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I Favor the Villainess (Web Novel)


“I am the heroine of an otome game, so is it wrong to like the villainess?”

Corporate slave OL, Oohashi Rei, reincarnated as the heroine Rei Taylor in the world of the otome game 「Revolution」.

Her preference isn’t the capturable princes, it’s the villainess, Claire François.

She merrily accepts Claire’s dislike.

With the protagonist’s involvement, it’s the beginning of a unique romcom.

To make it worse, Rei’s love became directed at the villainess, what does Claire’s future hold?

It’s my second series with a screwball villainess.

A little different from ordinary… I hope you can enjoy the villainess who’s just a little different.

1597 • 2019-08-13 09:34:51


The chapter Addition Time
Extra 3: Sweet alcohol2019-08-13
Extra 2: Something gained, something lost2019-08-13
Extra 1: Birthday2019-08-13
Epilogue: I Favor the Villainess2019-08-13
Chapter 112: Spinning a yarn2019-08-13
Chapter 111: Everyone together2019-08-13
Chapter 110: Wind once again2019-08-13
Chapter 109: Rejection2019-08-13
Chapter 108: Vain struggle2019-08-13
Chapter 107: Kingdom’s history, November 10th, 20152019-08-13
Chapter 106: Reconciliation of interests2019-08-13
Chapter 105: Omen of the revolution2019-08-13
Chapter 104: Remaining in obscurity2019-08-13
Chapter 103: Trends2019-08-13
Chapter 102: Eighth Episode – Revolution, Chaos2019-08-13
Chapter 101: Sudden turn2019-08-13
Chapter 100: Chase2019-08-13
Chapter 99: Assassins2019-08-13
Chapter 98: Deal2019-08-13
Chapter 97: Exposure2019-08-13
Chapter 96: Revenge and ideals2019-08-13
Chapter 95: Resistance2019-08-13
Chapter 94: Stalemate2019-08-13
Chapter 93: In front of a painting2019-08-13
Chapter 92: Rumors2019-08-13
Chapter 91: Judgement2019-08-13
Chapter 90: Warm-up2019-08-13
Chapter 89: Compromise and conciliation2019-08-13
Chapter 88: Rod’s courting2019-08-13
Chapter 87: Start of the investigation2019-08-13
Chapter 86: Seventh Episode – Royal Palace,King’s request2019-08-13
Chapter 85: Deprivation2019-08-13
Chapter 84: Dancing maiden2019-08-13
Chapter 83: Persuasion and explanation2019-08-13
Chapter 82: Rain2019-08-13
Chapter 81: Training2019-08-13
Chapter 80: Regarding the Offering Dance2019-08-13
Chapter 79: Yuu-sama’s secret2019-08-13
Chapter 78: Reality doesn’t go the way you want2019-08-13
Chapter 77: Oohashi Rei’s first love (5)2019-08-13
Chapter 76: Oohashi Rei’s first love (4)2019-08-13
Chapter 75: Oohashi Rei’s first love (3)2019-08-13
Chapter 74: Oohashi Rei’s first love (2)2019-08-13
Chapter 73: Oohashi Rei’s first love (1)2019-08-13
Chapter 72: Girls’ talk2019-08-13
Chapter 71: Advocacy of minority2019-08-13
Chapter 70: Religion and the flow of the society2019-08-13
Chapter 69: Lily Lilium2019-08-13
Chapter 68: Sixth Episode – Church, Claire’s worries2019-08-13
Chapter 67: Resolution2019-08-13
Chapter 66: Sendoff2019-08-13
Chapter 65: Enemy2019-08-13
Chapter 64: Raising the fighting spirit2019-08-13
Chapter 63: Sea2019-08-13
Chapter 62: Commoners’ lives2019-08-13
Chapter 61: Taylors’ residence2019-08-13
Chapter 60: Homecoming2019-08-13
Chapter 59: Claire François’s melancholy2019-08-13
Chapter 58: Noble logic2019-08-13
Chapter 57: Before the holidays2019-08-13
Chapter 56: Fifth Episode – Holidays, Plans for the summer holidays2019-08-13
Chapter 55: Wind leaves2019-08-13
Chapter 54: Even if it’s not in the tale2019-08-13
Chapter 53: Flower of the legend2019-08-13
Chapter 52: Declaration of war2019-08-13
Chapter 51: Passing each other2019-08-13
Chapter 50: Ruler2019-08-13
Chapter 49: Cheshire Cat smile2019-08-13
Chapter 48: Scales governing love2019-08-13
Chapter 47: Flawless person2019-08-13
Chapter 46: Manaria Sousa2019-08-13
Chapter 45: Fourth Episode – Love scales, Amour’s poem2019-08-13
Chapter 44: I won’t say goodbye2019-08-13
Chapter 43: Reward2019-08-13
Chapter 42: Incident conclusion2019-08-13
Chapter 41: Demon of the bell2019-08-13
Chapter 40: Culprit2019-08-13
Chapter 39: Power struggle2019-08-13
Chapter 38: Conflict intensification2019-08-13
Chapter 37: Courtyard incident2019-08-13
Chapter 36: Shopping2019-08-13
Chapter 35: Form of government dialogue2019-08-13
Chapter 34: Quarrels sprouting2019-08-13
Chapter 33: Third Episode – Commoners’ movement2019-08-13
Chapter 32: Playing at an escort2019-08-13
Chapter 31: Day of the festival2019-08-13
Chapter 30: Costume fitting2019-08-13
Chapter 29: It’s like in Japan2019-08-13
Chapter 28: Way of the maid2019-08-13
Chapter 27: Crème brûlée2019-08-13
Chapter 26: Figure behind Blume2019-08-13
Chapter 25: Towards the Founding Festival2019-08-13
Chapter 24: First job for the order2019-08-13
Chapter 23: Practical exam ~Claire vs Rei~2019-08-13
Chapter 22: Practical exam ~Rod vs Misha~2019-08-13
Chapter 21: Practical exam ~Sein vs Yuu~2019-08-13
Chapter 20: Written exam2019-08-13
Chapter 19: Second Episode – Order of the Academy2019-08-13
Chapter 18: Undine2019-08-13
Chapter 17: Demon2019-08-13