they didn’t have customers.


She saw commoners surge over, all of them pointed at the brothel.

Oh my god.

This was going to be a huge business.

The commoners ate and drank, the money they had left would be spent here.

That was definitely the case.

She was definitely right.

“Girls head out to welcome the customers, so many esteemed guests have come.”

The woman smiled and headed up to welcome, but they pushed her aside.

“Young Master Chen…”

“Young Master Chen…”

The commoners charged into the brothel to search for Young Master Chen.

The manager was pushed to the ground, and she cursed out. What was going on, they weren’t here to have fun but to search for someone?

The top girls were within a room in the brothel.

Chen Shengyao laid comfortably on the bed. It was right to come here last night, not only did he feel good, he was safe too.


The door was pushed open.

A bunch of commoners surged in.


The girl serving Chen Shengyao screamed in panic.

What happened.

Young Master came to the brothel, and there were actually people who dared to come to cause trouble.

Chen Shengyao was frightened that he jumped up; he was totally naked. He thought that those three people had come again. When he saw the commoners, he came to his senses.


What were they thinking?

Were they asking to die, or that he wasn’t strong enough anymore?

“Young Master Chen, we finally found you. Something happened, pork seller Old Li died, he died really tragically.”

“Yes, Young Master Chen, only you can help us.”

The commoners said sentence by sentence; then, there were commoners who wanted to bring Chen Shengyao away.

“Wait, I will wear my clothes.” Chen Shengyao waved his hands. Oh my god, were the people so brave?

To actually not fear him?

He was filled with disbelief.

Also, what did the death of the pork seller have to do with him?

When Li Cong heard movement on Young Master’s side, he wore his pants and charged over. However, when he saw so many commoners, he bore with it. He couldn’t be too rash and had to see the situation.

Chen Shengyao was surrounded by a bunch of commoners as he exited the brothel.

He was stunned.

He was having so much fun, but what did they do?

What caused this situation to happen?

He wasn’t the magistrate, so why did they find him when there was a death?

He was the Chen Family Young Master.

Thinking about what Prince Xiao Qi said when he left, he felt that it was his words that the people believed.

Very quickly.

Under the protection of the people, Chen Shengyao came to Old Li’s stall.

Many commoners surrounded it.

“Move aside, Young Master Chen is here; let him enter.” Some commoners shouted.

Instantly there was a wave of cheers.

“Young Master Chen is here, let him see what is going on.”

Hearing those sounds, Chen Shengyao felt bitter inside.

What was its use?

He wasn’t a good detective if it was to bully girls or to kill people, he had some skill, but they had found the wrong person for this.

However, when he saw the situation.

He nearly vomited the rice he ate last night.

Old Li died so badly, as time went on, his meat was eaten by the bugs, and one could see the white bones.

“Young Master, this situation isn’t something we can handle.” Li Cong said softly.

Were these commoners fools?

Couldn’t they see how badly this person died?

Did they think Young Master could understand all this?

“I know.” Chen Shengyao said and then looked at the commoners, “He was beaten by bugs.”

The commoners debated. Young Master Chen was right; Old Li was bitten to death by bugs.

Chen Shengyao didn’t dare to get close, weren’t the bugs still alive?

At the same time, more bugs surged from Old Li’s body, and he felt like there were more and more of them.

“Young Master Chen, you must find the truth as to why he was bitten to death by bugs; if not, it is tough for us to rest easy.” The commoners placed their hopes on him.

Chen Shengyao was helpless.


What did this have to do with him?

Why did they call him here?

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