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I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child (Web Novel) - Chapter 95 – I don’t have any experience. This is my first time getting married. (1)

Chapter 95 – I don’t have any experience. This is my first time getting married. (1)

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Most of the guests invited to the Lu family’s wedding were prestigious figures. Each and everyone of them was refined and courteous. No matter how impatient they were feeling, they would put on a pleasant demeanor and cheerfully chat and wittily joke around.

As for the Ye family’s relatives, they didn’t hide their impatience.

As the saying goes, even the emperor had poor relatives. So, of course, a nouveau riche family like the Ye’s definitely wouldn’t be lacking in less well-off relatives

Plenty of relatives had attached themselves to the Ye family for a long time, especially because Father Ye cared a lot about his reputation and enjoyed showing off. He liked to take care of his poorer relatives’ problems in order to brag about his generosity and receive their gratitude. This gave him an ample sense of superiority.

Although the Ye family’s relatives had obtained many benefits from Father Ye, they didn’t exactly feel good about this. Even though they would thank Father Ye many times, when they returned to their own small one-bedroom or two-bedroom homes after visiting the Ye family’s dazzling villa, they would ridicule the Ye’s for being upstarts and hope to see the day when the Ye’s would fail.

This was probably reverse snobbery at work. They were a bunch of ingrates.

Today, the Ye family’s older daughter, Ye Qing, was marrying Lu Beichuan. This was a major event. Who didn’t know about the Lu family and the Lu family’s successor, Lu Beichuan? The Ye family’s relatives were feeling sour that such a great thing had fallen into Ye Qing’s lap. Regardless of those feelings, each and everyone of these relatives had congratulated Father Ye and Mother Ye in high spirits as if it was their own daughter that was getting married. They had said heaps of pleasant-sounding words and congratulations in order to get a wedding invitation.

They absolutely couldn’t afford to ridicule the Lu family’s wedding. The Lu family’s relatives as well as their acquaintances were people that the average person normally wouldn’t have a chance to see.

The Ye family’s relatives had come to the wedding with their invitations and brought along their gorgeously dressed daughters. They exchanged civilities about the beautiful wedding and congratulated Father Ye and Mother Ye, and they tried to worm their way into becoming friends with the other wedding guests that they would otherwise never have a chance to meet.

This lasted up to the point when Lu Beichuan had left Ye Qing at the altar.

Right before everyone’s eyes, Lu Beichuan had left his bride behind without caring about giving anyone face. After he left, pandemonium broke out.

The guests loudly discussed amongst themselves what was going on.

“What’s going on? How could the groom just leave the bride on the stage like that?

“Yeah, is the wedding going to happen or not?”

“Stopping the wedding at the halfpoint. Could it be that…” In a lowered voice, the person continued, “Could it be that the Lu family doesn’t think the Ye family’s daughter is good enough for them, so they’re backing out of their agreement?”

Most of speculation was done with malicious intent.

Hearing the conversations around her, Mother Ye was so angry that her entire body trembled. But, they were in a public place with many people. She couldn’t lose her self-control and commit a gaffe. She could only force herself to endure.

After a short while later, Ye Qing returned to the wedding hall from a side door. Her head was lowered a bit. Although she wasn’t willing to be seen by others, it was impossible to hide herself in the crowd.

Seeing that the bride had changed out of her wedding dress and reappeared at the venue, people resumed discussing.

As Ye Qing passed by the guest tables, she heard their whispering voices. Their words were like thorns that deeply stabbed into her heart. She felt extremely awful.

But, she had no other choice. She could only grit her teeth, tightly clasped her hands together, and flee away from them as if she was escaping a wasteland.

As soon as Mother Ye saw Ye Qing, she hastily stood up. Filled with concern, she asked, “Qingqing, how are you doing? Are you okay?”

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