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I am an Alpha (Web Novel) - Chapter 5, Important! Important! President whose wife died drinks horse urine

Chapter 5, Important! Important! President whose wife died drinks horse urine

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I am an Alpha, the deputy director of the Planning Department of Quanta Group, who is responsible for babysitting the president’s children.

I became a frequent visitor to Shen Junshan’s home, and I was also surprised by the frequency of visits during this period. The relationship between Shen Junshan and me was never as good before, and for some reasons, was even a little awkward. However, who expected the two young masters to love me deeply, this is also charm, isn’t it?

“Papa, my stomach is singing.”

Shen Wenxin touched his belly and looked at me pitifully. I put down Shen Wenshu’s exercise book and looked at the time on my wristwatch. It was indeed long past Shen Junshan’s usual return time.

But he clearly didn’t stay in Quanta to work overtime. I remember seeing Shen Junshan drive out this afternoon to send Nian Nian back home. Who knows where he had gone to now.

I looked at them and asked, “Did your father say where he was going today?”

Two small heads shook and shook. I sighed helplessly.

“Then I’ll cook. You two can eat first.”

I washed and cooked rice, washed the vegetables and shredded them. Arranging onions, ginger, and garlic, I heated the hot oil.

The oil temperature rises, and ginger and garlic fragrance dissipated. In my heart, like the splashed oil droplets, I felt a little worried with an unexplained panic, which made my hand tremble with the spatula.

My heart kept thinking over and over again, where Shen Junshan had gone, why he had not come back, what on earth did he know.

Only by watching the two of them eat with relish could my panic subside for a few minutes. I forced a smile and said, “Slow down, nobody is robbing you two.”

“Little rabbit!” Shen Wenxin was so happy to see the rabbit bean bun that his eyes were sparkling, and was unable to express himself.

“Eat well, don’t choke.” I patted his little hand.

Shen Wenshu also had a bunny bean bun, but suddenly he said, “Uncle Shen, I think you and my Papa are alike.”

“Really?” I was surprised and said, “But I’m an Alpha. How could I be your Papa?”

Shen Wenshu carefully stared at the bunny bean bun in the bowl. “I miss him now.”

Shen Wenxin’s fleshy claws patted his brother’s arm, and his face was serious, “Papa is here!”

“Yes, Papa is… “I paused as I realized my voice was trembling. “Your Papa is always here. He will always be with you and watch you grow up.”

That day Shen Junshan came back in the middle of the night, smelling full of alcohol. I admired him a little for how he was able to get back home. But before I said anything, I was vomited by all over.

President Shen, really had no image at all.

I’m glad I’m an Alpha, or I won’t be able to move this pile of mud at all.

“Your wife is dead, and this is how you act as a father?!” I scolded him while throwing him into the bathtub.

Though I knew clearly, this person was usually unmoving as a mountain. After the accident, I have never seen him lose his cool, whether in the company or at home, he looked calm and rational. The last time he was this decadent, was ten years ago.

Removing the outside shell, I found that he lost a whole lot. I turned on the shower and gave him a rinse. He laid motionless like a dead fish.

Alcohol made Shen Junshan’s gaze seem diffused, and I hear him murmuring something at his mouth.

“Tang Tang.”

“Mn.” I tried to talk to him, even though I was not the one was calling out to, “Junshan?”

“Tang Tang.” His voice was almost covered by the sound of the water. “Don’t…”

“I’m not going.” I held his palm and pretended I was his lover.

“Junshan, I won’t go.”

All night, Shen Junshan held my hand so persistently and stubbornly. I could not fight the drunk and sat by the bed all night.

Shen Junshan was frowning and sleeping unsteadily. Time makes a man more charming and graceful, yet inevitably also polishes the youthful outlines.

I liked to look at him quietly. Many years ago, this person was still looked so sharp and angular. I hid in a corner he did not know about and stared at him greedily.

At this moment, in front of me, he was calling his lover’s name softly and obstinately. But I did not even have the right to answer.

Long, long ago, a fishtail princess confessed his love to the prince, but the prince told him.

— You are a mermaid.

Just like how I am, an Alpha.

My eyes reddened, and my throat itched. However, I could not cry out at all.

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