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I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (Web Novel)


I opened my eyes to find myself in another world. For some odd reason, I ended up as a sword. Before my eyes laid a plain full of magic beasts, and so, I launched my body and flew in search of a partner, a wielder (females only).

Wait. Absorbing magic stones gets me skills? Oh hell yeah! This be fun! More, more, give me more! Gimme all your magic stones! Okay, yeah no , but I am accepting anything anyone’s willing to give.

This tale is one that follows your everyday nerd, normal as could be, save for the fact that he happened to reincarnate as a sword.

264 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 336. Sleep2020-02-13
Chapter 335. Off to the Dungeon2020-02-13
Chapter 334. Murellia’s History2020-02-13
Chapter 333: Cleansing Evil2020-02-13
Chapter 332: The Knights of Bashar2020-02-13
Chapter 331: The Pursuit2020-02-13
Chapter 330: The Path of Black Lightning2020-02-13
Chapter 329: Kiara's Reinforcements2020-02-13
Chapter 328: Counterattack: Start2020-02-13
Chapter 327: Rule of the Evil God…?2020-02-13
Chapter 326: Linford and the Bashar Kingdom2020-02-13
Chapter 325: Kin of the Goddess of Chaos2020-02-13
Chapter 324: Failed Negotiations2020-02-13
Chapter 323: The Difference Between Us2020-02-13
Chapter 322: Murellia and the Royal Family2020-02-13
Chapter 321: The New Evil2020-02-13
Chapter 320 - The Realm of God2020-02-13
Chapter 319 - Shishou and Mare2020-02-13
Chapter 318 - Maid’s Prudence2020-02-13
Chapter 317 - Mare’s Flame2020-02-13
Chapter 316 - Side Kuina2020-02-13
Chapter 315 - Kuina and Dullahan2020-02-13
Chapter 314 - Evil Stone2020-02-13
Chapter 313 - Evil Stone Spear2020-02-13
Chapter 312 - Mare & Fran2020-02-13
Chapter 311 - Nemea Narasimha2020-02-13
Chapter 310 - Mare and Kuina Join the Battle2020-02-13
Chapter 309 - A New Shadow2020-02-13
Chapter 308 - The Reversal2020-02-13
Chapter 307 - Shield of Iron2020-02-13
Chapter 306 – Arrow of Godspeed2020-02-13
Chapter 305 – Battle Maiden and Faceless Knight2020-02-13
Chapter 304: An Abrupt Change2019-03-26
Chapter 303: Great Wall2019-03-26
Chapter 302: Of Level Ups and Monster Core Points2019-03-26
Chapter 301: The Terror Wrought by an Illusion2019-03-26
Chapter 300: A Successful(?) Preemptive Strike2019-03-26
Chapter 299: Strong Monsters2019-03-26
Chapter 298: The Start of a Battle2019-03-26
Chapter 297: Paper Mache2019-03-26
Chapter 296: Resolve and Preparation2019-03-26
Chapter 295: Of Soldiers and War2019-03-26
Chapter 294: Revisiting Greengoat2019-03-26
Chapter 293: An Incident To the North2019-03-26
Chapter 292: An Evening Centered Around Fran2019-03-26
Chapter 291: A Sword Makes Swords2019-03-26
Chapter 290: The Black Catkin Princess2019-03-26
Chapter 289: The Goblin Nest2019-03-26
Chapter 288: Village Chief Fran…?2019-03-26
Chapter 287: Ms. Fran’s Magic Course2019-03-26
Chapter 286: A Banquet with the Black Catkin2019-03-26
Chapter 285: A Crash Course on Killing Goblins2019-03-26
Chapter 284: A Look into How Black Catkin Are Treated In Modern Times2019-03-26
Chapter 283: Hero or Idol?2019-03-26
Chapter 282: Villagers Discovered2019-03-26
Chapter 281: Regarding the Failed Attempt on the Black Lightning Princess’ Life2019-03-26
Chapter 280: Greengoat2019-03-26
Chapter 279: Kiara’s Social Status2019-03-26
Chapter 278: Kiara’s Circumstances2019-03-26
Chapter 277: Kiara2019-03-26
Chapter 276: Vestia’s Royal Castle2019-03-26
Chapter 275: An Unexpected Reunion2019-03-26
Chapter 274: Of Letters and Items2019-03-26
Chapter 273: Reasons2019-03-26
Chapter 272: Guendalfa2019-03-26
Chapter 271: Roserraccoon’s Guildmaster2019-03-26
Chapter 270: Assassin Discovered2019-03-26
Chapter 269: The Princess2019-03-26
Chapter 268: Dueling Mare2019-03-26
Chapter 267: Mare and Kuina2019-03-26
Chapter 266: Scorpion Lion Forest2019-03-26
Chapter 265: Argentlapn2019-03-26
Chapter 264: A Journey Aboard a Horned Carriage2019-03-26
Chapter 263: The Horned Carriage Association2019-03-26
Chapter 262: Greyseal2019-03-26
Chapter 261: Returning to the Ship2019-03-26
Chapter 260: The Legendary Monster2019-03-26
Chapter 259: The Water Dragon’s Demise2019-03-26
Chapter 258: No Rest For the Weary2019-03-26
Chapter 257: A Discussion with Suarez2019-03-26
Chapter 256: Suarez2019-03-26
Chapter 255: The Start of a Melee2019-03-26
Chapter 254: The Water Dragon Warship’s True Power2019-03-26
Chapter 253: The Water Dragon Warship2019-03-26
Chapter 252: Fran As A Teacher2019-03-26
Chapter 251: Master and Teacher2019-03-26
Chapter 250: Anti-Ship Sword2019-03-26
Chapter 249: Finally, Action2019-03-26
Chapter 248: A Report on Midgard Wyrm Ecology2019-03-26
Chapter 247: A Discussion About Routes2019-03-26
Chapter 246: The Algieba Sets Sail2019-03-26
Chapter 245: The Cabin2019-03-26
Chapter 244: Aboard a Ship2019-03-26
Chapter 243: The Orphanage’s Current State2019-03-26
Chapter 242: Boarding Decision Made2019-03-26
Chapter 241: In Search of A Ship2019-03-26
Chapter 240: The Sparring Ends2019-03-26
Chapter 239: Three Versus One2019-03-26
Chapter 238: A Scolding From Gamud2019-03-26
Chapter 237: The Sparring Begins2019-03-26