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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 327: The Tragedy of Battle God Zi Yang

Chapter 327: The Tragedy of Battle God Zi Yang

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“Is this Armageddon?”

Everyone stared at the massive ball of fire in the distance with stunned expressions.

“This is the power of the gods, a divine punishment!”

“Isn’t Battle God Xu Ming at Jing Xin Mountain, is he….”

“He must’ve done something extremely unforgivable to incur the gods’ wrath.”

The devastating destructive power of the atomic bomb had far exceeded anything the citizens of the Zhan Qi Continent had ever seen.

They stared at the scene of divine retribution in front of them with only horror and reverence in their eyes.

An Lin and his team were also looking at the beautiful display of destruction in silence.

Xuanyuan Cheng had already discovered from An Lin that Battle God Zi Yang was also at the scene so they were essentially killing two birds with one stone. This was just extremely bad luck that he chose to be in the wrong place at the wrong.

“There shouldn’t be anything left of them now, right?” This was the first time Hu Guan had witnessed the power of technology from Earth and he was thoroughly shaken.

Yao Mingxi was also been reduced to a gaping idiot that was incapable of speech.

An Lin shook his head. He still hadn’t forgotten how the Ant Queen had managed to escape before.

Never underestimate any mighty figure as the trump cards they possessed were often capable of saving their lives even in the direst of circumstances.

“Don’t let down your guard, they’re definitely too powerful to be killed by something like this!” An Lin attempted a bit of reverse psychology.

Unfortunately, his attempt came to no avail as a white streak charged out of the explosion like a shooting star.

A figure appeared on the barren ground, panting heavily.

The figure belonged to Battle God Zi Yang. All his clothes had been blown apart, leaving him in just his underwear. Most of his body had been charred a frightening shade of crimson while some parts had already been charred black.

“Who would have thought that I, Battle God Zi Yang would be injured by flames one day.

“Thank goodness I tamed the Divine Flame, Great Holy Flame, which increased my resistance to fire and also had the Divine Weapon, Universal Mirror, to protect me. Otherwise, I really would’ve died there…”

Battle God Zi Yang looked at the apocalyptic scenes behind him and muttered to himself with fear lingering in his heart.

“Huh, so you have a Divine Weapon on top of your Divine Flame? What a pleasant surprise!”

A familiar voice sounded, and Battle God Zi Yang trembled with fear.

He turned to discover a group of six people converging upon him.

The man at the forefront of the group was the man he wanted to skin alive with his bare hands.

“An Lin! What kind of witchcraft did you use?!” Battle God Zi Yang immediately roared at the sight of An Lin.

“How pitiful it is to be uneducated. I was using technology, not witchcraft.” An Lin smiled coldly and summoned the two Gundams from his storage ring. “If you don’t believe me, I can show you some more technology.”

Battle God Zi Yang looked at the two metallic Gundams and fear appeared in his heart for the first time in countless years.

He couldn’t help it, he had been scared sh*tless by the atomic bomb.

Is this the witchcraft known as “technology”? How terrifying!

“Ew! Why is this Battle God nude? What a pervert!” Xu Xiaolan cussed lightly at the sight of Battle God Zi Yang, who was reduced to only his underwear.

Su Qianyun went a step further and covered her eyes with a blush on her face.

Battle God Zi Yang spat out a mouthful of blood at their reactions.

F*ck off! You blasted my f*cking clothes off and now you’re calling me a pervert?

Where’s the justice?!

“Is that the Divine Weapon, Universal Mirror, in your left hand?! Hand it over if you want to live!” An Lin had already spotted the black and white mirror with his keen gaze.

“How dare you! I haven’t even made you pay for doing this to me yet and now you’re making demands at me!” Battle God Zi Yang roared as his powerful aura crushed down toward An Lin and the others with mountainous force.

“You don’t have a choice here!”

An Lin roared in reply as he too unleashed his powerful aura.

At the same time, Xu Xiaolin, Su Qianyun, Xuanyuan Cheng, Yao Mingxi, and Hu Guan also unleashed their auras and directed them toward Battle God Zi Yang.

Battle God Zi Yang had been severely injured and could only muster up power equal to a warrior at the pinnacle of Battle Sage rank. Under the combined forces of all six auras, his aura was instantly quelled and spat out another mouthful of blood from the backlash.

“I’ll give you ten seconds to think about it. Hand over the Universal Mirror or we’ll have to kill you for it,” An Lin spoke with a serious expression.

A conflicted expression appeared on Battle God Zi Yang’s face, but that soon subsided.

“Here!” He tossed the Universal Mirror to An Lin.

He knew that survival was the most important thing right now; nothing else was as important as his life.

An Lin caught the Universal Mirror and nodded with satisfaction after experiencing the surging power imbued within. He then stowed it away in his storage ring to be assigned at a later date to whoever needed it most in the team.

“Alright… hand over your Divine Flame next!” An Lin spoke again.

Battle God Zi Yang was immediately enraged to the point of laughter. “I’ve already tamed the Great Holy Flame and it’s now a part of me, how am I supposed to hand it over?”

An Lin replied nonchalantly, “Just unleash your Great Holy Flame at me, and release the source of the flame too, I promise I won’t retaliate!”

Arrogant! Conceited!

The flame had been tamed and accepted him as its owner, how the hell could he steal it?

And he was planning to not retaliate against the flames?

Battle God Zi Yang finally gritted his teeth and came to a decision. “Alright! But remember your promise to not retaliate!”

He wanted to take this opportunity to burn this arrogant bastard to a crisp!

“Great Holy Flames!”

Divine might exploded forth from Battle God Zi Yang’s eyes as he unleashed his Great Holy Flame. The white flames condensed into a scorching ball of fire in the sky.

He opened his mouth and a brighter ball of white flames also blended into the larger ball of flames.

Everyone instantly felt an overwhelming power that pushed them toward asphyxiation.


Battle God Zi Yang’s injuries seemed to prevent him from handling so much power as he spat forth another mouth of blood.

However, his eyes remained as bright as ever as he locked his gaze on An Lin. “Go!”

The huge ball of fire crashed down with unstoppable force toward An Lin upon Battle God Zi Yang’s command.

This was an attack that even a warrior at the pinnacle of Battle Sage rank was unable to endure!

Xu Xiaolan turned her gaze upon An Lin with an expression of concern.

However, An Lin’s face was full of excitement as he opened his mouth wide and charged toward the ball of fire…

Then, everyone was greeted by a peculiar spectacle.

The ball of scorching flames began to form a flaming stream flowing into An Lin’s mouth.

The ball of fire became smaller and smaller…

In the end, the white source of the flames attempted to escape, but An Lin’s mouth was like a black hole which sucked the source into his mouth despite its best efforts to run away.



An Lin rubbed his tummy with satisfaction as a “Holy” character appeared on his Wings of True Fire cultivation method in the system.

“This Divine Flame tastes like warm rolls!” he critiqued.

Xu Xiaolan, Xuanyuan Cheng, and the others all gasped with shock.

Even though this was the second time Su Qianyun had seen this, her eyes still glowed with excitement.

Meanwhile, Battle God Zi Yang had become a statue.

His Great Holy Flame had been eaten. The contractual connection he had with it had been severed…

He was completely dumbfounded!

“It’s my Divine Flame, how did he eat it?!

“How could this be… what kind of reasoning could there be behind this…

“Wouldn’t he burn himself eating fire like this?

“Could I be dreaming?

“Who am I? Where am I?”

Battle God Zi Yang began to descend into insanity.

An Lin made his way toward Battle God Zi Yang with a buoyant expression. “Thank you for your hospitality, Senior Zi Yang, do you have anything else you can give me?”

Battle God Zi Yang looked down at his bare body as he shuddered uncontrollably…

Tears began to streak down his face. “Would you like my underwear?”

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