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I am an Alpha (Web Novel) - Chapter 3, Important! Important! Vegetable for 12 years becomes Director

Chapter 3, Important! Important! Vegetable for 12 years becomes Director

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After I cried and got tired, I fell asleep. Before I could be decadent, someone looked for me at the door.

“Du-Ge, you are awake!”

This rascal who came here is my best subordinate. He is a good man, but he is a bit noisy.

“Mn.” I took him into the living room and poured a glass of water. “What’s the matter?”

“You should quickly go back to Quanta. Our planning department is now without a leader. If no one else is able to do it, it’s going to be a mess!”

I sighed, before the accident, I took over the shares from my father. As a shareholder, and working with the planning department, it can be said that the planning department was under my skies.

After my accident, the head of the planning department changed.

“You guys can mess up after a month’s neglect?” I sneered. “Giving me all the exaggerations! ”

“I… This is because I’m in a hurry.” He laughed a little. “You don’t know, after your accident, our planning department turned into a mess. Despite the style of Quanta, it almost collapsed ten years ago… If it hadn’t been for Mrs. Shen’s efforts to turn the tide around, there would not have been us today. Du-Ge, after your accident, that deputy director of the planning department, is not a thing. He ran away with public funds. It was Mrs. Shen who held everything up. Who knew that a good man does not live long, he actually…”

When he said this, his eyes were a little red, but quickly turned and gave me a happy smile again. “But after the Madame’s accident, Du-Ge, you came back, it’s not too bad. It can be considered a coincidence.”

What coincidence?! Am I just for him to make coincidences with?! All my previous feelings disappeared at this point when I heard his words, and I wanted to beat him.

I took several deep breaths to stop myself from doing something. I interrupted his gossip, “I will definitely go back to Quanta.”

After all, it was under my possession. How could I let it to someone else?

I resumed my job fairly smoothly because I was not fired at all, and was in suspension for a long time.

In this regard, it is said that I have the president’s wife to thank, because it was his perseverance that made my position safe.

Although the former president’s wife was nominally the deputy director of the planning department, in fact, he was no different from the director.

The same authority, the same salary, the same treatment, and even his desk was in the director’s office.

I had no objection to this.

Instead of moving the original desk, I chose the empty one on the other side.

My small action seemed to have won the respect of many subordinates. They thought I was modest and courteous, with a delicate mind.

I could not deny that.

Although there were documents on it, my desk was empty compared to the other desk. I went to the desk of the president’s wife, who I am afraid would never come back again. I bent over and touched the small mirror on the desk. The mirror turned and showed the picture on the back.

What appeared in the mirror was a completely different face from mine. The Omega’s characteristics made him a whole person. Compared with the Alpha me, he looked extremely gentle. The soft hair made his sharp eyes a little less edged and more energetic.

Then Shen Junshan began to appear in the photos. His cold face, which had remained unchanged for decades, finally changed a little, and together with the first Omega, they leaned together, with love in their breaths.

I continued to watch the changes in the photo. The president’s wife recorded too many unknown aspects of Quanta’s President.

Shen Junshan’s helpless smile that was mixed with a sense of doting.

Shen Junshan dozing on the sofa.

Shen Junshan carefully holding the railing of the cradle bed, his face was a rare softness. As if afraid of breaking someone’s dream, his body was a little awkward, but also a little cute.

I laughed a little and the pictures inside slowly began to change again. I saw the little Alpha in front of the ward that day. At first, there was only the older one. He was held in the arms by his two fathers, riding on the shoulders, slowly growing from a meat dumpling to a handsome young boy.

Later, a little meatball appeared in the young boy’s arms. Eyebrows and eyes, like his brother and fathers. The small meaty feet kicking with socks, one foot kicking in Shen Junshan’s face, one kicking the photographer’s arm.

But unfortunately, the changing picture was cut before the little meat dumpling could grow into a teenager.

I turned the mirror back. Without the doll’s smiling face, there was only my reflecting outline. I fixed my eyes on the reflection and returned to my cold table.

When I took over the planning department, I was not in a hurry. Everything was calm because I completely passed all the rules left by the president’s wife at the first meeting. As a new official, not even half of the grass burned up.

“Director Du, this document needs the signature of President Shen. ”

“Mn.” I answered, “Put it here, I’ll go in a minute.”

I spoke my words, but the Omega in front of me seemed to have heard nothing, and neither went out nor put the papers on the table.

I asked patiently, “Is there anything else?”

“I…” The little Omega’s face was red. “Are you free tonight? I’d like to invite you to dinner.”

“Dinner?” I heard this and could not turn a corner for half a day, stunned only to realize, this little Omega actually wanted to ask me out. I could not understand, what good could he get from a vegetable who had been awake for less than a month.

Maybe I was stunned for too long, this Omega asked again, “Director Du? ”

“Excuse me.” I returned to my senses and the first thing when I opened my mouth was a rejection. “I can’t accept your invitation. We only have a workplace relationship.”

The face of the person in front of me turned a little ugly. After all, it was embarrassing to be refused so outright.

Unfortunately, I am not a pitying Alpha. I went on to say, “Actually, other than my monthly salary being a little higher than yours, there’s nothing I can compare with you. I have a bad personality. I can’t be gentle and considerate. I don’t know how to appreciate the pains of others. If we were really together, I would take it for granted no matter how much you gave me. If you can tolerate it, we really might have the chance to get married. You will always be the one who gives more. If we have children one day, whether it’s their life or their education, I’m a man of direction, so it’s all up to you.”

Obviously, this impulsive Omega was frightened by my long talk, and his expression was rather strange, “I… I just want to have a try with you.”

“An Alpha in his thirties, without savings or car, and possibly full of faults, is it worth trying?” I laughed and took the document in his hand. “You are still very young. You have a good job, good looks and excellent working ability. An Omega with superior conditions. Believe me, with an eye of a bystander, you will soon find an Alpha who loves you and cherishes you more than I do.”

“Director…” He looked a lot better, but was a little apologetic. “Sorry for interrupting you.”

“It’s all right. Go to work.” I waved my hand and raised my eyebrows at him. “For example, Yang Tezhi of the marketing department, it’s good to walk around.”

I smiled as he closed the door, leaned back into the chair, looked at the document I had just taken over, and rubbed my eyebrows.

I took the documents and went upstairs directly. Shen Junshan’s office was just above the planning department. Yet, I had never seen him since I entered the company.

This is the first time.

“The documents of the Planning Department need to be signed by President Shen.”

Shen Junshan’s assistant is a Beta, who has worked under Shen Junshan for ten years. His personality was somewhat too strict. He knew that I was the director of the planning department and nodded to me in a respectful and lively tone.

“Please wait a moment. Mr. Shen is now dealing with other matters.”

I was wondering if I should come up again later when I heard a muffled noise in Shen Junshan’s office. The sound insulation effect of his president’s office was not bad. General movement and noise could not come through. I was shocked. Not caring for the rules, I turned the door handle and went in.

“Shen Wenshu, I’ll ask you again. Are you going to learn or not. ”

Shen Junshan’s face was as dark as ink, his tone was very light. I knew he was in absolute fury. When I saw a small Alpha with a stubborn face in front of him, I opened my mouth directly, “Shen Zong!”

Only then did Shen Junshan see me. I did not wait for him to open my mouth and went directly into the office and put the documents on his desk. “This is an urgent matter from the Planning Department. You need to sign it right away.”

The little Alpha was blocked by me, but he shouted at his father, word by word, “I – won’t – learn!”

The child was pouring oil onto his father’s fire. I saw Shen Wenshu rushing out of the office as soon as I turned back.

“You…” I looked at the doorway and then at Shen Junshan’s blackened face, the shattered teacups on the ground. I was calm. “Please sign as soon as possible.” ”

After that, I left, not leaving Shen Junshan any time to use me as an opportunity to vent.

Out of the President’s office, I went back to the Planning Department. There was a little boy crying in my office.

“Why are you always going against your father?” I turned sideways and closed the door, pouring him a glass of water.

When he heard my words, he suddenly got up from the table. But when he saw who I was, he began to falter again.

“Have you ever won being so angry with him?” I deliberately teased him, and as expected I saw him glaring at me with big round eyes.

“Who are you?”

I was first stunned when I heard this, and then I laughed with my hands crossed. “You come to my office, and you still ask me who I am?”

“This, this is my Papa’s office.” He pointed to the table. “There are pictures of me on there.”

“Really?” I pulled out a piece of tissue paper to wipe his nose. “Can you tell me why you quarreled with your father?”

“He forced me to play the piano!”

I could not really accept this kind of reason, “Don’t you like playing the piano?”

“I… I do like it.” Shen Wenshu’s eyes were red. “But in the past… Papa taught me everything.”

“Pa… Papa doesn’t want me and my brother anymore.” His tears could not stop flowing, holding my clothes he continued sobbing. “Papa said before that after giving birth to my little brother, he would teach me serenade. Cheater Papa… Liar.”

I remember hearing what he said to his brother in the hospital, and my heart felt so sour. “Your Papa, isn’t he just asleep?”

“He’s not sleeping!” His voice was a little rough. “I heard the doctor tell Dad… Papa, he’s already dead, his organs are dead, his brain is dead… Papa he, doesn’t want us anymore.”

“How can he not want you?” My voice was bitter. “You learn a serenade and play it to your dad. Maybe he will be happy and wake up?”

“Really?” He blinked, and a little hope rose in his eyes. “If I play a serenade to my Papa, he will wake up?”

I answered his question in a light-hearted way, “So you should study hard.”

Shen Wenshu’s small head turned around and collapsed again. “I’m not learning.”

I was confused, “Why?”

“Those who want to teach me piano are all foxes!” His face was full of indignation. “They all wanted to hook up with my dad… My Papa is still there!”

I almost laughed out, and touched his little head, “Why don’t I teach you instead?”

Shen Wenshu was so happy that he took me to the top floor to talk with his old father.

Want him to learn the piano, okay!


He wanted to choose his own teacher.

Well, that teacher was me.

Shen Junshan had a cold face for a long time before finally nodded his head. Coaxing the awkward little young master for half the day, Shen Wenzhu’s heart was finally at ease and he went home. But, his old father stopped me.

“Du Tang.”

“Mn?” I looked back at him. “What’s the matter?”

He looked at me for a long while, as if struggling with how to open his mouth. “I will have to trouble you with my son, please put in more care.”

I know he really cares more about the children than anyone else. As long as one was sick and uncomfortable, no matter how tired he is, he always stayed overnight. He remembered every promise with the children and never broke his word. Collecting the little things in their day-to-day life – in a secretive manner – because the little gifts they give him always made him extremely happy, like a maniac.

I heard him say this and pulled my lips into a straight line. “You can rest assured, just don’t collapse yourself.”

He was stunned. His bloodshot eyes looked at me for a moment. “Thanks.”

I did not reply, because I could not tell him anything.

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