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I am an Alpha (Web Novel) - Chapter 1, Important! Important! A vegetable awakens after 12 years

Chapter 1, Important! Important! A vegetable awakens after 12 years

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Nothing is more honorable than being an Alpha. Strong, intelligent and handsome. Unlike Betas that are one of many, or Omegas that are delicate and vulnerable.

More honorably, I am an Alpha – An alpha who has been vegetative for twelve years.

My body laid in bed for twelve years, and when I opened my eyes, the sunshine outside the window almost blinded my dry eyes. The medical instruments beside me, that I could not name, kept ringing and the routine caregiver looked at me like he had seen a ghost. God knows, I even thought his Beta shoulders, which were not strong to begin with, were about to shake off.

However, the resurrection of a living-dead person like me seemed not very welcome. I waited for a long time with my waist stiff before the doctor came in with his face full of anger.

“When did you wake up!”

His tone was so strong, and I did not pay any attention to him with the recovery of my serious illness. Only the poor nurse spoke for me, “Two… No, more than three hours.”

“Why is it at this time?” I heard the doctor murmur, and I rolled my eyes. Allowing him to give messy sentences, I fell asleep again.

I thought I would awake as a vegetable again, but in reality, my hungry stomach mocked me severely and I woke up hungry.

“Fuck!” I scolded at the white ceiling.

“Are you awake?”

It was the voice of the little nurse, who looked so young that he could become my son. He put a straw in the thermos cup on the side and handed it to my mouth.

“Drink a little, please. Your body should be able to drink water now.”

I took a sip from a straw. My esophagus, which had been dried up for more than a decade, was hot and painful. I suddenly had a sense of reality, I really did wake up, this was not a dream at all.

The nurse took the water away from me almost as soon as he saw I was almost done, and began to whisper, “Next you have to do a series of tests to assess whether your health is normal.”

I nodded, and he continued, “But it might be slow.”

“Why? ”

Apparently, my voice shocked him again. No one could have imagined that a vegetative man, who had been in a severe coma for 12 years, could still wake up and speak logically and normally so soon. Though my voice was hoarse, sounding like a razor blade scraping against glass.

“Because something big just happened in the hospital this morning!” The nurse’s eyes were bright, as if he was very excited. “The president’s wife of Quanta Group gave birth to a baby, but they might not be saved from the heavy blood loss.”

I was stunned by the news for a long time, “Who?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot you just woke up. “The little nurse scratched his head.” You know Shen Zong¹ right.”

“Mn. “My eyes darkened. I fought with him for so many years. How could I really forget?

“It’s his wife! He has been married to his wife for more than ten years, and they have a very good relationship. When the second young master was born, my master was in-charge of caretaking. The two love each other very much.” The little nurse looked a little sad.” I’m afraid he won’t be saved this time.”

I listened and closed my eyes, feeling my heart getting stuffy.

Later, when I was in the hospital for rehabilitation treatment, I stopped by to see the poor little baby who was born without an Omega father.

A small body that was red, the fetal hair on the head was particularly black. They also gave me face, with their big eyes following me.

“Looks so pretty, expected of…”

“Expected of what?”

I shuddered a little when I heard the voice, and I shuddered even more when I turned around and saw the person behind me.

“Jun… Shen Junshan?!”

The man in front of me looked so calm that I could not associate him with the death of his wife. He looked over at his child and I observed him for a while.

Alphas are such fascinating creatures. It’s obvious that this person was going to collapse, yet he was still very attractive. That kind of temperament, that has been polished in the years, was more handsome than the me who had been a sleeping beauty for twelve years.

“What’s the matter?”

Maybe my gaze was too bare, and he glanced at me after a moment.

“No… No.” How did I dare say yes, answering in a stunned manner. “Then… Goodbye.”

“Mn, goodbye.” And he added four more words, to my surprise. “Get well soon.”

I had fought with Shen Junshan for more than twenty years. It can be said that from my birth to becoming a vegetative person, I competed with him every minute and every second.

Our parents were both shareholders of companies. As the second generation of shareholders with similar age, yet it was quite strange that we had never played together.

Fight for first place, height, appearance… Anything that could be compared, I competed with him. Although, in retrospect, it was a very distant memory.

I looked at the dark bags of his eyes, and the fatigue that could not be hidden. Suddenly, it felt somewhat meaningless.

I stayed in the hospital for two weeks before finally getting discharged. It is said that the reason why I could stay in the VIP room of the hospital all the time was because of the president’s wife, who was between life and death. I wanted to see this man and finally stood at the door of the room, but I dared not enter.

I felt upset.

But I met the two children, nine years old, four years old, two handsome little Alphas.

The older child took the younger child’s hand and the young one’s face looked very serious. The meaty flesh on the little face had not disappeared, and a pair of big eyes flickered.

“Older Brother.” The younger one tugged at his brother’s hand and asked, “When will Papa get up from bed?”

I watched the little adult’s eyes redden, and after a while, he lowered his head and touched his brother’s hair.

“Papa is tired from giving birth to little brother. He’ll get up after he’s had enough sleep.”

“I miss Papa already.” The small one’s voice was of grievances, and the strong look of his face with his eyes filled with tears looked very much like Shen Junshan.

The two children entered the ward hand in hand, and I felt my heart was pricked by a needle.

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