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I Suddenly Became a Mother (Web Novel) - Chapter 1: She’s My Mother (1)

Chapter 1: She’s My Mother (1)

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Sometimes I had a dream.

In that dream, there was a man.

The man and I were inside a large room. We sat on the bed, bathing under the warm sunshine that came through the window. It was completely quiet. The only sound in the silence was our breath. Just making eye contact with him made me feel hot.

After a while, the man reached his hand out to me and we exchanged the warmth of our bodies for a long time. “Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?”

The man holding me asked carefully.

I answer right away. “Yeah, I’ll be alright.”

The man grabbed my hand with sudden vigor. Even though it was a dream, the way his fingers felt was very clear. The man’s fingertips trembled as he quietly placed them on my back.

I stared at the man’s flushed face.

When our eyes met again, the man leaned forward and kissed me. His lips touching me in places where no one else had touched me…

I kissed him on the scruff of his neck as if to answer his kiss. “…….”

The man let out his hot breath, calling my name. I hugged the man for a while longer.

That dream was over.

It was the same dream I’ve had for the past five years, but when I woke up, everything was hazy.

I couldn’t remember the name the man was calling me nor could I remember the man’s face.

The only thing I remembered was a man’s voice.

It was a good, smooth voice that was fascinating to hear.

… … …

My legs were heavy, like cotton soaked in water.

After each step, my stomach made a loud noise. Move one step and my stomach would growl for the next two… When was the last time I ate something decent? I couldn’t remember. I recalled I’d never had a meal on time ever since I was kicked out of the restaurant I worked in a few days ago.

A pretty nasty smell irritated my nose.

Ah, I’m hungry.

If I’d kept walking like that, I’d have starved myself under the harsh sun. I sat down flat on the floor because I had no energy whatsoever.

Where can I get some food?

I felt slight thumps on the floor I rested my hands on. Slowly, the vibrations grew louder and later footsteps could be heard as well. The footsteps grew faster and louder without any sign of stopping and soon came nearer.

I looked up and saw someone was approaching me.

Were they going to feed me? “…….”

It was a little boy, about five years old. The blond boy with chubby cheeks sported a touched look on his face as soon as he saw me. It was as if he finally found the toy that he had been looking for all day. I observed the child’s face—he was beautiful. The clothes he was wearing looked smooth as if my fingers would run through the fabric without any resistance.

Maybe he was a noble boy.

The little boy wore a kind expression as he looked at me. Suddenly, he jumped r into my arms. The boy who fell into my arms smelled very good but I was afraid of the child smelling my odor. “Hey.”

I called out to the child carefully.“Ma…”

The child replied cutely. It was so lovely that I found myself smiling. I’d always wanted a son like him. The child hugged me tightly as if he had no intention of getting away from my smelly arms. “Who are you, dear?”

I spoke to the child again, and the child who was leaning against my chest shouted a very strange name… “Mama!”

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