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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 332: My Acting Skills Are God-Like

Chapter 332: My Acting Skills Are God-Like

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A dragon with blue wings flew over Giant Turtle Island, whipping up gale-force winds which uprooted trees from the ground.

“Violent Heavenly Flames!”

Golden flames suddenly swept toward the dragon as another loud roar sounded.

The flames were far too fast for even the Battle Emperor rank dragon to react to, and it was immediately engulfed in a sea of scorching gold.


The flames exploded with frighteningly high temperatures before falling in a spectacular flaming material shower.

The cooked carcass of the dragon fell from the sky, looking extremely sumptuous and alluring.

“As expected of Battle God Zi Yang, your flame techniques are just as powerful as ever,” An Lin complimented with a smile as he drew the cooked dragon toward himself.

Battle God Zi Yang didn’t want to speak. Instead, he was glaring at An Lin with rage.

He was accustomed to using fire-type spell techniques, but he could only pretend that he still had a Divine Flame when unleashing spell techniques. Who could understand his pain?

An Lin smacked his lips involuntarily as he watched the carcass of the chargrilled dragon drifting toward them. He was extremely interested in the food on the Zhan Qi Continent, and he had been longing to taste a Battle Emperor rank beast for quite a while.

“Come on, let’s eat together!”

He tore off a dragon wing and extended an invitation as he ate.

The dragon had exquisite flavor and texture with crunchy skin and juicy, supple flesh. The flesh itself also had a tinge of sweetness to it and An Lin was instantly hooked.

Battle God Zi Yang also joined in on the party and began to chow down on a dragon drumstick.

Battle Emperor rank beasts were considered to be quite rare even across the entirety of the Zhan Qi Continent, so this was quite the delicacy.

The sun gradually fell below the horizon and was replaced by the bright moon in the sky.

Giant Turtle Island became a lot more peaceful, with only the sound of crashing waves audible nearby.

An Lin looked up at the moon to find that it was translucent white and emitted a cold light.

It seemed like the moon had looked the same for the past few days, in that it had been perfectly round throughout.

“Let’s descend into the ocean,” Battle God Zi Yang suddenly spoke.

An Lin nodded. “Lead the way.”


The two then dove into the ocean, sending waves rippling out around them.

Battle God Zi Yang dove into the ocean like an uncoordinated pig, sending a massive splash flying all around him.

In contrast, An Lin was like a graceful Olympic diver, disappearing into the water with a much smaller splash.

“The Setting Moon Flame is blue in color and it appears just as quickly as it disappears, so make sure you swallow it up quickly,” Battle God Zi Yang cautioned.

He wanted to remind An Lin that the flame was extremely difficult to tame, but when he recalled the scene where An Lin swallowed his Great Holy Flame, he swallowed the words back down.

An Lin looked at his surroundings to find a vast expanse of inky blackness. The flame would definitely be extremely eye-catching in such a dark environment.

Their gazes were suddenly attracted by something in the distance.

There was a big patch of blue light piercing through the darkness, appearing extremely dazzling and eye-catching.


An Lin and Battle God Zi Yang charged toward the blue light without hesitation.

The blue light seemed to detect their presence nearby and instantly vanished.


When An Lin and Battle God Zi Yang arrived, there was only a faint residual blue light that was soon engulfed by the darkness around it.

“Oh my God, so it really does disappear without warning!?” An Lin stared around him but couldn’t find any trace of the blue flame. It really did appear as if it had materialized out of thin air, then vanished into thin air.

Battle God Zi Yang sighed in dejection. “The Setting Moon Flame is a part of the sea and can appear and disappear as it pleases. Battle God Xu Ming made a few hundred attempts to capture it in the past but all to no avail…”

An Lin was not discouraged in the slightest. Instead, he looked around with even greater intensity.

A blue flaming palm suddenly appeared beside An Lin and descended on him at an alarming speed.

An Lin immediately reacted and opened his mouth without hesitation as he activated his Wings of True Fire cultivation method.



The flames were swallowed alongside a huge mouthful of salty seawater.

“Cough Cough… f*ck! This flavor…” An Lin exclaimed as he gripped his stomach.

Battle God Zi Yang hurriedly came to his side, thinking that a mishap had occurred. “What is it? Are you ok?”

“The flame is sweet like ice cream, but the seawater greatly hampered the culinary experience!” An Lin grumbled in dissatisfaction.

Battle God Zi Yang: “…”

Zi Yang was at the edge of his wits with An Lin. Everyone else talked about how fearsome and how powerful the Divine Flames were, but An Lin was only focused on critiquing their flavors. How the hell was he supposed to talk to this nutjob?!

Also… what’s an ice cream?

“This Setting Moon Flame is quite interesting to be able to attack of its own volition. I wonder where its source is…” An Lin muttered to himself excitedly.

Zi Yang shook his head. “The Divine Flames don’t have much intelligence, that attack was most likely an instinctive response. It was probably trying to chase you away just then, but if you appear too powerful, it’ll cower and hide away…”

“Then what you’re saying is, we should try to lure it into a false sense of security first?” An Lin’s eyes lit up.

Zi Yang nodded. “That’s right, but you can’t make yourself appear too weak either. You have to act just strong enough so that the Setting Moon Flame reveals its source in order to unleash its most powerful attack, after which you can engulf the entire thing!”

“Oh, so it’s a test of my acting skills, eh? Don’t worry, I’m a seasoned pro.” An Lin laughed confidently.

The Setting Moon Flame seemed to be extremely territorial and a second attack soon erupted.


This time, it was ten huge, blue flaming fists.

An Lin didn’t activate his Wings of True Fire cultivation method. Instead, he chose to combat the flaming fists with his own fists.

The fists collided.

Boom Boom Boom!

Explosive power radiated outwards, sending the seawater churning around them.

The blue flame collided with An Lin’s hand, sending a piercing chill running through his arm. However, the skin on his fists had clearly been burnt red.

The force behind the explosion made An Lin stumbled back in retreat, yelling in pain as he went.

Battle God Zi Yang had also been struck by the huge flaming fists, but his acting skills were trash-tier at best. He tried to emulate An Lin by roaring in pain, but he was clearly laying it on too thick. Ten points for effort, zero for execution.

Their pained responses seemed to bolster the Setting Moon Flame’s confidence as energy began to seethe in the seawater around them.

A few hundred huge flaming fists each around thirty feet in size crashed down toward An Lin and Battle God Zi Yang like a blue meteor shower.

Flaming Meteor Fists!

An Lin’s skin crawled as he stared up at the dense cluster of flaming fist above him. He was extremely shocked at how powerful the Setting Moon Flame was.


Hundreds of blue flaming fists rained down on An Lin’s body, making him howl with anguish to the extent that his face distorted with pain.

The fists crashed down in a dense shower imbued with terrifying power and chilling flames…

An Lin was completely overwhelmed and forced into frantic retreat.

Holy f*ck! Too strong!

Battle God Zi Yang looked down with admiration at An Lin as he was knocked back by the flames.

Sword Immortal An Lin’s acting skills were truly godlike. Look at the pained expression and the distortion in his body… tch, how startlingly realistic! He could not compare to such godlike skills!

An Lin was on the brink of tears. This wasn’t acting anymore; it was a genuine performance!

The flames surged through the seawater, forcing An Lin and Battle God Zi Yang completely onto the back foot. They could only hang on like stubborn cockroaches as attacks rained down upon them.

The Setting Moon Flame seemed to become further incensed as it attacked and the water seethed with its power.


Ninety-nine gigantic flaming dragons appeared in the water around them.

They created a huge killing formation as blue light lit up the darkness around them. The terrifying flames then began to converge upon An Lin and Battle God Zi Yang with mountainous force.

A small ball of extremely dazzling blue flames appeared in the distance. It was none other than the source of the Setting Moon Flame.

It was clearly planning to unleash its move powerful attack!

An Lin was completely enraged after receiving so much abuse at the hands of the Setting Moon Flame.

He immediately pounced on the source of the flame as soon as it appeared with all his might.

Divine Inspection Technique!

First technique, Wind Sword!

Wings of Wind!

Origin Energy of the Netherworld!

An Lin’s aura became explosive and more powerful as he charged out at unimaginable speed. His body burst through the flaming dragons in front of him and created a vacuum in the shape of his body in his original location.

“F*ck! So fast?!” Battle God Zi Yang swore involuntarily at An Lin’s fearsome speed.

The Setting Moon Flame didn’t have the chance to react before An Lin arrived right in front of it.

It was then greeted by the sight of a cavernous mouth drawing closer before everything turned into darkness…


An Lin immediately deactivated the Origin Energy of the Netherworld after engulfing the source of the Setting Moon Flame. He then swallowed a Blood Spirit Pill as a form of recovery.

A “moon” character thus appeared on his Wings of True Fire cultivation method.

Setting Moon Flame successfully obtained!

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