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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel)


On modern-day Earth, An Lin seems to have been abandoned by God.
When his father suddenly disappears, An Lin is left with his father’s immense debt, putting his life at risk.
After being forced to a rooftop by his pursuing creditors, An Lin is unexpectedly swept off his feet and brought to the ground safely.

After learning that he was saved by an Immortal, An Lin is gifted, seemingly out of pure generosity, the ‘God Of War System,’ and a pass to a new realm.
Follow An Lin as he experiences a whole new world of legends, meets many new friends, acquires legendary weapons and tools, and starts on his path of becoming a powerful cultivator. There is never a dull time in An Lin’s new life with his ‘great’ new system!

479 • 2019-09-06 09:22:49


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 707: The Real Realm of the Fallen Phoenix2020-03-31
Chapter 706: The Mighty Four Nine Immortal Sect2020-03-30
Chapter 705: Battle for the Golden Egg2020-03-30
Chapter 704: Saving the Damsel in Distress2020-03-29
Chapter 703: A Massive Opportunity2020-03-29
Chapter 702: Realm of the Fallen Phoenix2020-03-28
Chapter 701: Choosing a Site for the Four Nine Immortal Sect2020-03-28
Chapter 700: My Most Powerful Treasure2020-03-27
Chapter 699: Deal!2020-03-27
Chapter 698: Treasure That Can’t Be Bought2020-03-26
Chapter 697: Being Forced to the Brink of Tears Again2020-03-26
Chapter 696: The Human Piggy Bank Was Here2020-03-25
Chapter 695: The Terrifying World2020-03-25
Chapter 694: Little Na’s Hacks2020-03-24
Chapter 693: Wei Ji’s Trip to the New World2020-03-24
Chapter 692: The Criminal on the Execution Platform2020-03-23
Chapter 691: The Age of Technology2020-03-23
Chapter 690: A Rising New Star2020-03-22
Chapter 689: A New Sect2020-03-22
Chapter 688: The Path of the Upperclasswoman2020-03-21
Chapter 687: I Only Want a Safe, Happy Life2020-03-21
Chapter 686: Would You like to Learn About the Heaven Crushing Sect2020-03-20
Chapter 685: The Earth-Shattering Finger2020-03-20
Chapter 684: Complete Annihilation!2020-03-19
Chapter 683: Reinforcements2020-03-19
Chapter 682: There is Something I Can Teach You2020-03-18
Chapter 681: What Should We Teach?2020-03-18
Chapter 680: The Eleventh Highly Intelligence Tribe2020-03-17
Chapter 679: Domain Mutation2020-03-17
Chapter 678: Double Tribulation Transcendence2020-03-16
Chapter 677: A True Man2020-03-16
Chapter 676: Teaching Adam and Eve a Lesson2020-03-16
Chapter 675: The Yin Yang Domain2020-03-15
Chapter 674: Returning to Huang Quan City2020-03-14
Chapter 673: The Enraged Lightning Tribulation2020-03-14
Chapter 672: I Heard You Were Going to Transcend a Tribulation?2020-03-13
Chapter 671: Flipping the Tables2020-03-13
Chapter 670: Combo Attack2020-03-12
Chapter 669: There’s Soap There2020-03-12
Chapter 668: The Might of the Holy Blood2020-03-11
Chapter 667: Assassination on the Purple Snow Mountain2020-03-11
Chapter 666: The Present from Afar2020-03-10
Chapter 665: The Arrival of the Underlings2020-03-10
Chapter 664: Sparring with Big Brother Cheng2020-03-09
Chapter 663: The Development of the Blood Tribe Underlings2020-03-09
Chapter 662: Playing With A Ball2020-03-08
Chapter 661: The Conquest of God’s Spokesperson (Third Part)2020-03-08
Chapter 660: The Conquest of God’s Spokesperson (Second Part)2020-03-07
Chapter 659: The Conquest of God’s Spokesperson (First Part)2020-03-07
Chapter 658: God’s Spokesperson2020-03-06
Chapter 657: Battle of the Dao Integration Stage Super Mighty Figures2020-03-06
Chapter 656: Pursuit to Kill2020-03-06
Chapter 655: The Most Powerful Reinforcement2020-03-06
Chapter 654: Turning the Tables2020-03-06
Chapter 653: Master’s Battle2020-03-06
Chapter 652: Step Up2020-03-06
Chapter 651: An Extremely Powerful Intruder2020-03-06
Chapter 650: Transferring Matter Between Two Worlds2020-03-06
Chapter 649: The Worldwide Upgrade2020-03-06
Chapter 648: What is True Tribulation Transcendence2020-03-06
Chapter 647: The Nightmarish Antagonists2020-03-06
Chapter 646: The Second Batch of Antagonists2020-03-06
Chapter 645: The Dumbest Antagonists in History2020-03-06
Chapter 644: Mundane Days2020-03-06
Chapter 643: The Aftermath of the Battle2020-03-06
Chapter 642: Flexing with No Sense of Accomplishment2020-03-06
Chapter 641: Why Did He Die?2020-03-06
Chapter 640: Too Weak?2020-03-06
Chapter 639: An Lin’s True Strength2020-03-06
Chapter 638: I’ll Just Accept Another Underling2020-03-06
Chapter 637: Crushing Weakened Enemies2020-03-06
Chapter 636: New Generation Holy Disciples2020-03-05
Chapter 635: Is There Something Wrong?2020-03-05
Chapter 634: Holy Disciple Nomination Ceremony of the Blood Tribe2020-03-04
Chapter 633: Dark Marshlands2020-03-04
Chapter 632: Creations Born From Imagination2020-03-03
Chapter 631: Let’s Create Some Antagonists2020-03-03
Chapter 6302020-03-02
Chapter 629: The Studious Adam and Eve2020-03-02
Chapter 628: The New Humans2020-03-01
Chapter 627: Let’s Create Humans Together2020-03-01
Chapter 626: Let’s Create Some Stars2020-02-29
Chapter 625: Creating a Future for All the Living Beings2020-02-29
Chapter 624: Creating Highly-Intelligent Life forms2020-02-28
Chapter 623: The Age of Dinosaurs2020-02-28
Chapter 622: Creating Life2020-02-28
Chapter 621: Let’s Create a New World Together2020-02-27
Chapter 620: The World Within the Mirror2020-02-26
Chapter 619: Make You Poo2020-02-26
Chapter 618: The Birth of a King2020-02-25
Chapter 617: I Will Grind Your Face into the Ground2020-02-25
Chapter 616: Breaking the Body of the War God2020-02-24
Chapter 615: The Unacceptable Victory2020-02-24
Chapter 614: Counterattack from Dire Straits2020-02-23
Chapter 613: My Opponent Is a True God2020-02-23
Chapter 612: An Unimaginable Opponent2020-02-22
Chapter 611: The Healed Bai Zhong2020-02-22
Chapter 610: Xing Tian’s Defeat2020-02-21
Chapter 609: The Neverending Brawl2020-02-21
Chapter 608: Clash of the War Gods (Second Part)2020-02-20