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I Suddenly Became a Mother (Web Novel) - Chapter 12: What Do You Mean? (1)

Chapter 12: What Do You Mean? (1)

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“We got scolded by a child.”

I teased jokingly. Though frankly speaking, it was John who’d been scolded by Josh. Had John spoken a different tune, we’d not be yelled at.

“Huh? What are you going on about? And why were you sleeping in my room?”

“You don’t remember? It was because you were drunk!”

When I answered as such, Josh who was near the door stopped and looked over his shoulder. He had his hands placed on his waist and belted out a stern voice.

“I told you to stop fighting!”

Josh, who’s voice came off harsh was in truth quite cute. My heart melted.

“Josh, it’s not that. We’re not fighting.”

“Josh… I…. why would I fight with this woman?”

Josh donned a ‘I’m watching you’ look with his cheeks puffed out.

I had a sudden urge to smother him in my arms.

Maybe later…

Right after, we trotted out of John’s room and into the dining hall for breakfast. I looked forward to breakfast. I just so happened to be hungry. But on the way, John walked beside me side-by-side and spoke, this time singing a much gentler tune.

“Ha-ha… yeah, I don’t remember. So explain to me. What’s the connection with me being drunk and you sleeping in my room? Ha-ha…”

John forced himself to laugh, not wanting to receive a scolding once more. I thought it was cute but grimaced at the sudden realization. Shaking my head from impure thoughts, I answered with a false smile.

“Ha-ha… Josh led me to your room and requested that I stop you from drinking. Ha-ha…”

“Ha-ha… so it was Josh… that’s what happened. Ha-ha…”

“Otherwise, why would I willingly come to your room? Ha-ha…”

John immediately stopped his forced smile and grabbed my wrist. Noticing the gap between us and Josh had widened to the point that he’d not hear our conversation, John leaned over and whispered in ant like voice.

“Did I do anything to you last night? Did I make a mistake?”

He looked at me and asked.

Mistakes… I recalled the ‘atrocities’ John committed last night. The image of him calling out to me as if I was another woman… the image of him wrapping his arms around me… come to think of it, we had almost kissed too. Good thing I had quick reflex.

But it was a pleasant experience. Wait, what am I saying?

“You made a lot of mistakes. A lot.”


John’s pupils widened.

I smirked inwardly at the thought of teasing him a little.

“I swear. Cross my heart.”

“Me… me? I John Lancaster committed an indecent act?”

“You can put it that way.”

John pursed his lips. He had never committed an indecent act, truth be told. Not that I was aware of but there lies in my heart a desire to tease him. His expressions were quite eye-catching.

“You were about to throw a bottle and hands were going to be thrown.”


How did he know?

“No matter how drunk I might have been, there’s a line I would never cross. Now speak honestly.”

I sighed. Looks like the joke would end here. John could no longer be fooled. And so I shrugged and recounted the true events that transpired last night.

“Sobbing, you hugged me.”


“And almost kissed…”

At the thought of that, I looked away, feeling the heat rising up to my face.

“Anyway, I don’t like men who’re drunk and want to take advantage of the situation!”


John was strangely quiet thereafter. Too quiet. Did he remember anything of last night? I took a peak at his countenance and his fierce glistening eyes had softened. He looked away as if realizing something.

Senna. Is he thinking of her?

It was an unpleasant thought knowing he mistook me for another woman. I wonder why? And strangely enough, his touch felt familiar. Why?

“….what are you two doing there? Come on!”

Realizing we’d gone astray and lagged far behind Josh, he shouted loud and clear, interrupting us from our thoughts.

I broke free from John’s grip and walked over to Josh. The dining hall was just around the corner.

I looked back and saw John standing still, unmoving. I called out to him.

“What are you doing? Come on.”

Brought back from reality, John raised his head and nodded. His fiery attitude somehow subsided and was replaced by a sort of softness to it.

As I thought, the dining hall was around the corner. In the middle was a big, long table crawling with delicious food and delicacies. I took a gulp and resisted the urge to devour the food right away.

Soon as I was about to take a sit, John called out to me from behind.

“Hey, wait a minute.”


“That… last night…”


“….so…. umm…”

I grimaced. What’s he doing stuttering for? I’m about to eat.

“….I want to…”

He trailed off, biting his lip in the process.

What is he saying? I’m lost.


“Me… me…”


“Is today’s main menu meatballs?”

“No! I’m not talking about meatballs.”

Then what is it? This is frustrating. I just want to eat.

“Then what are you trying to say?”

“Me… you used your charm on me while I was drunk, didn’t you? You took advantage of me while I was drunk, right?”

I stared at him with dumbfounded eyes. So he wants to blame me for his actions last night? He wants to turn it around? I think not!


I was speechless.

However, John looked extremely nervous.

I replied expressionlessly.

“It wasn’t you but me. You were thinking of me as a beauty.”

A smile crept onto my mouth. Maybe beauty wasn’t the best proper term to use, but his actions made no sense other than the thought that he saw me as a beautiful goddess to the point that he could not contain himself, to the point of rushing after me for a hug.

“Ha… yes, I’m a beauty. Let’s go eat.”

“….yes, let’s go eat.”

“This beautiful beggar will now eat.”


John sighed.

What had really happened last night?

What had he done?

Those were the thoughts that filled his mind.

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