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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 329: The Aftermath of The Battle

Chapter 329: The Aftermath of The Battle

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An Lin looked at the two vibrating Divine Weapons and prayed silently.

Here baby baby, come fly with me, come flex with me…

The Universal Mirror moved!

It shone with black and white light before flying toward one of the six drops of blood essence and swallowing it up.

Xuanyuan Cheng chuckled lightly. “Looks like the Universal Mirror is mine then.”

Xuanyuan Cheng claimed ownership and stowed the Universal Mirror away under the admiring and envious gazes of everyone.

The Dark Flash Sword also began to move immediately after this!

It whizzed toward another drop of blood essence and released a joyful ringing.

Yao Mingxi looked around at everyone a little sheepishly and clasped the longsword in his hand. “Then… I’ll be taking this…”

“Take it, all this has been decided by fate already.”

An Lin put on a generous facade but his heart was throbbing with pain.

F*ck, why weren’t these treasures fated to be with him?!

He found that aside from the treasures he had snatched away from their previous owners, not one treasure had actually willingly chosen him as their owner!

Even Little Xie who was treating him with indifference and disdain.

After distributing the Divine Weapon, everyone found a place to rest and waited for word to spread of the earth-shattering events that had just occurred.

A white streak of light flew through the night sky toward a small town at the border of Xin Jing City.

Lu Zeyu was sipping some tea peacefully when his door was violently knocked down with a resounding boom.

He opened his eyes wide and was treated to the sight of a man with burns all over his body wearing nothing but a pair of underpants.

“What are you staring at? Find some damn clothes for me!” Battle God Zi Yang roared.

Lu Zeyu came to his sense and an amused smile appeared on his face. “Shouldn’t you be thinking about getting your wounds attended to first before finding some clothes?”

“Quit the sh*t-talk! Hurry up and find me some clothes!” Battle God Zi Yang and Lu Zeyu were good friends, but he was not in the mood to waste his words with Lu Zeyu.

Lu Zeyu brought out some clothes and ointment for the burn wounds before handing them both to Battle God Zi Yang.

“Tch, who’d have thought that one of the most powerful beings in the Zhan Qi Continent would be stripped down to just his underpants… I’m too scared to even ask about what happened to you.” Lu Zeyu looked at Battle God Zi Yang with a sympathetic expression.

Battle God Zi Yang: “…”

Lu Zeyu: “So you lost the Universal Mirror as well?”

Battle God Zi Yang: “…”

Lu Zeyu massaged his brows and continued, “I can’t sense the power of the Divine Flame within you anymore either, does that mean you lost the Great Holy Flame too?”

Battle God Zi Yang: “…”

Lu Zeyu blinked with curiosity. “Then how come you still have your underpants?”

Tears welled up in Battle God Zi Yang’s eyes. “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t ask me what happened?”

Lu Zeyu sighed lightly. “It’s all my fault, you wouldn’t have encountered something like this if I had recovered to full strength.”

Battle God Zi Yang remained silent.

“Then Sword Immortal An Lin was responsible for that explosion?” Lu Zeyu asked.

Battle God Zi Yang nodded.

“And Battle God Xu Ming is dead?” Lu Zeyu asked again.

“Uh-huh.” Battle God Zi Yang nodded.

He had seen how Battle God Xu Ming had disintegrated into ashes with his very own eyes. There was still fear lingering in his heart whenever he thought back to the devastating scene.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little gloomy.

Lu Zeyu suddenly spoke again, “But at least you came back alive, and you still have a pair of underwear left! Hmm, looks like Sword Immortal An Lin is a reasonable man who understands the wisdom behind not burning all of one’s bridges.”

Battle God Zi Yang’s mouth fell open upon hearing his words. He felt like another sword had just been stabbed mercilessly into his bleeding heart.

Not burning one’s bridges, not burning one’s bridges…

He had stripped everything away but left him a pair of underpants, what an absolute saint…

Battle God Zi Yang felt like he was on the verge of collapse. “Please stop talking, I beg of you, I need some peace and quiet!!”

“One last thing. Celestial Immortal Shou Yang refused to help us, but it looks like we can clearly communicate with these people. They’re bound to leave this world someday. Are you sure you don’t want to give it one last try?” Lu Zeyu’s expression became serious as he asked with a scorching gaze.

The light from a candle wavered slightly as a light breeze swept into the room.

Battle God Zi Yang once again fell silent.

The next day, news of Battle God Xu Ming’s demise spread like wildfire.

This event created history within the Zhan Qi Continent.

It was a piece of news that truly baffled countless people and struck fear and shock into their hearts.

Who was Battle God Xu Ming? He was one of the three most powerful beings of the Zhan Qi Continent! The impact of his death was simply earth-shattering!

Soon, Sword Immortal An Lin publicly accepted responsibility for this event and challenged anyone who dared to oppose him to a battle in Jing Xin City.

His announcement, coupled with the news of Battle God Xu Ming’s death, shook the whole continent to the core.

The whole continent exploded into a frenzy. Elderly men over a hundred years old and infants of only a few years old alike all became familiar with the name of Sword Immortal An Lin.

“I always had my suspicions that Battle God Xu Ming’s death would be somehow related to Sword Immortal An Lin. As expected, he really was the perpetrator!”

“Who would have thought that Sword Immortal An Lin would be capable of such a terrifying feat…”

Wasn’t their battle supposed to be held tomorrow? Why did it take place yesterday instead?

“He probably couldn’t be bothered waiting. I heard from a witness that Battle God Xu Ming said something to incur Sword Immortal An Lin’s wrath so he just tossed a sun at him and razed the whole Jing Xin Mountain to the ground! Battle God Xu Ming was unable to escape and died in the ensuing explosion.”

“What the f*ck! How the f*ck is a human capable of something like that?”

“Such fearsome power is simply unimaginable to us; Sword Immortal An Lin sure is terrifying!”

“We should call him Battle God An Lin now. The ruler of the Ao Xin Empire is probably going to change from this day forth…”

Just as the whole continent was in a state of shock and turmoil.

Six people were strolling around in the palace of Ao Xin Empire like it was their own backyard.

The royals and officials in the palace were all cowering motionlessly, in fear that they would somehow incur the wrath of these almighty beings.

They had already been instructed by these six people to send out a message to the whole continent which read “we’ll wait for your here”.

This sentence didn’t make any sense without context, but their missing team members would definitely be able to understand its meaning.

The six of them didn’t really kick up a fuss in the palace and didn’t kill anyone in the process either. They only gathered some of the high-level officials to make a few inquiries before heading into the library to search for further information.

History, geography, cultivations methods, observations…

“This continent has not had a long history. It has been in existence for just over ten thousand years. The most powerful warriors here are known as Battle Gods and there have been records of four Battle Gods in the history of the Ao Xin Empire, including Battle God Xu Ming,” Xu Xiaolan flicked through the pages of a book with her slender fingers and spoke slowly.

“Where are the other three Battle Gods?” An Lin asked with curiosity.

Xu Xiaolan replied, “The first one died from old age. I haven’t found any records of the second one yet, and the third one died at the hands of Battle Goddess Bi Qiong.”

An Lin nodded and continued flicking through his book to search for information about the Shou Yang Tomb.

Three days passed by in a flash.

An Lin and the others could only find one sentence of information regarding the Shou Yang Tomb, which stated that Celestial Immortal Shou Yang met with the three Battle Gods on the Zhan Qi Continent once upon a time before traveling north.

This information was even less than what Battle God Zi Yang had provided and everyone was left feeling quite disappointed.

However, they did glean a lot of information about cultivation methods. The books detailing advanced Battle Qi cultivation techniques were extremely useful as there was a lot of overlap between Battle Qi and vital energy usage. Everyone felt as if they had been enlightened after obtaining this information.

Just as they were busy flicking through books in the library, a piece of news was suddenly delivered to them from the She Ling Empire:

Battle Goddess Bi Qiong invites Sword Immortal An Lin to Snake Spirit Palace for a chat.

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