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I Heard You Are Going to Marry Me (Web Novel)


It’s a funny story about the love between Xing Biao, a gang boss, and Lawyer Su Mo.

After several years since they got married, Xing Biao’s henchmen often had such a conversation.

“Do you know who is the last person we should offend?”

“The son of our boss? He has been spoiled by our boss and Lawyer Su.”

“You are definitely wrong. Haven’t you seen Lawyer Su punish that boy by asking him to recite criminal laws? When the boy fails to correctly and completely recite them, Lawyer Su doesn’t allow him to watch TV and eat snacks. If our boss tries to intercede for the boy, he will be asked to recite the laws together with their son.”

“So it’s Lawyer Su who shouldn’t be provoked by us.”

“Bingo! Lawyer Su won’t spare anyone pissing him off, neither will our boss and their son.”

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 75: Great Job, Lawyer Su2020-01-17
Chapter 74: Darling, You Are Brilliant2020-01-16
Chapter 73: Still Working So Late? I Have My Way.2020-01-13
Chapter 72: Not Going Anywhere! I Am Staying with My Darling2020-01-13
Chapter 71: Su Mo Takes The Unusual Path2020-01-10
Chapter 70: The Tibetan Mastiff Really Bites2020-01-09
Chapter 69: Pay Your Tax for Bragging2020-01-08
Chapter 68: Freeze, This Is A Robbery2020-01-02
Chapter 67: Darling, You Are the Gang Who Robs, Aren’t You?2020-01-01
Chapter 66: Have You Taken a F**king Pill?2019-12-31
Chapter 65: You Can Use My Arm as Your Pillow2019-12-30
Chapter 64: Buy My Darling a Car2019-12-24
Chapter 63: Go Home to My Wife2019-12-21
Chapter 62: Su Mo, You Really Disappoint Me2019-12-21
Chapter 61: Want to Sleep with Me? Try It If You Can2019-12-20
Chapter 60: Lawyer Su, Guess What’s the Color of Brother Biao’s Underwear2019-12-14
Chapter 59: Get Ready, Let’s Celebrate Wedding in the Bridal Chamber2019-12-12
Chapter 58: Deriding Xing Biao? His Husband Says No2019-12-11
Chapter 57: The Groomsmen Were Not Qualified – Cut Their Wages2019-12-08
Chapter 56: Take Home This Old Orphan with You2019-12-07
Chapter 55: The New Generation of The Wife’s Slave Was Born2019-12-06
Chapter 54: Let’s Go and Hijack Your Wife2019-12-05
Chapter 53: Marrying Su Mo Was Not That Easy2019-12-01
Chapter 52: The Big Day for Xing Biao and Su Mo2019-11-30
Chapter 51: I Want Su Mo to Have Descendants2019-11-29
Chapter 50: Pretending to Be Drunken Is of No Use2019-11-28
Chapter 49: My Darling Is My Lord and Master2019-11-23
Chapter 48: A Battle Between the Lawful Lover and the Mistress2019-11-22
Chapter 47: Darling, You Made Me Feel So Proud2019-11-21
Chapter 46: The Eloquent Big ‘Sister’-in-Law2019-11-18
Chapter 45: Meeting My Brothers2019-11-18
Chapter 44: Honey, You Are So Amazing!2019-11-18
Chapter 43: At the Scene with His ‘Wife’2019-11-18
Chapter 42: Xing Biao Handled by a Book of Criminal Laws2019-11-18
Chapter 41: Get Drunk, Get Wife2019-11-18
Chapter 40: Why Keep Calling Me?2019-11-18
Chapter 39: Gave You a Watch as a Present to Show My Love2019-11-18
Chapter 38: Dressed Up His Darling2019-11-18
Chapter 37: Can’t You Say Something Good?2019-11-18
Chapter 36: Kissed on the Mouth2019-11-18
Chapter 35: You Bit on My Wrist, and I Kissed on Your Neck2019-11-18
Chapter 34: It Was Difficult to Take the Wedding Pictures2019-11-18
Chapter 33: Wedding Pictures2019-11-18
Chapter 32: I Agreed to Sign on the Agreement. Would You Get Married with Me?2019-11-18
Chapter 31: I, Su Mo, Would Be Widowed But Not Divorce2019-11-18
Chapter 30: Somebody Confessed to Biao2019-11-18
Chapter 29: Experiences in Courtship2019-11-18
Chapter 28: Xing Biao Was a Good Man2019-11-18
Chapter 27: It Was Stupid to Bother the Sister-in-law!2019-11-18
Chapter 26: Shit! Was It a Lewd Den?2019-11-18
Chapter 25: See Clearly! Who Is Using Domestic Violence?2019-11-18
Chapter 24: Let’s Go Home, Darling2019-11-18
Chapter 23: Would You Please Be Our Groomsman, Senior Fellow Apprentice?2019-11-18
Chapter 22: Xing Biao, My Sir2019-11-18
Chapter 21: Hold My Darling? No Way!2019-11-18
Chapter 20: I Feed You, My Darling2019-11-18
Chapter 19: Happy When My Darling Is Praised by Others2019-11-18
Chapter 18: I Liked You Very Much, Darling2019-11-18
Chapter 17: Didn’t You Want to Date with Me? No Way!2019-11-18
Chapter 16: Curious about Conduct of Xing Biao2019-11-18
Chapter 15: I Shared My Mom with You, and Gave Me Your Red Packet2019-11-18
Chapter 14: Call Mom2019-11-18
Chapter 13: Hate Him? Then Marry Him and Torture Him2019-11-18
Chapter 12: Don’t Ogle Me, My Love2019-11-18
Chapter 11: Took the Love Home2019-11-18
Chapter 10: I Determine to Punish You2019-11-18
Chapter 9: Damn It! Marry Me or Not2019-11-18
Chapter 8: I Would Kidnap Your Parents If You Refused to Marry Me2019-11-18
Chapter 7: I’ll Never Marry You2019-11-18
Chapter 6: This Man Needed a Spanking2019-11-18
Chapter 5: Oh, a Little Cripple2019-11-18
Chapter 4: Trust Your Mother, Xing Biao Is Really a Good Man2019-11-18
Chapter 3: My Mother Wanted Me to Marry a Gangster2019-11-18
Chapter 2: Take Some Special Measures2019-11-18
Chapter 1: Son, I Married You to a Man2019-11-18