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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 505: Essence Crystal Tycoon

Chapter 505: Essence Crystal Tycoon

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Thoughts of retreat crept into Zhong Lixing’s mind when he saw the two teams of people meet up.

“Kong Ge, don’t be rash! Let’s retreat!”

After shouting this, he suddenly waved a hand. Thick clouds of black mist shot out from his hand and masked the entire space.

Not only could this black mist block one’s vision, but it could also prevent the scouring ability of one’s divine sense.

Ling Ying’s reaction was insanely quick. Her tentacles frenziedly stretched out in the instant that the black mist appeared and dazzling streaks of white lightning erupted from them. Her tentacles covered an area measuring one thousand feet in radius, creating a district that was akin to a lightning cage.

“Heh, you want to hinder my vision with such lowly black mist?” The corners of Liu Chuchu’s delicate lips curled up into a slight grin. She possessed the ability named Eyes of the Kun Peng. A piercing golden light flashed across her yellow pupils; it contained a power that allowed her to see through all obstructive techniques.

A pink energy arrow materialized on her bow. In the center of this energy arrow, another small crimson arrow appeared. The two arrows combined to become one, and the tip of the arrow flashed with a fearsome red glow.

“Divine Technique—Bloodline-Tracking Demonic Arrow!”

Following Liu Chuchu’s soft cry, the arrow whizzed through the air!

The pink arrow glowed with a crimson light, and it tore through the air at a terrifying speed as it pierced toward Zhong Lixing’s head.

This was an arrow that could cut through the void and change its trajectory according to its target’s movements. Liu Chuchu had used such an arrow not long ago, and it had instantly killed a powerful ancient seahorse demon.

An Lin also launched an attack. He cast a Mountain Quaking Lightning Fist toward the direction of the exit.

He couldn’t locate the two true demons. However, there was only that one exit. Thus, he definitely couldn’t go wrong with this attack.

Drawing on all her powers, Tina also struck toward the same direction with a beam of holy light.

She also didn’t know where the two true demons were. However, it was fine as long as she launched her attack in the same direction as Giant An Lin. Following Giant An Lin was definitely correct!

Meanwhile, Hong Dou was left dumbfounded by their actions.

A feeling of extreme dejection welled up in his heart as he stared dazedly at the people who were continually launching powerful attacks.

Why do they all know where the enemy is? Why can’t I sense them at all?

So… the gulf in our abilities is actually this huge?

Did I get my vision and divine sense blocked because I’m too weak?

He couldn’t help but fall into a state of extreme self-doubt.


I’ve been a useless piece of rock this entire time…

Somewhere near the exit, the fleeing Zhong Lixing and Kong Ge both felt as if they were being enveloped by a sense of deadly danger.

Without any hesitation, Zhong Lixing retrieved a black, palm-sized ancient cauldron from his storage ring. He then channeled all his power into it.


A black, orb-like matter instantly shrouded Zhong Lixing and Kong Ge’s bodies.

Darkness Engulfing Divine Demon Cauldron!

This was a high-rank immortal tool that could swallow all kinds of spell techniques for a short period of time. Moreover, its wielder’s speed would also receive a significant boost while it was active! It was because he possessed this unique immortal tool that Zhong Lixing dared to harvest Realm Essence Crystals before An Lin and the others.

The fearsome pink arrow sliced through the air and pierced into the black orb. Then, it completely vanished into the black orb’s surface as if being swallowed by a black hole.

“Huh? It’s that powerful?” Liu Chuchu’s brows creased into a frown as she looked at the nearby black orb with uncertainty.

The Mountain Quaking Lightning Fist and holy light attack also smashed into the surface of the black orb. Then, as if entering a black hole, they were both swallowed by the black orb as well.

After a few seconds, the black orb, which carried Kong Ge and Zhong Lixing, crashed through Ling Ying’s lightning cage. Even some of Ling Ying’s tentacles were engulfed by the black orb. It then passed through the film of blue spatial light and disappeared from this realm…

“Ahhh! It hurts!” After losing a few of her tentacles, Ling Ying started screaming in pain.

“We missed?” An Lin was perplexed.

He had cast a Mountain Quaking Lightning Fist, yet there was no sound of explosions. It was as though his attack had struck empty air. This had left him utterly confused.

“They escaped. They used an extremely strange black cauldron that could shroud them in a black orb, and the black cauldron allowed them to swallow any spell techniques that attacked them. Our attacks were all swallowed by the black orb…” Liu Chuchu sighed in disappointment as she explained this.

The black mist gradually disappeared. Ling Ying was taking pills that could her help regrow her severed tentacles, and she looked to be in a sick and sorry state as she hovered in mid-air.

Hong Dou was half-squatting on the ground, and his eyes were vacant as he stared ahead. It was as if his life had lost all its meaning.

An Lin looked at the remaining hundred or so white Realm Essence Crystals. “The true demons have already fled. Let’s split these Realm Essence Crystals evenly.”

“You guys divide it. I feel like I’m just here to tag along. I’m not worthy enough to be in possession of these Realm Essence Crystals.” Hong Dou was expressionless as he uttered this.

An Lin: “…”

Everyone: “…”

An Lin was astonished. “Hong Dou, what happened to you? Did you suddenly attain enlightenment? Since when did you become so self-understanding?”

A knot formed in Hong Dou’s chest. “F*ck your ancestors!” he bellowed in anger. “The Realm Essence Crystals are mine!”

Just like that, An Lin, Liu Chuchu, Tina, Hong Dou, and Ling Ying all received over twenty white Realm Essence Crystals each.

“Giant An Lin, look! These are the Realm Essence Crystals that I gathered!” There was a proud smile on Tina’s face as she took out her spatial bag and handed it to An Lin. Like a child who was waiting for praise, she was a bit nervous and exultant.

An Lin sucked in a sharp breath as he retrieved the Realm Essence Crystals from the spatial bag.

The others also looked on in shock and amazement. They were almost blinded by what they saw.

Three golden Realm Essence Crystals, nine red Realm Essence Crystals, five blue Realm Essence Crystals, ten green Realm Essence Crystals, and thirty-five white Realm Essence Crystals…

Based on value, the Realm Essence Crystals that she had obtained was already worth more than half of the total value of all the Realm Essence Crystals!

Hong Dou believed that his yield was the second largest. However, as he gazed at the four blue Realm Essence Crystals, twelve green Realm Essence Crystals, and forty white Realm Essence Crystals in his storage ring, he fell into deep thought.

Ling Ying’s yield was even more pitiable. Although she had many tentacles, she had arrived too late. As a result, she was only able to obtain sixty-two white Realm Essence Crystals…

An Lin was all smiles as patted Tina’s small head with his finger. “Little Na is indeed the best!” he praised. “I’ll keep these Realm Essence Crystals for you first. You’re still young; I’ll return them to you after you grow up!”

The others almost vomited blood upon hearing this.

What the f*ck do you mean by returning them after she grows up?! Can she still grow any more?! This is daylight robbery!

Tina flew around An Lin happily. “Okay!” she said and smiled.

Just like that, An Lin accepted all of her Realm Essence Crystals elatedly.

He counted up the number of Realm Essence Crystals in his storage ring.

In total, there were one hundred and fifty-two white Realm Essence Crystals, thirty green Realm Essence Crystals, eleven blue Realm Essence Crystals, nine red Realm Essence Crystals, and three golden Realm Essence Crystals.

Tsk, tsk, tsk… He had instantly become a Realm Essence Crystal tycoon!

He had already gobbled up four golden Realm Essence Crystals, and there another three stowed away in his storage ring. In other words, he only needed three more golden Realm Essence Crystals to complete his mission and acquire the embryonic stage Body of the War God.

What’s the Body of the War God going to be like? Anyhow, it’s definitely going to be immensely powerful. Is it going to be like Super Saiyan? Will I have gold hair and be shrouded in a golden aura?

An Lin couldn’t help but become lost in wild and fanciful thoughts. A stupid grin spread across his face.

The others all gritted their teeth in frustration upon seeing An Lin’s smug grin. However, apart from glowering at him, there was nothing else that they could do. After all, he had a stupid fairy who didn’t know that she was being taken advantage of…

The Realm Essence Crystals had all been harvested and stowed away.

Before they knew it, the sluggish feeling of this realm vanished.

Everything returned to normal.


A cracking noise suddenly sounded.

They all looked backward in unison. Cracks had appeared on the black pillar, which towered a thousand feet into the air.

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