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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 334: Journey Through the Ancient Barren Realm

Chapter 334: Journey Through the Ancient Barren Realm

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The Ancient Barren Realm was the most dangerous place in Zhan Qi Continent.

This realm had the most hostile environments and was also home to the most powerful beasts.

According to legends, the five Divine Weapons and four Divine Flames all originated from the Ancient Barren Realm.

A natural barrier of black miasma separated the Ancient Barren Realm from Zhan Qi Continent.


Nine streaks of light pierced through the toxic fog and entered into a new world.

Sitting on An Lin’s large black brick was Tian Lingling and White Spirit Snake.

Battle Goddess Bi Qiong was in her mini snake form, and she was lazily wrapped around White Spirit Snake’s arm. She was like the most beautiful and exquisite adornment, and she added a unique sense of beauty to White Spirit Snake.

Growing on a stretch of black land were numerous types of strange and sinister plants. They were dark purple in color and all possessed extremely potent toxins. Furthermore, most of them would even actively swallow passing beasts.

The number of beasts poisoned and swallowed by these plants was definitely no fewer than the number of plants eaten by the beasts.

Upon entering this realm, An Lin and the others were attacked by all kinds of beasts.

They were swarmed by Poisonous Lightning Wasps, and they were attacked by a powerful and violent flying dragon. They were even attacked by a gigantic flower which sprayed poisonous liquids into the air in a manner similar to how antiaircraft guns sprayed bullets.

However, they were all burnt to death without exception.

Battle God Zi Yang, the number one hatchet man in An Lin’s team, lived up to his strong reputation. If an enemy appeared, he would burn it to death. If two enemies appeared, he would burn both of them to death. He was especially domineering, and death followed wherever he went.

“The Ancient Barren Realm is divided into an inner and outer region. In the outer region, there are all kinds of fierce beasts. Meanwhile, the inner region is an extremely perilous place. According to legends, the Divine Weapons, Azure Ocean Sword and Divine Thunder Plaque, are both located in this inner region. The Divine Flame, Heavenly Void Flame, is also located here.” Battle God Zi Yang explained this to them as he battled.

After hearing this, An Lin asked uncertainly, “Based on what you’ve said, the inner region isn’t all that large, right? If it’s such a small place, then how come you and the other Battle Gods haven’t plundered everything of value there?”

Zi Yang glanced at An Lin. “Because that place is extremely dangerous! Once you enter into that region, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to make it back out alive. Why take such huge risks? At that time, I had the Great Holy Flame and was already extremely satisfied.”

Saying this, he glanced at An Lin bitterly.

An Lin chuckled awkwardly and didn’t continue on with this conversation. He turned his gaze elsewhere and started looking at the surrounding scenery.

After flying for a few hours, they saw a thick blizzard of snow ahead in the distance. The snowstorm surged about violently and appeared like a billowing white curtain hanging down from the heavens.

“The Ancient Barren Realm is just behind this blizzard barrier,” Battle God Zi Yang suddenly warned. “Be careful guys!”

While they were in the outer region, he could guarantee the safety of everyone. In fact, he could even treat it as a simple sightseeing trip.

However, once they entered into the inner region of the Ancient Barren Realm, he wouldn’t be able to guarantee anything. Because even he himself faced the risk of dying in there.

Everyone raised their guards upon hearing his warning. An Lin even took out his Shield of Promised Victory and handed it to Tian Lingling.

After all, this little loli was least capable of defending herself. She would face death if she came across a fierce beast of the Battle Sage rank.

As for White Spirit Snake—the newbie who had once needed protection—she had already ascended into a completely different level. With Little Qing as an adornment, she didn’t need any extra protection.

After crossing the white curtain of blizzard, what entered their sights was a stretch of pure white land.

Thick blankets of snow covered the earth, and a vast expanse of snowy mountains stretched as far as the eye could see. Even the sky was an endless stretch of white!

“It’s so cold!” White Spirit Snake gasped as she shivered.

The temperature here was extremely low, and it was as if the air had been frozen as well. There wasn’t any wind here; there was only absolute stillness.

A cyan-colored halo suddenly enveloped White Spirit Snake.

“Thanks, Little Qing! Can you cover Sister Lingling as well?” White Spirit Snake had a pure smile on her face as she spoke.

“Me too! I also want it!” An Lin also wanted to try out Battle Goddess Bi Qiong’s technique.


Another cyan-colored halo appeared around Tian Lingling. An Lin was completely ignored.

The little green snake glanced at An Lin disdainfully. It was as if her expression was conveying one meaning: F*ck off!

An Lin winced and sighed in disappointment.

Seeing An Lin’s awkward expression, White Spirit Snake couldn’t help but chuckle softly. “Poison Lord, you’ve already swallowed three Divine Flames! How can you still be scared of the cold?”

“Heh. They provided a bit of warmth right after I swallowed them,” An Lin replied seriously. “However, I’ve sh*t them all out already! Don’t tell me that you don’t sh*t out what you eat?!”

Little Qing: “…”

White Spirit Snake: “…”

They couldn’t continue this conversation at all!

“This place is frighteningly quiet. It feels so unusual without any beasts,” Liu Qianhuan spoke in a low voice as she sat on her six-feathered staff.

“Very few things live in this inner region,” Battle God Zi Yang said. “With such harsh conditions, even fierce beasts can’t survive.”

As the two of them spoke, the surrounding sky suddenly darkened.

In the blink of an eye, absolute darkness fell and completely enveloped all of them.

“Be careful! This is a spatial box, don’t act rashly!” Battle God Zi Yang shouted.

The members of An Lin’s team all reacted to this sudden change very quickly. In an instant, they had already cast all kinds of defensive and protective immortal spells.

“What should we do now?” An Lin asked anxiously as he glanced around at the absolute darkness surrounding them. This was the first time he had come across such a situation.

“This is a semi-isolated space formed by spatial turbulence. It definitely has a fissure somewhere. That fissure is where we entered this spatial box. However, the location of that fissure is constantly changing due to spatial turbulence.

“What we need to do is set up a reference coordinate first. With that coordinate as the origin, we then need to fly in different directions within a range of three thousand meters. By doing that, there’s a certain probability we might be able to escape from this spatial box. However, be careful not to use immortal spells which are too fierce. Otherwise, you’ll trigger a spatial backlash.” Battle God Zi Yang appeared experienced with such situations, and he spoke in a solemn manner.

Afterward, he tossed a dazzling fireball next to where he stood. This would be their reference coordinate.

“Don’t split up. That way, we can deal with any chaotic winds that we encounter together.” Battle God Zi Yang spoke again.

“A range of three thousand meters covers a really large volume of space. If we blindly fly around in different directions, when are we going to find the fissure?” An Lin despaired.

“Don’t worry, it’s all down to luck. Anyhow, what difference do three hours or three months make to us cultivators?” Battle God Zi Yang remained upbeat as he consoled An Lin.

An Lin grimaced. It makes no difference to you… However, in another dozen or so days, the time limit for my mission will expire. At that time, I’ll be scorched by raging flames for three days!

At this moment, Little Qing suddenly spoke. “It’s not that difficult. Extreme cold can temporarily freeze the location of the spatial fissure. Do you guys follow me?”

Everyone shuddered upon hearing this.

Little Qing didn’t hesitate and immediately transformed into a snake woman who had the lower body of a snake. She was most powerful when transformed into this form.

“Myriad Snake Thick Frost!”

She roared angrily and blue ripples instantly spread outwards frenziedly. Immediately afterward, an endless stream of little blue snakes started slithering toward the surroundings frantically.

“Are you crazy?!” Zi Yang exclaimed in fright. “You’ll suffer from spatial backlash if you cast spells like this!”

“It’s fine, the extreme cold can also delay the backlash from this spatial box.” Battle Goddess Bi Qiong had a look of confidence as she smiled indifferently.

Battle God Zi Yang was rendered speechless by her explanation.

“Found it!” Battle Goddess Bi Qiong pointed toward someplace in the void. At some pitch-black location two thousand meters away from her, the tail of a little blue snake could be seen. Its head had already disappeared somewhere else.

“Freeze!” Battle Goddess Bi Qiong formed a hand seal, and the little snake immediately self-detonated. A powerful burst of frosty air erupted outwards.

In addition to this explosion, all of the remaining little snakes also rushed toward that direction frantically. Once they arrived, they would release a frosty air from their bodies.

An Lin and the others knew that they had to seize this opportunity. Without a shred of hesitation, they charged toward the direction of the fissure and crashed into the pitch-black void.

At this moment, a mysterious feeling arose within their hearts. This was a feeling that heaven and earth had suddenly become radiant. This was a feeling that they had received a new lease on life.

“Phew! We’re finally free!” An Lin whooped in joy.

Battle Goddess Bi Qiong transformed back into her mini snake form and wrapped around White Spirit Snake’s arm.

Battle God Zi Yang’s face flushed red in embarrassment. He had been crushed in terms of knowledge, and he had also failed in his attempt to flex. He was feeling extremely unwell right now.

They continued to scour through the inner region. It was very likely that the Shou Yang Tomb had some sort of connection with this region. It was also very likely that the Divine Weapon and Divine Flame were here. Thus, they were all extremely patient as they combed through this land.

After a short while, an uncanny burst of black wind suddenly surrounded them.

The entire heaven and earth were blotted out by this black wind. It possessed a terrifying cutting ability, and even the surrounding void was unable to withstand its devastating power. With An Lin and the others as its center, this black wind slowly contracted inward.

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