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I am an Alpha (Web Novel) - Chapter 2, Important! Important! Vegetable for 12 years is broke

Chapter 2, Important! Important! Vegetable for 12 years is broke

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I am an Alpha, an unemployed vagrant in my late thirties.

I went back to my old house, and I almost went in the opposite direction. The dust in the house was a little thick. I swept while swearing. My muscles were still stiff. After all, I had been lying down for twelve years. It was right for me to atrophy.

It took me a whole day to clean up before I managed to make it habitable. There was nothing in the house. The rice noodles were all out of date. Some of them had green mold on them. I pinched my nose and threw them out, sighing at the empty house.

Before my accident, I already did not have any family members left, and now I am alone, with nothing.

Why did I have to wake up? I asked myself in my heart, full of emptiness. The question was left unanswered.

I did not eat, I did not even have cash. I did not have a phone, and my landline was pulled out long ago.

Later, after searching for half a day, I finally found more than a hundred yuan of cash and my card from before. I carried them downstairs and wandered in the unfamiliar commercial streets.

I bought some steamed buns. Although I did not like the taste, I went to the supermarket to pick up some vegetables and meat. Finally, I went to the bank along the way. I slipped my stuff in one hand and put my card in the slot, inputting a series of numbers.

“Your password is wrong. Please try again.”

I stared at that row of words for a long time. It was clearly this password. I grumbled, and input again.

“Your password is wrong. Please try again.”

“717…” I pinched my finger and suddenly settled down. Those words were like a slap in the face that blew my eyes red. I scratched my hair and took out the withdrawn card.

I dare not input anymore. I thought, the password needed to be reset. I was confused. Where was there 717 before?

The bank had been off work earlier on, so I could only go home. Suddenly, it began to rain on the road, and I was caught in a cold shower.

“Told you to bring an umbrella when going out, and you didn’t remember again.”

The couple next to me also did not carry an umbrella. I heard their words and glanced at them quietly. The Alpha tapped on the tip of his Omega’s nose and held the man in his arms, blocking most of the rain.

The Omega in his arms apologized half-heartedly, “Sorry sorry, I forgot.”

“You ah, can never remember anything all day long.”

The Omega tipped his toes and sneaked a kiss on the Alpha, “You’re here, aren’t you.”

My face was wet and my body went through a whole shower. Disregarding other people’s affection and PDA, I pulled my legs and rushed back.

The clean floor that was just mopped got wet and muddy again. I hurried to put things back and went into the bathroom with a bath towel.

Fortunately, there was still hot water.

I only wiped my body in the hospital, so this was my first shower since I woke up.

It felt rather good to wash the body with hot water. I was a little deliberate. Drying myself, and wrapping up my body with the bathrobe. I took out the hairdryer from the cupboard.

The hot wind was whirling in my ear. My hand went through the top of my hair. It was a little long, but it was hard and a little prickly. It was not soft at all.

“Help me bring my pajamas.”

I called out unconsciously and did not get a response for a long time. The hot wind blew away the accumulated fog on the mirror, and I saw my frown, and this face which was cut of twelve years.

“Help me…” The last words were cut off by my tears without warning. On the fifteenth day after I woke up, I cried in the bathroom of my house, breaking my heart and lungs.

Tears were endlessly gushing out of my tear ducts. Because I cried so hard, I was trembling all over. I wrapped my arms around myself and squatted uncontrollably on the cold wet floor.

For the first time in my life, I cried out of breath, my chest aching. I opened my mouth, but I could only make a choking sound. My stomach was like a ragged handkerchief, and with my cries, it tightly twisted together. I had no time to lift the toilet lid and vomited again in the dark.

All the unpalatable food that had been stuffed before came out, and I felt like I was finally spitting out my bile.

These days, things are messy in my head, the nurse’s talks, Shen Junshan looking like that, the two children that made my heart pain, and the loving couple that I saw today.

Why, why did I have to wake up again, after having everything?

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