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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 333: Change in Zhan Qi Continent

Chapter 333: Change in Zhan Qi Continent

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After the Setting Moon Flame was swallowed, the remaining flaming dragons all dispersed.

An Lin had achieved a great victory. Battle God Zi Yang was feeling stunned as he followed behind him.

The first thing that stunned him was An Lin’s spectacular acting skills. The second thing that stunned him was the frightening nature of the Flame Mantra used by An Lin. The Setting Moon Flame was a Divine Flame that was incredibly difficult to refine. However, as before, An Lin easily refined this flame simply by swallowing it. The third thing that stunned him was An Lin’s explosive burst of speed. He had never seen such a quick move before!

“Zi Yang, take me back,” An Lin suddenly said. “I need to digest this flame first; I’m a bit too full right now.”

Battle God Zi Yang grimaced upon hearing this. Can flames really fill one’s stomach?

However, he didn’t say anything. He silently picked An Lin up and flew toward She Ling Empire.

An Lin obviously wasn’t full on flames. In reality, he was experiencing the after-effects of using the Origin Energy of the Netherworld.

Even though he had only used it for a very short amount of time and had even swallowed a Blood Spirit Pill afterward, the after-effects were still severe. In any case, An Lin didn’t want to move right now, so he had Zi Yang fly him instead.

Imperial palace of She Ling Empire, All-Encompassing Pond…

Tian Lingling and Liu Qianhuan were both holding magically modified phones. They were engaged in an intense League of Valor battle.

The pond water was warm and soothing, and they soaked in this hot spring pond as they played League of Valor. They were enjoying themselves immensely.

Battle Goddess Bi Qiong had transformed into her human figure at this moment. Her perfect, jade-like body was vaguely visible through the wisps of white mist.

Her dignified face was filled with interest as she shuffled next to Tian Lingling and Liu Qianhuan.

“You and she are both controlling the same type of mini people, so why do their abilities differ by so much?” she asked Liu Qianhuan curiously. This was the first time she had watched them battle, so she couldn’t help but ask this question.

“Because my character is of the Soul Formation Stage and her character is only of the Dao Body Stages,” Liu Qianhuan replied seriously. “The rank of her character is far lower, so the gap in our abilities is massive!”

Tian Lingling: “…”

On the other side, in the male’s hot spring which was separated by an azure-colored jade wall.

Xuanyuan Cheng and Yao Mingxi were in high spirits as they examined the divine weapons in their hands. Hu Guan and Tang Ximen could only look on at this scene dazedly. A feeling of depression welled up in their hearts.

Carrying An Lin with him, Battle God Zi Yang arrived back at the imperial palace.

With a plop, An Lin also jumped into the All-Encompassing Pond. He immersed himself in the soothing water and started recovering his energy.

“I’ve already completed three-quarters of my Divine Flame absorbing mission. Now, I just need to absorb the Heavenly Void Flame. After that, I’ll be able to master a divine technique and dominate the world!” An Lin’s bold statement landed another heavy blow on Hu Guan and Tang Ximen’s fragile minds.

The others are all obtaining Divine Weapons and swallowing Divine Flames. What are we doing here? Holidaying?

No, we must achieve something!

Hu Guan and Tang Ximen silently formed a resolution in their minds.

Battle God Zi Yang didn’t go to the All-Encompassing Pond. Instead, he went to sample tea in a meditation room.

After a short while, a female dressed in green imperial robes strolled over. Her jet-black hair was still slightly moist, and it was tied up into a loose bun. She appeared elegant and poised, and there was an air of natural authority about her as she swept her gaze around the room.

“Battle Goddess Bi Qiong, I’ve wanted to have a private conversation with you for a long time.” A smile spread across Zi Yang’s face as he saw her stroll over. He immediately prepared a cup of tea and placed it on the table.

Bi Qiong smiled faintly. She sipped a small mouthful of the fragrant tea and cut straight to the point. “You’ve already decided to leave this continent?”

“That’s right. In this current world, I can’t see a path out. It’s time for me to seek growth in another world.” There was a hint of melancholy in Battle God Zi Yang’s voice. Then, he turned his gaze toward Bi Qiong. “You’re also leaving this continent, aren’t you?”

Bi Qiong nodded. “I’ll follow Master wherever she goes.”

Battle God Zi Yang: “…”

For some reason, he found this statement extremely odd and out of sorts. Up till now, he still found it difficult to regard the domineering Battle Goddess Bi Qiong and Little Qing, White Spirit Snake’s beast pet, as the same person.

Bi Qiong ignored Zi Yang’s strange expression. “This is truly interesting,” she continued. “In the blink of an eye, the three strongest individuals of this continent are all going to disappear. One has died, and two are going to leave.”

Battle God Zi Yang sighed. “To tell you the truth, I’m actually very reluctant to part with this land. My family is here, and my friends are also here… I may be wrong in saying this, but I feel that the Battle Qi system… is most likely an incorrect path. It’s unable to support us in reaching higher ranks. You’ve been alive for almost ten thousand years. You probably understand this better than me, right?”

“That’s right,” Bi Qiong chuckled softly. “I’m the eldest Battle God on this continent, so I have a clearer understanding of this. Since we’re about to leave, I may as well tell you some things that you don’t know.”

“Oh? What things?” Battle God Zi Yang’s interest was instantly piqued.

Bi Qiong’s blue eyes became especially deep and profound. She glanced out the door toward the vast expanse of land. “This world is continually changing,” she said softly. “The Battle Qi is becoming more and more active…”

Her slender hands swiped through the air, and the sky within a two-kilometer radius suddenly darkened. Dark clouds gathered, and thunder rumbled. It was as if she was the ruler of all matter.

Battle God Zi Yang was captivated by this godly power.

“This is the Wind and Thunder Technique,” Battle Goddess Bi Qiong said slowly. “When I cast it ten thousand years ago, its power was only one-third of this. Compared to before, I haven’t become significantly stronger. The reason this technique has become stronger is because the energy that we’re drawing upon has changed. It’s gone from rough to refined; it’s gone from a dissociated state to a state where it’s more interconnected with the Heavenly Dao. Vital energy is the essence of all matter. It’s the only energy acknowledged by the Heavenly Dao. However, Battle Qi is also developing in a unique way. Under the guidance of some will, perhaps it might develop into a new Dao.”

Battle God Zi Yang shuddered slightly. This information was extremely shocking.

“Battle Qi is the essential energy of this continent. It can gradually perfect itself?”

“That’s correct.”

“It’s being guided by some will?”

“In my opinion, yes.”

“Heh… that’s very interesting. However, I have a nagging discomfort about all this.”

Bi Qiong smiled. “Regardless of what existence is behind that will, what’s the big deal if I’m still me?”

Battle God Zi Yang fell silent for a moment. Then, he nodded and said, “That’s true. In the future, beings ranked above the level of Battle God might appear on this continent. However, I can’t wait until that moment. I still want to leave!”

“Fine. Since that’s the case, I won’t say any more.” Bi Qiong placed a book on the table.

Battle God Zi Yang’s eyes bulged as he looked toward the book. “This is…”

There was a large title emblazoned across the cover of the book: “A Theory on the Transition from Battle Qi to Vital Energy.”

“Hehe. You’ll probably find the contents of this book helpful after you’ve left this continent.” Battle Goddess Bi Qiong pushed the book toward Battle God Zi Yang. “Become Master White’s bodyguard for ten years. This isn’t too much to ask, is it?”

Battle God Zi Yang stared at the book before him absent-mindedly. In the end, he gritted his teeth and agreed to this condition.

A melancholy expression spread across his face as he picked up the book.

I, an impressive and dignified Battle God, am actually going to become a little girl’s bodyguard?

Sigh… Why am I progressing backward…?

However, he quickly remembered something else. Even Battle Goddess Bi Qiong, the strongest individual of this continent, had become that little girl’s beast pet. With this in mind, him becoming her bodyguard didn’t appear all that shameful.

Soon after, everyone finished resting and recuperating.

An Lin’s team, along with the two Battle Gods, started flying toward the Ancient Barren Realm which was located in the northern region of Zhan Qi Continent. They officially began their search for Shou Yang Tomb.

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