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I Found A Planet (Web Novel) - Chapter 298: A New World Pattern

Chapter 298: A New World Pattern

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Unexpectedly, England and Brazil was the first batch of successful applicants to cooperate with Xing Hai Technologies. Why didn’t France or Germany take a spot, and end up letting that precious spot slip to Brazil?

Some netizens made comments that hit the nail on the head:

“There’s a saying: weakness and ignorance are not hindrances to survival, egotism is. The French are renowned for their arrogance. Throughout history, they have paid some hefty prices for their arrogance, but they were still unable to alter their assertive personality. They can’t seem to learn to be humble and keep a low profile. They can’t even give in to the M nation, not to mention being a lapdog for Xing Hai Technologies.”

“The Germans are nothing better. They have brought calamity to this world twice and have swelled up to the point of absolute defiance. The Germans are an excellent ethnic, but their stubbornness is the same as the French’s arrogance, which is also egotism in another form. The Germans advocate pragmatism, but their media seldom talks good of the Z nation. Many dregs and tumors about the Z nation have thus taken root in Germany, which facts have then been officially recognized.”

“They look down on us from their bones. It is even impossible for them to put down their ego and be a lapdog with no dignity.”

“Unless they had no choice. Until they have fallen out from the mainstream and have lost too many opportunities, only then would they let go of their ego and make some changes.”

“But of course, it will be too late for them by then. They would have lost their first-mover advantage and could only work hard to close the gaps.”

“I wonder if they will regret it when the time comes?”

But a missed opportunity was a missed opportunity.

After Chen Jin’s Xing Hai Technologies received the 20-billion-dollar margin, they swiftly deployed two workgroups, bringing along equipment with them to establish two overseas branches in England and Brazil. The production capacity of the Little Star learning machine’s production line was also enhanced to produce learning machines for foreign customers. Besides, to ensure the safety of the workgroup members, Chen Jin let Alice produce 100 guard human replica robots and got each of them a gun license to protect the safety of his employees overseas.

Of course, Chen Jin still thought that it was not quite enough. The foreign environment was too turbulent and too unsafe, especially at times where the greatest hooligans wanted revenge against all forces that stood against the M nation. Those two workgroups’ existences would be as a needle in their eye. It could be foreseen that there would definitely be oodles of unknown dangers waiting for them.

50 guard robots for each workgroup… this was the only thing Chen Jin could do for the time being. “Hope they won’t meet any danger that would harm them. They shouldn’t be losing their lives in a foreign land even if cooperations can’t go on.” Chen Jin shook his head. Actually, he possessed a heart that was facing the light. He did not want to think of this world as an unduly murky place. Tragically, whether on planet Haierfa or back here on Earth, only one word could describe the human civilization: dark.

There was no healthy competition among nations, only unscrupulous competitions. Aside from a full-out war and nuclear warfare, nations would resort to all means possible and again break through the bottom threshold of civilization, making them more or less like beasts. At this time, if somebody still wanted to be a so-called gentleman and follow the rules that nobody followed, they would only plunge into infinite passiveness. Chen Jin was no gentleman. He despised passiveness. He liked to be the initiator!

Therefore, he would be placing bigger importance in the two lapdogs of the first batch, focusing more resources in cultivating them and making both countries exemplars. They would strive to achieve a positive outcome within a year, the best would be being able to produce instant results. By doing so, it would be easier to recruit the second batch of lapdogs the subsequent year.

After more than a month, flying in the face of the Z nation springing up, grappling with the weakening technological hegemony, within a short month, the M nation made major adjustments, thus forming a new world pattern. One phrase could be used to describe these adjustments, which was “closed-door policy.”

The M nation gathered some 20 countries together, including Japan, Gorea, Cadana and Australia, forming a regional economic, political, and military alliance, completely shutting out the Z nation. The alliance would strive to extricate their economic dependence towards the Z nation and achieve self-sufficiency in all goods within around five years. At the same time, they were implementing a stricter sales ban towards the Z nation in the high-end tech field, disallowing even a single screw of good quality to be exported to Z.

After the ban was issued, many high-tech enterprises from the Z nation immediately sunk into a mire. For example, the evaporators used in OLED screen manufacturing. There was only one company from Japan capable of producing the machine. Now, under the M nation’s pressure, the product’s export was banned. The Z nation’s panel industry was hence immediately caught in a plight of not being able to expand their production capacity.

The supply of chips with special functions, for example, analog chips, DSP chips, photosensitive chips, and RF chips were broken, causing the semiconductor industry to descend into cold winter. The development of the medical industry, the biopharmaceutical industry, and others were all affected on a varied scale.

The action would be best described as a comprehensive showdown. Moreover, it was exceptionally unwise, literally killing 1,000 enemies by sacrificing 1,000 of your own. Everyone would perish together, bringing about suffering to both ends.

Despite that, even if there would be agony all over the globe, the M nation still did it. First was to protect their own core industries; the second was to slow down the Z nation’s advancements at all costs. The longer, the better!

Besides, they initiated a project by the name of “Manhattan 2.” They invested a large amount of funds and manpower in the project, striving to take down the “Intelligent learning technology” within five years. They would not allow the Z nation to get too far ahead in this technology. Besides, they would conduct countless efforts of tech-stealing espionages. Xing Hai Technologies once again needed to further enhance their confidentiality.

Under a strong sense of crisis, this device called the M nation once again started running ever so efficiently… from this point of view, the M nation was not to be belittled. It was still too early to call them “weakened,” not to even mention taking them lightly. Certainly, if it were to be a legitimate competition, the Z nation would not be afraid no matter what move the M nation made.

Chen Jin’s Xing Hai Technologies was even happier that things turned out this way. No despicable means, but only face to face collision. Honestly speaking, he would not be afraid even if there were 10 M nations. “Unless the aliens give you a cheat code as well. Otherwise, all your struggling will be futile. You can only forsake your self-esteem, ego, and come be Xing Hai Technologies’ lapdog, or else it is impossible for you to catch up.”

On the 10th of August, in order to deal with the foreign ban on core parts and free the Z’s from the current predicament, Xing Hai Technologies took out a “Supernova 2” and 10 “Supernova 1” which was all incorporated with the “Virtual Factory 2.0″, allowing them to be rented to local parts manufacturers at a lower price in order to hasten up the realization of self-sufficiency in core parts and accomplish a comprehensive upgrade of the high-tech industry.

Towards Xing Hai Technologies’”Recruitment decree,” local manufacturers were champing at the bit:

“My company is doing R&D for evaporators. Our product is already very close to evaporators made by Japan’s Canon Tokki. We would like to rent the Supernova 1 and strive to come out with an alternative product within a year, reactivating our domestic panel industry.”

“We are doing analog chips. Rent us a supercomputer and we’ll use 180 days to design a qualified analog chip.”

“We are doing design for DSP chips, give us 85 days, we will certainly achieve breakthrough!”

“We are doing R&D in XXX, give us 78 days…”

The netizens were shocked on this matter:

“What the f**k! This is too insane, is it now the matter of ‘days’ that we break the foreign monopoly in core technologies?”

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