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I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags… (Light Novel) - Volume 3 Chapter 1 The magic school’s festival Part II

Volume 3 Chapter 1 The magic school’s festival Part II

A bit after hearing about the school festival from Jared, preparations for it began in earnest. Since there’s only two grade levels in magic school, but apart from that, the way that classrooms are organized and taught is mostly similar to my previous world. Just like the school festivals I know, my classmates were preparing to sell some things they made themselves or put on some performances, and of course this included all my friends and nobles that I’m acquainted with.

Alright~, then, I should apply as well for a booth to sell some exquisite vegetables, the fruit of my hard labor! Is what I really wanted to do, but…… Jared, Keith, and even Anne, they all adamantly refused to allow me to do so. But, no worries! I’ll just hand some out to everyone for free! But they shot me down again for some reason. They kept saying something about it being inappropriate to sell vegetables at the school festival.

Saying something like it’s inappropriate to sell my exquisite vegetables that I raised with such loving care at the school festival…… I had thought that since I planted so much and have plenty to go around, I could share them with everyone at school. I really wanted to take advantage of this chance…… But I couldn’t.

Seeing how I was all depressed, like an angel that came descending down from heaven, Maria-chan told me “then, please allow me to make Katarina-sama’s all-important vegetables into some sweets.” Ahh, Maria-chan is so kind. It’s an honor for my vegetables to be made into her sweets.

After all, Maria-chan’s baking skills rival even that of professional pastry chefs, that’s how delicious her sweets are. It’ll be no problem to sell them off or give them away.

Hmm? Selling them off or giving them away? And so, I decided to make use of Maria-chan’s sweets in order to share my vegetables with everybody.

Since this is mainly a school for nobles, it seems that selling things like vegetables isn’t really popular here, but with my passionate statement of “well, this will be more popular than simply selling vegetables,” I received permission to sell them during the festival. Yay! I succeeded! I get to show off the result of all my hard work at the festival!

Anyways, everyone on the student council is incredibly busy with the various tasks associated with preparing for the upcoming festival. What’s more, due to a flood of requests from the other students, it seems that the student council will be putting on a play as well. I guess it’s only expected that there would be such a demand for them to do a play, due to their popularity.

My friends on the student council all really wanted me to join them in the play, but I respectfully declined. In my previous life, I could only act as inanimate objects such as trees or rocks during class plays. Everyone else would be able to remember their lines splendidly, but it was too much for me.

Well, it seems that they don’t need any trees or rocks in their play. Even though I always did such a good job at playing them…… But I suddenly thought of another role I could play. If there’s any scenes where objects need to be thrown, please let me participate! Since I’ve trained secretly for many years in throwing my toy snake, I’m an expert at throwing! Hm? There’s no scenes where objects need to be thrown? ……That’s a pity.

What’s more, it seems that they have nothing they need my help with, but I’d feel really bad if I just sat around doing nothing without helping out at all, so I secretly helped everybody out a little.

And so, I passed the days helping Maria-chan make her vegetable sweets, as well as helping with the preparations for the play. Finally, the day of the school festival arrived.

At the command of the student council president, Jared, in tandem with his fangirls squealing in joy at his appearance, the school festival commenced. Even though there was a large gaggle of noble girls wailing over Prince Jared again today like usual, of course, I was already happily up on cloud nine and paid them no mind.

In my previous life, just the word festival was enough to get me really excited. What’s more, this is my first festival in this life! Even though I’ve already attended many dances and parties for noble girls, I still haven’t experienced anything that could be called a festival yet.

Because of that, as well as the fact that I had just vanquished my destruction flags recently, I was as happy as could be, maybe even the happiest since I’ve ever come to this school, up on cloud nine.

I had to desperately restrain myself from humming and skipping. Actually, last night, I had already started dancing and doing such things in my room, but Anne got angry at me. She seems to think that it’s inappropriate for a noble girl to be humming and skipping in front of everyone…… Ahh, noble girls sure have a tough life.

What’s more, it seems that there will be many parents and guardians visiting the school today. But, my mom said “because it’ll be embarrassing, I don’t really want to visit” for some reason…… I wonder if she’s embarrassed because she can be a little stubborn and single-minded sometimes? When I asked Anne about it, she told me “I don’t believe that she’s referring to herself when she says she’ll be embarrassed,” leaving me unfortunately even more confused with no answers…… In the end, I never did find out what she meant.

But anyways, it seems that my father is really looking forward to coming to the school festival, so as the lovey-dovey couple they are, it’s still really likely that both of them are coming today.

If mother comes to school today and sees me humming and skipping…… I wouldn’t know just how long she’d lecture me for…… Mmm, I have to control myself.

And so, I subdued my humming and skipping as much as possible, but I was completely unable to contain my excitement and stop my joy from bubbling up.

Seeing how I was acting different from my normal self, my classmates that were with me asked me worriedly, “Katarina-sama, are you not feeling well today?”

“I’m absolutely fine! Rather, I just can’t contain my excitement!”

I answered them directly, and everyone laughed, saying “that’s how it was.” All of my classmates, they’re so nice. Yes, I’m with my friends from class today. Usually, I’d be hanging out with my friends from the student council, but…… Today, each of them is in charge of overseeing a section of the school as the festival goes on today, so they can’t be with me. That’s why I’m going around with my friends from class.

Still, my friends from the student council said things like “even though the school festival is such a great chance, why is it that I can’t be with Katarina-sama,” “if I knew about this beforehand, I wouldn’t have joined the student council,” “even though this is Katarina-sama’s first time experiencing a festival” to me, all of them sounding incredibly despondent about it, so I promised them that after I went out to buy a few things from the festival stalls, I would come back and see each of them.

It’s my first school festival here after all, so it’ll be a real pity if I don’t have enough energy to see everything! Alright! Yakitori, takoyaki, and all my other favorite snacks, wait for me~, I’m coming to see if any stalls are selling you!

However, this, this is…… The things available for sale here are……

When I visited the food stalls at the festival, it was so different from what I expected that it came as a huge shock to me.

Festival stalls, should be slightly grubby, with middle-aged men in stained aprons and delinquent-looking teenagers shouting out “hey there, won’t you buy something?” Isn’t that how it should be……

Even though that’s how it should have been…… The stalls were beautiful and clean, and teenaged boys and girls were wearing perfectly clean uniforms shouting out “welcome!” to everyone walking by their stalls at the festival…… Even if this is a magic school, I don’t agree with this!

What’s more, the most shocking thing of all was……

I couldn’t believe that they were selling sandwiches and croissants……

Yes, the magic school was selling things like sandwiches and croissants, rather than snacks. No matter where I looked, I couldn’t find my favorite yakitori, takoyaki, and yakisoba.

What’s more, everything they were selling were things I could find at nobles’ tea parties or in regular sweets stores……

Even though I had already told my stomach to prepare itself for my favorite yakitori and takoyaki and yakisoba…… Even though my dessert was supposed to have been chocolate bananas and apple tarts……

Since my high excitement level suddenly dropped down into the pits, my friends that were with me became worried.

“K, Katarina-sama. Are you alright?”

“What might have happened to you? Just earlier, you seemed so energetic!”

“Does your stomach hurt?”

“No, I think she’s actually starving. I’ll go buy something for her.”

My stomach had really wanted to experience the foods from my previous life…… Ahh, I had really wanted to taste them again, the sadness of not being able to eat them anymore……

(Panting sounds.) “K, Katarina-sama. I, I bought some food for you. Please, try this immediately to get your energy back.”

It seems that while I was lost in my depression, my friend brought a sandwich for me on a dainty plate. She seems to think that I don’t have any energy because I’m hungry. ……Huh, just how does everyone around me view me?

Honestly, it’s because I was feeling down at not being able to eat my favorite yakitori and yakisoba and other Japanese snacks, but…… Since my friend was nice enough to bring me a sandwich, I said “thank you” and took it from her.

Then…… This is!!!

“What’s this! It’s so different from what we usually eat! The bread is incredibly fluffy, and the jam is so delicious! Where is this bread from!?”

I was so amazed by the taste of this sandwich, that I couldn’t help myself and started eagerly shaking my friend, and although she seemed surprised at my reaction, she answered.

“……Uh, yes. Since our magic school’s festival is quite a major event in our country, many famous stores will unveil their newest products here, and many of them can be quite delicious…… Some people also call this festival the festival of gourmets, and everyone that comes to this festival should know about its reputation already.”

Such a thing! Incredible, for stores to be selling such amazing products here…… Unfortunately, while my favorite snacks aren’t here, I changed my plans and started trying something from each store and found that everything was delicious. What’s more, for so many famous stores to be displaying their newest creations here…… I won’t have a second chance at something like this. Even though it’s a bit different from what I expected, there’s no need anymore to be depressed.

Eat, eat, ravenously eat until I’m bursting!

“Alright! Everyone, for now, let’s try everything!”

I declared so in a loud voice, and energetically started running about, at seeing this, my friends smiled and said “as expected, she must have been hungry” and “I’m glad to see her getting her energy back.”

And so, my excitement instantly returned to me, and I set my sights on having my stomach conquer everything available at this festival. Ahh, this pastry is delicious as well. Oh, this dish that looks like some sort of potato salad is also wonderful.

“……Um, Katarina-sama.”

Ohh, I’ve never seen this type of dessert before, it must be a new product, I absolutely have to try it.


Ah, that cake looks so mouthwatering, so does this pudding.

“Um, Katarina-sama!”

“Eh, ah, sorry. What were you calling me for?”

Whoops, this is dangerous. I had gotten too absorbed in trying some of everything.

“……Um, Katarina-sama, you promised today that you would meet with everyone from the student council after exploring the food stalls a little, right?”

“Ah, yep. That seems to be the case.”

“In that case, if we don’t leave soon, we’ll run out of time today.”


I furrowed my eyebrows at my friend’s statement and hurriedly rushed to check the time…… To my horror, quite some time had already passed since I began my conquest of the food stalls.

“Wow, it’s already this late!”

I had completely been seduced by all this delectable food. If it wasn’t for my friend’s reminder, I might have stayed here eating until the school festival ended. How dangerous…… It’s scary how tempting delicious food can be.

I finally returned to sanity and hurriedly went to meet with my student council friends, but first I bought a lot of food for me to eat in the future, then I headed for where I was supposed to go meet my student council friends together with my classmates after I returned to normal again.

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