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I’m Really a Superstar (Web Novel) - Chapter 1617 - China's Troll Army stuns the world!

Chapter 1617: China’s Troll Army stuns the world!

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Translator: Legge  Editor: Legge

On Weibo.

“We’re in! We’re in!”

“In what?”

“Go and check out the international celebrity rankings!”

“What? Zhang Ye has made it in?”

“Not only that, he’s ranked 67th on the C-list rankings too!”

“That high?”

“He’s already closing in on the middle of the International C-list Rankings?”

“Holy sh*t! Face-smacking Zhang is soaring to the Heavens!”

“We have to call him International Zhang from now on!”

The Chinese media.

“He really pulled it off!”

“Winning the Nobel Prize, getting onto the international celebrity rankings, Zhang Ye has undoubtedly become the number one celebrity of China!”

“Yeah, no one in China has achieved anything like this before!”

“There’s finally a trace of a Chinese person on the international celebrity rankings?”

“And it’s not a last place spot either!”

“To be placed 67th in his debut appearance on the International C-list Rankings, not even Lillian managed something that! Lillian still had to slowly climb her way up from the bottom!”

At a get-together in the entertainment circle.

“He really made it into the international celebrity rankings!”

“God, he’s already closing in on the middle of the C-list?”

“Look at that person who’s behind him in the rankings. That’s the famous American host, Dave!”

“Dave has been nudged down by him. He’s now in 68th place of the international C-list rankings?”

“Today, Zhang Ye has achieved what Zhang Yuanqi and Xu Meilan were unable to achieve!”

“Face-smacking Zhang has really broken into the international scene!”

Zhang Ye’s fan club.

“My large saber is again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst! Brothers and sisters, it’s time to register on international social media! Once you’ve registered, add me. My handle is Big Knife!”

“Pfft, Big Saber Bro, what are you trying to do!”

“Big Knife? I can’t even start to roast a name like that!”

“Big Saber Bro’s English is simple and violent!”

“Are we gonna go international now?”

“Yeah, Teacher Zhang has advanced into the international entertainment circle, so we cannot just remain within our country’s borders. We definitely have to accompany Teacher Zhang to conquer the world!”

“Got it!”

“Haha, I’ve already registered my account!”

“I’m here!”

“My account registration is complete as well!”

“Let the world experience the storm that our Chinese Troll Army brings!”

“It’s time for the world to know about the power of the Chinese Troll Army!”

“Hahaha, that’s right. We have nothing but people!”

“Looks like I’ll have to practice my English hard!”

“Who has the book A Thousand Swears in English? Lend it to me so I can practice!”


“What’s happening?”

“There’s an update on the Asian Celebrity Rankings Index?”

“Why is Zhang Ye’s name on it?”

“Zhang Ye has reopened his Asian celebrity ranking? Who reopened it for him?”

“What place is he in?”

“Third! He’s in third place on the Asian S-list rankings!”


“Zhang Ye’s Asian celebrity ranking has been reopened!”

“He won the Nobel Peace Prize, so he’s practically unstoppable now!”

“Quickly go and look at the international celebrity rankings!”

“Ah? He’s an international C-lister now?”

“67th place?”


“The Nobel Peace Prize laureate has ascended into the international celebrity rankings?”

“Is it that Chinese man?”

“It’s him, the rankings were refreshed!”

“His popularity is that high already?”

“Dave has dropped in the rankings?”

“It’s the first time I’m seeing a Chinese celebrity in these rankings!”


“Your grandpa!”

“Based on what!”

“What does that Chinese man have!”

“How can a person like this get on the international celebrity rankings?”

“I can’t accept this!”

“Me neither!”

“Come, let’s go on social media to insult him!”

“Let’s do it together!”

On an international social media site.

“That Chinese guy has gotten onto the celebrity rankings?”

“I don’t like that Chinese guy. He’s such a hooligan!”

“Yeah, he’s probably not gonna last long on the international celebrity rankings.”

“That’s right, the competition in the international celebrity rankings is not something that the Chinese entertainment industry can match. There are changes in the rankings practically every day, and people fall off the top to be replaced by new ones. There have been many precedents, and even if they are the top international celebrities, a rumor or a scandal is enough to bring them down from the top overnight. The competition is too intense. It’s like a meat grinder for celebrities from all over the world. It won’t be that easy for that Chinese guy to gain a foothold.”

“I’m not optimistic of his chances either.”

“Haha, let’s see how long he can last on the celebrity rankings then!”

“I bet two months.”

“I bet one month!”

The American netizens

The UK netizens.

The Australian netizens.

The German netizens.

The Japanese netizens.

Netizens from all over the world were currently discussing the Chinese celebrity’s ascendancy into the international celebrity rankings. If this were the Zhang Ye of the past, the world’s netizens would definitely not have paid any attention to him. Even during the time when Zhang Ye was the most wanted hacker in the world, he still wouldn’t have attracted as much discussion as he was now. After all, his Nobel Prize win of the Nobel Peace Prize and his entry into the international entertainment circle was quite a big deal for the world. Naturally, a lot of people would be discussing it. From this point alone, it could be seen that Zhang Ye’s rise into the international celebrity rankings was based on his international popularity score.

Soon after, the Indian netizens also appeared.

“Zhang Ye is just a hooligan!”

“Punish this murderer severely!”

“He’s not worthy of being on the international celebrity rankings!”

“If he can be on it, so can Bangalore!”

“I suggest that we add Bangalore’s name to the international celebrity rankings as well!”

“Right, remove Zhang Ye!”


Personal attacks!



They were crazily attacking Zhang Ye!

In an instant, the international social media site was bustling with activity!

Finding it amusing, netizens from all over the world came to have a look!

It was right at this time that a wave of anonymous new accounts appeared. The moment they showed up, the Indian netizens were surrounded!


“Fuck you!”

“What about Bangalore? He’s dogsh*t!”

“If you won an award, keep quiet and don’t come here to brag! Haha, what a joke! You should find out about who Teacher Zhang is first! Don’t think you can have things your way!”

“Be thankful that Teacher Zhang only used his leg this time. If he had used his hands, Bangalore would’ve been crushed!”

“My big knife is again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst!”



It was all vulgarities!

A lot of the comments had been censored!

10,000 people!

50,000 people!

100,000 people!

The Indians were stunned!

The Americans were stunned!

The French were stunned!

The Canadians were stunned!

The world’s netizens were stunned!

It was the Chinese!

Over a 100,000 of them!

The Indian netizens who were scolding Zhang Ye earlier had only numbered around 300 to 500. At most, there were no more than 600 of them. However, when the Troll Army from China showed up on a large scale, the Indian netizens did not even have a chance to speak and were drowned out!

The Indian netizens saw red!

“What the fuck!”

“Why are there so many people?”

“Get them!”

“Let’s attack together!”

“No, we can’t outscold them!”

“There…there are too many of them!”

That’s right! They were drowned out!

The overwhelming formation that showed up dumbfounded the world’s netizens!

They arrived together!

They were well-trained!

There was a tacit understanding!

It was just like an army!

Each person only had to scold once, and a 100 others would copy-paste the reply below it. It was a sight to behold!

Just one attempt was enough to defeat the Indian netizens!

It was as if this were a fight between an adult and a child. There was absolutely no chance of hitting back!

On the international social media site.

The netizens from the different countries were all stunned.

“How terrifying!”

“Damn, what just happened?”

“The Indian netizens were defeated?”

“This is too scary!”

“So this is the Chinese Troll Army?”

“The Chinese are too scary!”

They came in a hurry.

And left in a hurry.

All they left behind were the stunned looks of the world’s people!

This was the first time that the Chinese Troll Army had gone international, but it was enough to leave an indelible impression on the world’s netizens. A lot of people couldn’t help but think of the same thing: The Chinese netizens play too dirty!

In China.

On Weibo.


“Zhang Ye’s fan club has gone onto the international social media site to fight!”

“Hahahaha, I saw it!”

“How awesome! They were so ferocious! I thought it was really funny!”

“Zhang Ye’s fans are too fearsome!”

“The Indian netizens must be crying now after they got scolded to no end!”

“The Indian netizens are really weak in an online argument. We just showed up and they crumbled. There’s no rush from the scolding battle at all! Can they not be so weak!”

“Pfft, do you think they’re Chinese? Our Chinese people’s swearing has already reached the pinnacle. Besides, is this the first time you’ve heard about the infamy of our Chinese Troll Army? In particular, Zhang Ye’s troll army has got the strongest combat power of all. They’re considered unmatched in the entire legion of China’s Troll Armies, so how could the foreigners possibly fight against them?”

“China’s Troll Army has become famous!”

“Yeah, they must have fucking stunned the entire world!”

“Hahahaha, the foreign netizens have all been shocked. When have they ever come across guerrillas as united and orderly as this!”

Along the way.

The minibus was stuck in traffic.

The studio staff also received news of the matter.

Little Wang was floored.

Zhang Zuo gave a wry smile.

Zhang Ye facepalmed.

Ha Qiqi said helplessly, “I wonder if it’s a good thing or a bad thing for the Chinese Troll Army to go international. Why do I feel like our reputation is absolutely going down the drain!”

Zhang Ye threw up his hands and said, “Just let it go down the drain. It’s never been good before anyway.”

Ha Qiqi said nervously, “You seem really accepting of that?”

Everyone laughed.

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