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I Found A Planet (Web Novel)






Ming Jian


Harem Xuanhuan

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Through a mysterious portal, Chen Jin arrived at this strange place – a post-apocalyptic world where civilization had been destroyed.

Consequently, he found –

A piece of metal scrap
A robot trash collector
A battleground
A city
A ton and more of gold
A copy of high-tech documents
In short, Chen Jin found a planet.

1456 • 2019-04-09 12:40:18


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 493: Final Chapter2020-05-04
Chapter 492: Alchemy2020-05-04
Chapter 491: Total Metamorphosis2020-05-04
Chapter 490: Inheritance Stele of Fuel and Fire2020-05-04
Chapter 489: The Strange Sludge2020-05-04
Chapter 488: Servants2020-05-04
Chapter 487: Technology Was Top Productive Capability2020-05-04
Chapter 486: Creating A Set Of Cultivation Methods2020-05-04
Chapter 485: Grade Six Antiques Master, Li Wei2020-05-04
Chapter 484: Gambling With Stones2020-05-04
Chapter 483: Do You Have Any Spirit Stones On You?2020-05-04
Chapter 482: I Am Chen Jin2020-05-04
Chapter 481: Training The Body With Primordial Particles2020-05-04
Chapter 480: Identity Token2020-05-04
Chapter 479: Storage Sacks2020-05-04
Chapter 478: Inducted Disciples2020-05-04
Chapter 477: Test Of Perseverence2020-05-04
Chapter 476: Detecting One’s Root Of Immortality2020-05-04
Chapter 475: Imperial Court Assembly Discussions2020-05-04
Chapter 474: Stirring Up A Storm2020-05-04
Chapter 473: The Mysterious World of Immortals2020-05-04
Chapter 472: A Portable Portal2020-05-04
Chapter 471: Human Victory, Protoss Intregation2020-05-04
Chapter 470: Awe, Reversal Of Power2020-05-04
Chapter 469: Plan To Slaughter The Sages2020-05-04
Chapter 468: The Terrifying Sages2020-04-28
Chapter 467: Rise Of The Human Race?2020-04-27
Chapter 466: Unable To Return?2020-04-27
Chapter 465: Meeting In Person2020-04-27
Chapter 464: Reward System2020-04-24
Chapter 463: Pulling Through A Crisis2020-04-23
Chapter 462: An Explosive Reaction2020-04-22
Chapter 461: None Was Left Alive2020-04-21
Chapter 460: Strength To Face A Challenge Head-on2020-04-20
Chapter 459: Time Was On My Side2020-04-19
Chapter 458: SS-Class Warship2020-04-18
Chapter 457: A Special Key2020-04-17
Chapter 456: Merging Of Two Worlds2020-04-16
Chapter 455: Mobilising The Sages2020-04-16
Chapter 454: Returning Home2020-04-16
Chapter 453: Mass Producing Geniuses2020-04-16
Chapter 452: All Stars Federation2020-04-12
Chapter 451: A Million Dead Or Injured2020-04-11
Chapter 450: Gains and Crisis2020-04-10
Chapter 449: Death to the Selain Civilization2020-04-09
Chapter 448: The Brain’s Super-Evolution2020-04-08
Chapter 447: Bionic Chips2020-04-07
Chapter 446: Mu Yunhua’s Revenge2020-04-06
Chapter 445: Killer Ace2020-04-05
Chapter 444: Staying To Take Care Of Things2020-04-04
Chapter 443: A Clan Meeting2020-04-03
Chapter 442:2020-04-02
Chapter 441: A Silver Warship2020-04-01
Chapter 440: Assistance2020-03-31
Chapter 439: The Crystal Brainers Strike Again2020-03-30
Chapter 438: War2020-03-29
Chapter 437: Lockdown2020-03-28
Chapter 436: Conflict!2020-03-27
Chapter 435: Concessions Began2020-03-26
Chapter 434: Had The Trump Card Lost Its Effectiveness?2020-03-25
Chapter 433: Trade Exchanges2020-03-24
Chapter 432: The Protoss’ Shock2020-03-23
Chapter 431: An Exercise2020-03-22
Chapter 430: Research2020-03-21
Chapter 429: An Enemy by Default2020-03-20
Chapter 428: An Outlet?2020-03-19
Chapter 427: The Essence of All Things is Science2020-03-18
Chapter 426: Awakening2020-03-17
Chapter 425: A Terrible Storm2020-03-16
Chapter 424: The Crystal Brainers’ Abilities2020-03-15
Chapter 423: Return Of The Arts2020-03-14
Chapter 422: Poor Man’s Dignity2020-03-13
Chapter 421: Protector2020-03-12
Chapter 420: Thoughts on a Cooperation2020-03-11
Chapter 419: A Seventy Year Layout2020-03-10
Chapter 418: Impending Arrival2020-03-09
Chapter 417: Disunion2020-03-08
Chapter 416: The Best Option?2020-03-07
Chapter 415 Alien Spies?2020-03-05
Chapter 414 Effective Realizing2020-03-05
Chapter 413: Super Light Speed Engine2020-03-04
Chapter 412: Worries And Complaints2020-03-04
Chapter 411: Arrival2020-03-02
Chapter 410: Monitoring Device2020-03-01
Chapter 409: Life is a Game2020-02-29
Chapter 408: Tsundere2020-02-28
Chapter 407: Aristocrats2020-02-27
Chapter 406: Secretary and Assistant2020-02-26
Chapter 405: Partner2020-02-26
Chapter 404: A Dazzling Star2020-02-24
Chapter 403: Promotion2020-02-23
Chapter 402: Making A Game2020-02-22
Chapter 401: Denying Rumors2020-02-21
Chapter 400: Underground Boxer2020-02-20
Chapter 399: Basketball Club2020-02-19
Chapter 398: Stand Treat2020-02-18
Chapter 397: The Mystery Intensifies2020-02-17
Chapter 396: The Mysterious Identity2020-02-16
Chapter 395: Experiencing Life2020-02-15
Chapter 394: Technology That Violates Taboos2020-02-14
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