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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 507: Discussing How to Kill the Enemy Boss

Chapter 507: Discussing How to Kill the Enemy Boss

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“Senior, can’t you use a sword to stab your own heart?” An Lin hesitated for a moment before suggesting this.

The Dragon Tribe male shook his head. “Although I want to die, my ‘dao’ doesn’t allow me to die. Thus, I can’t attempt to kill myself. Regardless of what method I use to attempt suicide, a mysterious power always prevents me from succeeding.”

The mysterious power of “dao” prevented one from committing suicide? This was the first time that An Lin had heard of such a thing.

“Dare I ask, senior, what dao are you practicing?” An Lin was extremely curious.

“I’m practicing the dao of indestructibility,” the Dragon Tribe male answered honestly.

An Lin: “…”

A being who practices the dao of indestructibility is asking others to grant him death?

What’s with this world?

Since you want to die so badly, why did you choose to practice the dao of indestructibility, hah?!

As if reading An Lin’s mind, the Dragon Tribe male sighed softly. “The lifespan of ordinary Return to Void Stage beings is one million years. However, I’ve already lived for several million years… No… This is before adding on the time that I’ve spent in this Time Obliterating Spell Formation. If I add this period of time on as well, then the total length of time is truly frightening…”

The Dragon Tribe male shivered involuntarily. “My cultivation base hasn’t advanced a single bit. Here, living is the same as dying… No, there’s still a difference. Here, living is more torturous than dying! There’s nothing for me to do, and there’s no change in the environment either. Everything is deathly silent…

“I have no idea what to do here. I can recognize each and every particle in this space. I’ve even named them all! I just stand here stupidly… so stupidly… One year, ten years, one hundred years, one thousand years, ten thousand years, one hundred thousand years, one million years, ten million years, one hundred million years… Heh… This is an eternal cage…”

As he spoke, tears started streaming down his face again.

After hearing this, An Lin finally felt a shred of sympathy for this male.

“Then… you won’t attack me if I try to kill you, right?”

“I won’t attack you.” The Dragon Tribe male shook his head sincerely.

After a moment, he added, “Each of you can only try once though. Although I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of pain…”

An Lin: “…”

Such an unreasonable demand!

An Lin translated the Dragon Tribe male’s demands to Liu Chuchu and the others, and they all fell silent.

“We only have one attempt each? Why don’t we all attack him at the same time with our most powerful attacks? This will probably give us the greatest chance of success,” Ling Ying suggested.

“He practices the dao of indestructibility. Why don’t we ask him what he’s scared of first? That way, we can target his weakness,” Liu Chuchu also voiced her opinion.

An Lin felt she was right. He turned to the Dragon Tribe male and asked, “Senior, what are you scared of? What kinds of powers or techniques are most likely to kill you?”

“I’m scared of pain.”

An Lin grimaced. “That’s all?”

The Dragon Tribe male pondered for a short moment. Then, he added, “I’m also scared of loneliness.”

An Lin: “…”

After having a brief discussion, they decided to send Hong Dou to kill the Dragon Tribe male first. They wanted to see what the Dragon Tribe male’s dao of indestructibility was like. It would be best if he succeeded, but if he didn’t, they would still acquire some data anyway. This data would then provide them with information, which they could base their ensuing attempts on.

Hong Dou had a disgruntled look as he walked up to the Dragon Tribe male. There was nothing he could do about this; the others had all voted for him to go first. Anyhow, he finally came first in something!

“Come, I’ve already put down all my defenses. Use your most powerful and fearsome attack to kill me!” After saying this, the Dragon Tribe male clasped his hands behind his back. He looked like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

Hong Dou took a deep breath. Didn’t they all look down on me?

Now, I’m going to prove myself once and for all! I’m going to let the people behind me witness just how strong I really am.

Hong Dou let out an angry roar, and soaring crimson flames exploded from his body. The scorching heatwave created by the flames shot thousands of meters into the surroundings. His mighty aura was especially intimidating.

“Mighty Red Lotus Explosion!”

He placed his hands onto his chest and made a gesture that looked similar to a “finger heart” gesture.

A crimson lotus materialized in front of his chest and slowly drifted toward the Dragon Tribe male. This crimson lotus possessed devastating flame powers, and it released a dazzling and scorching light as it continually condensed and shrunk.

“This lotus is formed from my most powerful spiritual flames. Once it explodes, the temperature of the flames will exceed one hundred thousand degrees! Even if you’re a being of the Return to Void Stage, you’ll still be burnt to a crisp by my blistering flames!” Hong Dou started retreating as he spoke.

The others also started retreating as well. They didn’t want to be engulfed by the shockwaves of the attack.

The Dragon Tribe male shook his head in bewilderment. Was the rock golem speaking to me just then?

He probably was… But please, there’s a language barrier between us!

What’s with his confident demeanor? It’s almost as if he expects me to understand what he’s saying…

The Dragon Tribe male started reasoning in his mind. He probably wants me to swallow this crimson lotus, right?

M-hm, that’s probably the case…

Thereupon, the male opened his mouth and gobbled up the crimson lotus, which had drifted before him.

Hong Dou: “…”

Everyone: “…”


A deafening explosion rocked heaven and earth. They could see the Dragon Tribe male’s stomach expand and become red. It was as if a sun were growing in his stomach. Then, he opened his mouth once again.


The column of flames he spat out streaked into the sky like a laser beam. It looked as though it was threatening to pierce through the heavens.

Following this discharge of energy, his stomach started slowly contracting back to its normal size…

The Dragon Tribe male grimaced and started rubbing his stomach. “So hot and swelled up… The pain is killing me! No… it’s not killing me, it’s just painful… Burp…”

Hong Dou’s body swayed, and there was a look of disbelief on his face. “How is this possible… My most powerful attack was actually eaten… It exploded in his stomach, yet he simply felt some heat and swelling?”

He slowly squatted down and buried his head into his folded arms. “As expected, I’m a piece of useless stone,” he murmured to himself. “I’m completely useless…”

An Lin and the others had already forgotten to mock Hong Dou. They were also astounded by the Dragon Tribe male’s unbelievably powerful body. A giant bomb had been swallowed into his stomach, yet the explosion had barely any effect on him… This kind of physical toughness was terrifying!

“I feel like normal physical attacks definitely won’t be able to kill him. We have to use different methods… I’ll go next!” Liu Chuchu pondered for a short while before volunteering to go next.

She drew her bow, and vital energy started gathering onto her bowstring. A semi-transparent arrow slowly started to form.

An Lin felt a sharp pain stabbing at his divine sense as he gazed at this arrow. There was also an indescribable tearing feel. It was as though he was facing something that could rip his soul to shreds.

“Divine Technique—Spirit Crushing Soul Obliterating Arrow!”

Liu Chuchu let out a soft cry, and the semi-transparent arrow whizzed through the air. It caused formless ripples as it pierced through the void, and it immediately penetrated the Dragon Tribe male’s head.

“This Divine Bow Technique especially targets one’s divine sense. It’s my most powerful divine sense attack. If his divine sense can’t withstand my Spirit Crushing Soul Obliterating Arrow, then his dao will crumble, and he’ll also die,” Liu Chuchu explained.

They all looked at the male who had been struck by the Spirit Crushing Soul Obliterating Arrow nervously. As though they were afraid of disturbing something, their breathings all became shallow and slow.

The instant the Dragon Tribe male was struck, his face became blank and devoid of any emotion. It was as though he had lost something.

However, life quickly returned to his eyes, and he rubbed his brows in pain. “The pain in my head is killing me…

“No! The pain in my head isn’t killing me! It’s just painful, it’s not killing me… Sigh…”

His disappointed sigh reverberated throughout the entire realm. An Lin and the others all widened their eyes in shock. It was as though they had witnessed something inconceivable.

Liu Chuchu’s slender body swayed weakly, and a look of dejection spread across her face. “How can it be… My most powerful trump card… only caused his head some pain…”

An Lin was also given a fright. Liu Chuchu possessed the strongest attacking power in their group. Even so, she was still unable to kill the defenseless Dragon Tribe male. This gulf in power made him feel a deep sense of despair.

So… what other methods could they use to kill this Dragon Tribe male?

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