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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 330: Battle Goddess Bi Qiong

Chapter 330: Battle Goddess Bi Qiong

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“Why would Battle Goddess Bi Qiong be looking for me?”

An Lin faltered slightly after hearing this news.

Xu Xiaolan pursed her lips. “No reason, she’s probably just in awe and admiration of Sword Immortal An Lin.”

“Hmm, that could well be the case.” An Lin nodded with a serious expression.

Xu Xiaolan: “… Is your skin even thicker than tectonic plates now?”

A thoughtful expression appeared on Xuanyuan Cheng’s face. “Could she be inviting you because of Liu Qianhuan and the others?”

Xu Xiaolan nodded. “That’s a valid point, with Liu Qianhuan’s strength, there wouldn’t be many people on this continent that could delay her. I have a feeling that she’s probably stuck at Snake Spirit Empire for some reason and that’s why she hasn’t had a chance to reunite with us.”

“Let’s go, there’s nothing left here anyway. Let’s go to the She Ling Empire and visit the legendary Snake Spirit Clan!” An Lin was filled with unbridled curiosity after reading about the Snake Spirit Clan on this continent and was raring to take this opportunity to visit them.

After some further discussion, everyone decided to set off for the Snake Spirit Empire and perhaps ask if their Battle Goddess had any information regarding Celestial Immortal Shou Yang.

Thus, the six of them flew out of the imperial palace toward the Snake Spirit Empire.

They were then greeted by the sight of a familiar acquaintance soon after.

A middle-aged man in a purple robe stood before them with a warm and graceful smile as he joined his hands in a salute.

It was said that people could completely transform themselves within a short span of time if they put their mind to it. This saying was definitely true in this case.

An Lin and the others almost didn’t recognize who the man before them was.

Battle God Zi Yang couldn’t possibly be this handsome!!

Wasn’t he supposed to be the perverted freak in only his underwear with burns all over his body?

Who was this handsome man?

Battle God Zi Yang’s lips twitched at the sight of their shocked expressions.

“Hehe, what a pleasant surprise it is to meet you all here,” Battle God Zi Yang spoke with a warm smile.

Everyone’s faces instantly darkened.

Please don’t tell blatant lies.

Who was it that went out of his way to diverge from his original route to cross paths with them? They weren’t blind, for goodness’ sake!

“It truly is a pleasant surprise. What business do you have with us, Senior Zi Yang?” An Lin decided to pretend to be oblivious to Battle God Zi Yang’s lies. After all, he was feeling a little apologetic for abusing him so badly in the past.

“I want to cooperate with you.” Battle God Zi Yang’s expression turned serious, “If you can help me transmigrate away from this world to yours and give me the chance of reaching an even higher level, I’m willing to help you with all my might in this world.”

The notion of having a Battle God as a comrade was clearly quite an attractive one to An Lin and the others.

An Lin looked at Battle God Zi Yang and replied, “You might not be able to pass through the exit that we find.”

Battle God Zi Yang continued with a resolute expression, “No problem, I still want to give it a shot!”

“And there’s no Battle Qi in our world,” An Lin added.

Battle God Zi Yang was clearly stumped this time.

He had reached the level he was at now through Battle Qi cultivation, so what An Lin was essentially saying was that he would have to start from scratch even if he could reach the other world…

This was like grabbing a fish from the ocean and throwing it into a desert; there was no f*cking way it could survive!!

“Senior Zi Yang, one does not necessarily require a change in the cultivation environment to make breakthroughs. If you have enough confidence in yourself, you can still make breakthroughs even if you remain on the Zhan Qi Continent.” Xuanyuan Cheng was also tempted by the prospect of having Battle God Zi Yang as their comrade, but he too didn’t approve of Zi Yang’s idea to venture into another world.

However, Battle God Zi Yang suddenly began to laugh heartily. “My rank has not progressed for several hundred years and I’ve tried everything to no avail… I’ve decided, and I still want to give it a shot!”

Battle God Zi Yang was clearly extremely determined, so An Lin and the others did not attempt to dissuade him any further. After all, Battle God Zi Yang would be a great help to them should they encounter any powerful enemies.

As for his loyalty, he had already sworn a Heavenly Dao Oath, so An Lin didn’t really have to worry about that.

Thus, the seven of them continued on toward the east.

Before they knew it, they had already flown into the territory of the She Ling Empire.

An Lin finally caught sight of the legendary Snake Spirit Clan. They were about the same height as humans, but their lower halves were comprised of the body of a snake while their upper halves were humanoid. Some of them even had fleshy wings protruding from their backs, and their hair was all sorts of different colors, creating quite the spectacle to behold.

“The Snake Spirit Clan have a similar cultivation aptitude to humans, but their bodies are around three times more powerful from birth, and their lifespans are around twice the average human’s as well,” Battle God Zi Yang spoke as he looked down at the Snake Spirit Clan below him.

“These Snake Spirit people look a lot like the Divine Snakes from our world. Their appearance and traits are all extremely similar to Divine Snakes,” Xuanyuan Cheng remarked with a surprised expression.

“Is that strange?” An Lin asked quizzically.

Xu Xiaolan smiled and replied, “Divine Snakes are closely linked to Her Majesty Nuwa. They are extremely rare on the Tai Chu Continent and they hold a very high social status.”

Xuanyuan Cheng chimed in, “However, the Snake Spirit Clan comprise a third of this continent.”

An Lin: “…”

He was beginning to understand why Big Brother Cheng was so surprised. If the Snake Spirit Clan was the same species as Divine Snakes, then this truly was quite shocking.

This was like if a few billion pandas were to suddenly appear on Earth. Their rare and endangered tag would be immediately removed, and people would probably have to hunt them due to the overpopulation of pandas.

The Snake Spirit Palace was located in the central region of the She Ling Empire. All the buildings there were constructed from green spirit jade which created a sea of green that gave onlookers a peculiar feeling.

The six of them flew straight to the Snake Spirit Palace, encountering zero resistance on the way as if everything had been planned.

An Lin was a little nervous as Battle Goddess Bi Qiong was the most powerful being on this whole continent.

From reading through the history books, An Lin discovered that there had been two Battle Gods that had fallen at her hands.

One had to realize that in a battle between Battle Gods, their power levels should be quite similar so they should at least be able to run if they couldn’t win. With that in mind, she was still able to kill two of them. What did that mean? That meant that she was at the pinnacle of Battle God rank! She was a super badass woman!

Although they had Battle God Zi Yang accompanying them, An Lin didn’t feel any sense of security. After all, his first impression of Battle God Zi Yang was simply far too abysmal.

An Lin and the others entered the palace with respectful expression and looked up at the powerful Battle Goddess before they were all rooted to the spot.

A young woman in white was sitting on the throne, munching on a crispy spirit fruit. Her cheeks were stuffed full of fruit, giving her an adorable look.

She had extremely fine and delicate features. Her skin was like warm mutton fat jade and she had a slim oval face. Her waist was like a thin and fragile wicker branch, and her luscious hair looked like it had materialized itself from a beautiful painting.

“Ah! Senior Poison Lord, you’re finally here!” The young woman’s eyes lit up and she rushed toward An Lin before giving him an excited hug with a sweet smile on her face.

Everyone was still in shock and An Lin swallowed audibly. “White Spirit Snake, you… you’re Battle Goddess Bi Qiong?”

Was this some kind of sick joke? How could the most powerful being on the Zhan Qi Continent be this seventh stage Dao Body noob?

Just as An Lin and the others were struggling to accept the truth, White Spirit Snake took a step back.

She giggled and shook her head. “What are you saying? I’m not Battle Goddess Bi Qiong!”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

This world was still normal after all.

An Lin patted his chest and complained, “Jeez, don’t scare me like that, my heart won’t be able to take it. Don’t just casually sit on the Battle Goddess’ throne next time!”

Battle God Zi Yang was still looking at her with curiosity. He had seen Battle Goddess Bi Qiong before so he knew from the beginning that White Spirit Snake wasn’t the Battle Goddess, but why was this little girl able to sit so casually on the throne? She was clearly no ordinary person.

“Heehee, it’s OK, I’ll call Little Qing for you now.”

White Spirit Snake whistled loudly.

A beauty in green robes soon appeared from outside. After seeing White Spirit Snake, she instantly transformed into a small green snake and entangled herself on White Spirit Snake’s arm in a display of reliance and affection.

“Let me introduce to you my beast pet, Litte Qing. She’s also the Battle Goddess Bi Qiong you guys were referring to.” White Spirit Snake stroked Litte Qing’s head with an affectionate smile.


The palace instantly fell silent.

Xuanyuan Cheng and the others stared at White Spirit Snake, completely rooted to the spot.

An Lin gripped his chest and felt like he was about to vomit blood.

White Spirit Snake wasn’t Battle Goddess Bi Qiong.

But her beast pet was…

What the f*ck! This was even harder to believe!

Was this all fake? It had to be an illusion, right?!

As for Zi Yang, who had seen Battle Goddess Bi Qiong in all her power…

His legs had already given out from under him!

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