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I am an Alpha (Web Novel) - Chapter 7, Important! Important! The vegetable is the wife of the President whose wife died

Chapter 7, Important! Important! The vegetable is the wife of the President whose wife died

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I am an Alpha, but a long time ago, I fell in love with another Alpha.

It is a ridiculous thing, but in fact, such a strange thing really happened.

How could two Alphas be together? Like the fishtail princess and his fruitless love with the prince, in the end, he will eventually turn into bubbles.

“Du Tang…”

I avoided Shen Junshan’s palm and wiped my face carelessly. “Okay, you don’t have to tell me, I know I’m an Alpha. It’s been many years since then, and you rejected me long ago. I was only saying it casually, and you really believed it.”

“I just think that, if that person in your family could hear what you said, then he would be dead without regret.” I cleared my throat. “Are you hungry? We had a lot of food left last night. I’ll go heat it.”

“Dad! Papa!! ”

As soon as I got up, I heard Shen Wenxin rushing in with tears and howling.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Junshan stood up and asked.

“Brother! Brother, he! Brother’s pain pain!”

I could not wipe his tearful face, and rushed to Shen Wenshu’s bedroom.

He was curled up in bed, flushed and breathed fast. My heart suddenly felt like it lifted up.

“What did Older Brother eat?” Shen Junshan was behind me. I heard him ask Shen Wenxin.

“Biscuits.” Shen Wenxin was abnormally calm and concise at this time. “The packet is in the trash can.”

“Did Xin Xin eat it?”

“Ate it. Xin Xin ate a lot, doesn’t feel uncomfortable.”

Shen Junshan immediately turned over the trash can, and I picked up the child. “Are there peanuts in the ingredients?”

“There’s peanut butter.”

When I heard this, my heart dropped and hung in the middle. Shen Wenxin was allergic to peanuts. I watched his small face begin to swell up and he was sweating cold sweat all over his back.

“Go to the hospital.” Shen Junshan took the car key and was ready to carry over the child.

“Is it okay to go directly to the hospital?” I was terribly worried. “What about the allergy drugs at home? ”

“The last box expired. There isn’t any more.”

“There is!” I opened the medicine box without thinking much. “There’s another box. I put it in here.”

I remember the last time I bought a box of allergy drugs and left it at home, it should not be expired yet.

“That’s the one.” I looked at the shelf life and indications, and fed it to Shen Wenshu.

“Let’s go!” I picked up Shen Wenshu and rushed out.

Shen Junshan’s car was driving fast, but I felt my heart beating faster. Shen Wenshu’s breath became even quicker. I was afraid that his trachea would be blocked. I called him again and again, “Wan Wan… Wan Wan… Wan Wan… …”

“Papa… “His murmur was so vague that I could hardly hear his voice.

“Mn, Papa’s here. Don’t be afraid, Wan Wan.” I did not know if I was comforting him or comforting myself. “Papa will take you to the hospital right away. It’s all right now. It’s all right…”

“Big brother it is alright.” Xin Xin also took his brother’s hand, and his big eyes were red, but he resisted the golden beans from falling. “Big Brother is the best.”

The moment I handed the child over to the doctor, my whole body turned soft.

The door closed and the red light was on.

The feeling of the light made my whole body uncomfortable. I touched my forehead and fell onto the cold chair. The sweat on my back cooled down. My whole body was trembling.

I closed my eyes and gasped for breath, but was surrounded by another sweaty body. Shen Junshan’s voice sounded in my ear, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“Don’t be afraid Papa, Big Brother is the best, super great!” Xin Xin, the little fellow, was lying on my knee, comforting me with his father.

I knew. I was exposed.

Yet, I could not help holding the two of them close to myself, so that I could feel grounded.

I am an Alpha, an Alpha who has been an Omega for twelve years.

Fortunately, although Wan Wan’s situation was serious, it was not hard to overcome because of timely medical treatment.

He went to sleep quickly because of a low fever.

I watched him finally calm down and held his hand, which was cold from the infusion.

I had moments of fear, I almost… Maybe would have lost him.

“The situation is stable. After the fever subsides, it’ll be all right.” Shen Junshan came back with the records and spoke to me.

I realized then that he had not even changed his pajamas. He still wore slippers on his feet.

No matter how big the president was, he was also a silly father, but I also seem to be silly.

I looked at the wrongly-buttoned coat on myself and thought silently.

Xin Xin saw that his brother was all right and heaved a sigh of relief before falling asleep in the corner of the hospital bed.

Shen Junshan first looked at the two small ones, and then pinched my hand.

“Du Tang.”

His voice was shaking a little. In fact, Shen Junshan was very tired, but still stubbornly supported himself.

I sighed helplessly, “Say what you want to say.”

He still held on and refused to let go. “You… are Tang Tang?”

“Your evidence?” I refuse to admit it, turned over my face and did not look at him.

“There is no evidence.” He sat next to me on the accompanying bed, his arms around my waist and his chin on my shoulder. “Just a feeling.”

“The way you defended Wan Wan, the tone of voice when you speak to me, and the way you are with the children… I know it’s ridiculous, but every time you tell a story to Xin Xin, even if I knew you are Du Tang, I think it’s my Tang Tang. You don’t know, I secretly listened to Princess Fishtail with Xin Xin at the door all night.” Shen Junshan continued to bite my ears. “But I dared not think about it, until the doctor told me that his body had already begun to fail and that even 12 years ago, he should not have survived that accident.”

My shoulders trembled and I listened to Shen Junshan continue his words. “He and you were the ones who were victims of the car accident. When you were in a severe coma, he woke up. Now that something happened to him, you woke up miraculously. I dare not guess, but I can’t help it, can it be…”

I forced my cold face, “Don’t be so sure, I’m an Alpha!”

“I don’t know what keeps you from telling me these things. But whatever the reason, I, Shen Junshan, will tell you plainly that whatever I am saying today is for you, whether you are Tang Tang or Du Tang, whether you are Omega or Alpha. I only want you in my life, only my Tang Tang.”

I said with a little tremble, “If you meet a new Omega in the future…”

“Let’s see if I and you, an Alpha, die of old age first, or if there’s any short-sighted Omega coming out.” Shen Junshan buried himself on my shoulder and laughed. “You can rest assured that I will be usurped by your guards and exiled to the frontier.”

I was trapped by him like this, extremely fatigued. Shen Junshan patted and coaxed me to sleep, and then I had a dream.

The fishtail princess became a human princess, and successfully married the prince.

One day, the princess revealed his tail again, and so he fled in fear but was found back by the prince.

The prince said that he loved the fishtail princess, even though he had the tail of a fish.

I laughed, as if I heard this voice.

“I love you.”

(I am an Alpha) Story End

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