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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 331: Setting Moon Flame

Chapter 331: Setting Moon Flame

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Battle Goddess Bi Qiong was White Spirit Snake’s beast pet?

An Lin finally recovered from his shock after a long while.

White Spirit Snake latched onto his hand and made her way toward a room beside the palace.

“I know you’re all finding it hard to believe. To be honest, I was also shocked when I found out.” White Spirit Snake smiled lightly at everyone else, who were all struggling to breathe from the shock.

An Lin felt like he didn’t know who the woman in front of him was anymore. “Um… Senior White, why would you pretend to be a beginner cultivator then?”

“Ah, Senior Poison Lord, please don’t call me that, I’m still the same White Spirit Snake!” White Spirit Snake hurriedly explained, “It’s only because of a certain insignia in my body that made Litte Qing accept me as her owner! You… you can call me Little Bai from now on!”

“Er…” An Lin stared at her, momentarily at a loss for words. Refer to her as Little Bai? Then what was he going to call Da Bai’s children in the future? [1. The Da in Da Bai means big in Chinese, so Big Bai’s child would naturally be called Little Bai or Xiao Bai]

“Oh? So you’re that Sword Immortal An Lin?”

Battle Goddess Bi Qiong, who was still wrapped around White Spirit Snake’s arm, asked in a cold voice.

An Lin didn’t even get a chance to reply before Battle Goddess Bi Qiong’s head received a vicious flick by White Spirit Snake. “Don’t be rude, Litte Qing, you have to call him Senior Poison Lord!”

“Oh..” Little Qing was clearly not happy, but she still succumbed to White Spirit Snake’s instructions. “Senior Poison Lord, you sure are powerful to be able to kill Xu Ming!”

Cold sweat began to materialize incessantly on Battle God Zi Yang’s forehead. He had never seen Battle Goddess Bi Qiong speak in such a respectful manner to anyone.

An Lin immediately resumed his cocky attitude upon being praised. “I’m not as great as you think, I had to rely on the power of technology in the end.”

His first sentence was still quite normal, but then he seemed to be unable to restrain himself. “Battle God Zi Yang was also at the scene at the time. I razed Jing Xin Mountain to the ground with one move and killed Xu Ming, but Zi Yang was only severely injured and managed to survive. Sigh… I took pity on Zi Yang seeing that he had worked hard to reach his level and even survived one of my attacks… Hence, I decided to spare him. After all, you shouldn’t burn all your bridges in life. I’m getting embarrassed talking so much about myself.”

Zi Yang almost flared up in rage and began to cuss An Lin’s mum! She was complimenting you on killing Xu Ming, why the f*ck would you talk about me?

And why the f*ck would you bring up that saying about not bringing bridges again!?

Xu Xiaolan and the others all rolled their eyes. They were stunned speechless by his thick skin.

He was embarrassed to talk so much about himself? It certainly didn’t seem like he was embarrassed!

Battle Goddess Bi Qiong’s eyes lit up after hearing An Lin’s words. She had heard about Battle God Xu Ming’s demise, but she was unaware of the fact that Battle God Zi Yang was at the scene as well. She looked up at Battle God Zi Yang with a thoughtful expression.

White Spirit Snake was boasting in An Lin’s stead all the while, recounting the legendary feats of “Senior Poison Lord”, while An Lin stood off to the side with a humble expression on his face.

An Lin then enquired about the other team members and he was ecstatic with White Spirit Snake’s response.

Liu Qianhuan, Tang Ximen, and Tian Lingling were all here!

Within the All-Encompassing Pond of the imperial palace, three people were sitting in the water with their legs folded before them.

“The All-Encompassing Pond has the effect of refining both body and consciousness. Sister Liu and Brother Bai were injured during the battle with Little Qing and they’re now recovering in the All-Encompassing Pond. Tian Lingling is also bathing in the pond and is refusing to come out!” White Spirit Snake explained as she walked.

An Lin nodded at her words. From her description, he learned that Tang Ximen and Liu Qianhuan had a rough first encounter with Battle Goddess Bi Qiong, and the two sides engaged in a battle in which Tang Ximen and Liu Qianhuan soon fell into dire straits. Luckily, the insignia in White Spirit Snake’s body then reacted with the Divine Weapon, White Radiant Bead, thereby instantly ending the battle and allowing White Spirit Snake to obtain a new beast pet.

According to Battle Goddess Bi Qiong, White Spirit Snake was the person she had been waiting for all this time.

A sense of unease welled up in An Lin’s heart. He couldn’t help but recall the events of his last tomb raid where Xu Xiaolan became the main character. Was White Spirit Snake going to repeat history?

No! He had to fight!

A determined expression appeared on An Lin’s face. He had to obtain all the Divine Flames first!

He followed White Spirit Snake to where the remaining three team members were all bathing within the All-Encompassing Pond.

However, his line of sight was cut off by a green jade wall, and they were already fully dressed when they came out so there wasn’t anything interesting to look at.

“Fake Daoist Priest, you finally came, I heard you’ve been going pretty well recently!” Tian Lingling’s hair was still glistening with water droplets as she gave An Lin a massive hug. She then saw that there were many people around and sheepishly retracted her arms.

“Yeah, I’ve been fine, I’ve only killed the most powerful warrior in the Ao Xin Empire, no biggie.” An Lin ruffled her damp hair with a modest expression.

Liu Qianhuan and Tang Ximen also emerged, and a smile appeared on both their faces after seeing the rest of the team.

Their team was finally reassembled in this unfamiliar world, and they all eagerly began to chat among themselves.

Upon learning of how An Lin had swallowed two of the four Divine Flames, everyone was shocked into silence.

Liu Qianhuan finally took an interest in something other than games and enquired about how the Divine Flames tasted.

An Lin felt as if he had met his soul-mate and immediately began gushing about the different flavors of the two Divine Flames.

Thus, everyone became familiar with the concept that the Demonic Star Flame tasted like strawberries whereas the Great Holy Flame tasted like spicy rolls.

An Lin’s words acted as incessant blows to Battle God Zi Yang’s heart. How come he didn’t know the Great Holy Flame tasted like spicy rolls? His heart was so cold, and all he wanted to do was to leave!

And then, his wish was granted as An Lin departed with him in tow.

All the remaining team members were very interested in the All-Encompassing Pond and wanted to bathe there for a few more days, so An Lin decided to drag Battle God Zi Yang along on his quest for the Setting Moon Flame.

The Blue Sea was the stretch of ocean between the Bei Hong Empire and Snake Spirit Empire.

The sea was vast and boundless with no end in sight.

A huge island floated in front of them on the surface of the ocean.

The island had the appearance of a turtle, and it was hence named Giant Turtle Island.

A black streak and a white streak flew over from afar before stopping in the air above Giant Turtle Island.

“Oh, this island looks pretty good, so the Setting Moon Flame is supposed to be at the bottom of the ocean under the island?” An Lin asked.

Battle God Zi Yang nodded. “Yes, there’s only a chance it’ll appear when the moonlight shines on this patch of ocean.”

“Oh, so it’s got a bit of personality! I wonder what it tastes like.” An Lin was starting to get a little excited.

Battle God Zi Yang: “…”

“I really don’t understand why you’re able to engulf multiple Divine Flames; my body would have detonated if I had attempted to so. Not only that, you’re able to taste the flames too…” Battle God Zi Yang couldn’t help but voice his thoughts.

An Lin didn’t keep this secret from him. “Hehe, have you heard of the Flame Mantra?” [2. The flame mantra was the cultivation method used by the aforementioned Xiao Yan to absorb multiple flames, so this is another reference to that story.]

“Flame Mantra?” Battle God Zi Yang blinked in confusion.

“It’s a very ancient cultivation method from the Tai Chu Continent, enabling the cultivator to engulf different flames as a means to progress in cultivation base. When cultivated to the extreme, multiple Divine Flames can be merged to create an earth-shattering technique!” An Lin spoke mysteriously.

Battle God Zi Yang opened his eyes wide in shock.

“Alright, let’s wander around the island and wait for nighttime before we look for the Setting Moon Flame.” An Lin didn’t elaborate more on this topic and patted Zi Yang’s shoulder before descending on Giant Turtle Island with a nonchalant expression.

Battle God Zi Yang followed along numbly as his world was flipped upside-down by An Lin’s words.

Flame Mantra?

Their world was indeed a massive one; who would have thought they would even have access to such powerful cultivation methods?

This further cemented his determination to escape from the confinement of his world and travel to a new one!

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