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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 697: Being Forced to the Brink of Tears Again

Chapter 697: Being Forced to the Brink of Tears Again

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

An Lin didn’t want to speak about this topic any further. “What do you want from me?”

Lin Junjun chuckled lightly. “I told you; I’m here to see the heroic Small War God of the Heavenly Court.”

An Lin: “…”

Small War God of the Heavenly Court? Why did this name sound like a title for some anime hero?

“Have you seen enough then?” An Lin snapped.

“No. It won’t be enough no matter how much I look at you.” Lin Junjun’s eyes rippled like flowing water, but she was clearly taking pleasure in An Lin’s misfortune.

Goosebumps appeared all over An Lin’s body.

If Xu Xiaolan were to hear what she had just said, he would be well and truly screwed.

“Alright, you win this time. I concede defeat, so tell me what you’re actually here for!” An Lin heaved a resigned sigh.

“Alright. I’m here for the Purple Star ruins information you have.” Lin Junjun raised her chin with a confident expression as she said, “And I’m going to buy all of it at once!”

“Oh? You seem pretty confident. Are you sure you can afford it?”

An Lin also smiled, but this was a nonchalant smile.

Lin Junjun chuckled. “Of course I can afford it! I’m going to knock you senseless with wealth that is unimaginable to you!”

“Unimaginable to me?” An Lin blinked upon hearing this. His interest had been piqued.

One had to realize that he was one of the top tycoons in the entire cultivating world!

Were there mighty figures richer than him? He didn’t dare to involve Dao Integration Stage mighty figures in the discussion, but aside from Chang’e, there was probably no other Return to Void Stage mighty figure who had more money than him!

“I brought this amount of spirit stones with me today.” Lin Junjun stuck out four fingers and waved them in front of An Lin’s face with a smug expression.

“Four hundred million spirit stones?” An Lin exclaimed in shock and elation.

Lin Junjun’s body swayed slightly upon hearing this, and she stared at An Lin in shock. “Are you f*cking committing daylight robbery? How could your sh*tty information be worth four hundred million?”

“You told me it was going to be wealth unimaginable to me. If it’s not four hundred million, then what’s there to be so smug about?” An Lin retorted with a disdainful expression.

Lin Junjun: “…”

She had initially planned for An Lin to guess four million, upon which she would correct An Lin by telling him in a proud voice that she had forty million! However, An Lin’s guess of four hundred million had completely thrown her off her game!

“So it’s forty million spirit stones? Heh, I have about forty million spirit stones in my storage ring already.” The filthy rich An Lin spoke in a nonchalant voice as he aimed a disdainful glance at Lin Junjun, “It is your poverty that has limited your imagination. You thought such a trifling amount would be unimaginable to me, but unbeknown to you, that is not an amount that is even all that attractive to me.”

Lin Junjun felt like her heart had just been pierced by a sword.

“Furthermore, did you not hear about what I did in the Ancient Tai Chu Realm? I brought out ninety-nine golden Realm Essence Crystal for everyone to see upon my return. I trust you’re aware of how much each golden Realm Essence Crystal is worth, right?” An Lin turned the tables and immediately began to press his advantage.

“One… one million spirit stones.” Lin Junjun recalled the aforementioned event. Apparently, it had caused quite a sensation throughout the Heavenly Court, but she had never thought about it from a currency exchange perspective. Thinking about it now…

“Which means that I had a hundred million even back then. Even if you placed four hundred million before me, it’s not an unimaginable sum.” An Lin interlaced his fingers before placing his hands in front of him as the disdainful expression on his face was further enhanced. “So… Celestial Maiden Tian Yu, please don’t try and flex to me in the future. It simply won’t work on Filthy Rich An!”


Lin Junjun felt like her head had been struck by a bolt of lightning.

She was quite angry, but she couldn’t find any words to retort An Lin. So the forty million spirit stones she had brought with her was still nothing in his eyes?!

Lin Junjun’s features paled slightly as she gritted her teeth and met An Lin’s disdainful gaze. “I-I’m not here to flex anyway. I’m offering forty million spirit stones, give me all the remaining Purple Star information you have!”

“Oh, I’m not selling anymore.” An Lin waved his hands with a helpless expression. “I don’t lack money. To be honest, I don’t even know how I’m going to spend the tens of millions of spirit stones in my storage ring.”

He heaved a forlorn sigh as he spoke, and a vacant expression appeared on his face.

This was actually the truth. He was a man that was quite easily pleased.

It was exactly because of this that he still lived a normal life after explosively expanding in net worth.

These spirit stones were so hard to spend!

Lin Junjun’s chest constricted, and she almost threw up a mouthful of blood as she stared at An Lin with an ashen expression.

She had gone to so much effort to accumulate forty million spirit stones in preparation to purchase all of An Lin’s information at once while wiping the money in An Lin’s face in the process.

However, the response she received was that he didn’t lack money? That he wasn’t going to sell?!

“You’re targeting me again….”

A hint of sobs was beginning to build in previously her clear voice as she glowered at An Lin.

This was like finally accumulating some money after bankruptcy in order to buy a certain treasure, only for the boss to tell her that he wasn’t lacking in money, so she could piss off!

Lin Junjun felt like she had received another heavy blow.

“I’m really not targeting you. Spirit stones just aren’t attractive to me anymore.” An Lin massaged his brows with a serious expression.

“You’re bullying me! What can I do if you refuse to sell? You’re always bullying me!” Lin Junjun glowered at An Lin, and tears were beginning to swim in her eyes.

She felt extremely upset. She couldn’t just beat him up, and she couldn’t leave either as An Lin was the only source of Purple Star information available to her. If An Lin refused to sell, then she would never be able to obtain the information, nor would she be able to complete her mission.

An Lin didn’t expect to drive Lin Junjun to the brink of tears again.

He pondered for a moment as he looked at the woman, who was on the verge of breaking down, before proposing another course of action. “How about this? Spirit stones aren’t attractive to me anymore, but you can use treasures to exchange information from me.”

“What treasures can’t be bought by spirit stones?” Lin Junjun looked at An Lin with teary eyes.

“Well, there are treasures like Vermilion Bird Origin Treasures or all types of divine tools, which are all priceless,” An Lin replied with a serious expression.

Lin Junjun really was close to tears this time. “You’re asking for too much! Those are all priceless treasures, how am I supposed to get one for you?!”

“I can buy anything that’s not priceless,” An Lin replied with a nonchalant expression.

Lin Junjun glowered at An Lin, and An Lin looked back at Lin Junjun.

Thus, an impasse ensued…


“Don’t cry!”

Lin Junjun faltered mid-sob as she looked at An Lin with tears swimming in her eyes.

“Crying won’t resolve any problems! A woman’s tears are ineffective against me!” An Lin waved a hand with a stern expression.

Lin Junjun wiped the tears from her face before muttering to herself, “So be it, I’ll cry to my father. All you do is bully me!”

An Lin’s heart jolted upon hearing this.

She was going to tell the Celestial Thearch about this? He was going to be f*cking screwed then!

“Ahem… Celestial Maiden Tian Yu, we can still talk about this. And please stop crying. It doesn’t have to be divine tools; other items will do as well.”

An Lin’s stern facade immediately collapsed when a fawning smile reappeared on her face.

“Pffft…” Lin Junjun burst into laughter, and she looked up at An Lin like a white lotus with dew on its petals as she said, “I’m just saying that to scare you. Am I the type of person that relies on their father for everything?”

I don’t know, aren’t you that type of person?

If it weren’t for the Celestial Thearch, An Lin would have already stamped Lin Junjun into the ground. He would have shown her what it meant to be a real tycoon.

Lin Junjun’s mood seemed to have improved significantly after what she thought to be a small victory, and she turned to An Lin with a serious expression. “Then tell me what type of treasure you want. I’ll do my best to get it for you, and I’ll make sure it is of equivalent value to the information that you have.”

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