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I’m Really a Superstar (Web Novel) - Chapter 1636 - Wolf Warrior 2 wraps up!

Chapter 1636: Wolf Warrior 2 wraps up!

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Translator: Legge  Editor: Legge

Many days later.

In China.

At a filming location.

Bang! A loud crash rang out!


“Director Zhang!”


“Where are the paramedics!”

“Get the first aid kit over here!”

“Director, how do you feel?”

During the filming of the tank battle scene, due to a staff member being insufficiently prepared and making a mistake, Zhang Ye got injured once again. This was the umpteenth time that Zhang Ye was injured on the set of Wolf Warrior 2 since production began. It happened so many times that even the film crew had lost count of it.



Taking care of the injury.

After a great deal of fussing, Zhang Ye was finally able to sit upright with some aid. He waved it off and said, “I’m fine, don’t worry. Jacques, get some rest first. We still have the last few scenes to shoot, so let’s finish it up in one go.”

Ha Qiqi disagreed. “You should recuperate first!”

Zhang Zuo also said, “Yeah, we can’t continue filming!”

But Zhang Ye said, “We’re filming an action movie. How can you expect there to be no injuries? Don’t make such a big fuss over it.”

Jacques said, “I watched the footage that we captured earlier and I think it’s good enough.”

“No, the actions were not done properly.” Zhang Ye had seen it as well, but he wasn’t satisfied with what they had.

As Zhang Ye was the executive director, no one dared to say anything more.

Actually, during the filming process, a lot of the scenes were captured pretty well. At least, the film crew thought so. Even Jacques and several of the American actors also said that the quality had already reached the level of Hollywood. They felt that there wasn’t a need to risk it by reshooting the scenes again because many of the shots were very dangerous to film. However, Zhang Ye did not agree. As long as he felt that the scenes had flaws, he wouldn’t accept it and would insist on shooting them until he thought they were perfect. This had always been Zhang Ye’s work ethic. He would either do it to his best or not do it at all. He wouldn’t allow the Wolf Warrior 2 of his previous world to not even be able to cause a wave over here. He had to make his version worthy of this Chinese movie’s name by recreating it in this world his way.

Half an hour later.

They continued shooting.

Ha Qiqi whispered to Jacques, “Take it easy. Don’t be too tough when you fight him.”

Jacques nodded solemnly. “I understand.”

“Take what easy?” Zhang Ye heard that and said, “Just fight as you normally would.”

Jacques said, “But you’re—”

Zhang Ye smiled. “Same rule applies. No fake moves, let’s fight for real.”

Zhang Zuo shouted, “You’re still bleeding!”

Zhang Ye looked down. “Nice, we can save on the color dye for the makeup.”

Seeing Zhang Ye limping, the film crew was very speechless.

Fight for real?!

How are you going to fight for real in your state?

But when the cameras started rolling, and when Jacques and Zhang Ye started fighting, everyone knew they had gotten it wrong. Jacques was even more surprised!


Jacques punched!

Zhang Ye dodged sideways and kicked in response!

Jacques used his leg to block it!

However, Jacques ended up paling!

A few blows later, the entire film crew was astonished! Only now did they realize that even though Zhang Ye was injured, even if his bleeding had not completely stopped, none of the action stars on set could outfight him, including Jiang Hanwei, who was resting off to the side. Everyone in China knew that Jiang Hanwei had real kung fu and was a true martial artist since he hailed from the Huashan Sect. So in the eyes of many of the common folk and even those in the industry, Jiang Hanwei was someone they saw as the most skilled at kung fu in China. This was the limitation of their interaction with a martial artist, after all. Although there had also been constant rumors that Zhang Ye knew kung fu, no one had seen it for themselves before. The previous incident in which he smashed two Korean bulletproof car windows were also thought of by the media to have been some trickery or technique that he used. But it was only now that they finally understood that Zhang Ye also knew real kung fu. In fact, it was a very high level of kung fu too.

As for how high level it was?

The crew members had secretly asked Jiang Hanwei this question before: “Teacher Jiang, if you and Director Zhang got into a one-on-one fight and both of you gave everything you had, who would win?”

At that time, Jiang Hanwei answered, “I won’t fight him.”

Everyone in the crew was startled. “Why not?”

Jiang Hanwei said, “Because I can’t beat him.”

It was at that time that the crew members finally understood that Director Zhang was actually much stronger than Jiang Hanwei. It was as if the level of his kung fu was unfathomable!

On location.

There was the constant sound of fighting.


“This shot won’t do!”

“Jacques, didn’t you eat? Another round!”


“Another take!”

It was very tiring to be a director.

It was very tiring to be an actor.

But what did it feel like when one was the director and the male lead as well?

The suffering and hard work was probably only understood by Zhang Ye!

On this day.

In the morning.

Everyone in the film crew was present.

Dong Shanshan, Yao Jiancai, Boss Qian Jr., everyone who could be here was here. They were all very excited as they watched Zhang Ye, who was still filming. Everyone had a different expression on their face.

All of a sudden, Zhang Ye shouted, “Cut!”

He heaved a long sigh of relief and smiled. “That will do!”

The entire film crew burst into cheering!

Jacques fell to the ground, feeling dead tired!

Zhang Ye also sat down heavily and declared loudly, “I hereby announce: Wolf Warrior 2 has wrapped up filming!”

“We’re done!”

“Awesome! We’ve wrapped up!”

“We’re done with the shoot! We’ve finally finished filming!”

“Everyone has worked hard!”

“Director Zhang has worked hard!”

“It’s finished!”

“Why do I kinda wanna cry!”

“Motherfucker, me too!”

“Everyone has really suffered these past two months!”

Some of them roared.

Some of them really started crying.

They had tasted suffering and bittersweet moments over the course of filming!

Zhang Ye had been injured a dozen times!

He suffered minor injuries eight times and serious injuries four times!

Jacques had suffered a spine injury and couldn’t even stand up at one point!

Many of the actors and crew members had fallen seriously ill!

They had been attacked by lions in the savanna!

They had been pushed around by African rebels with guns!

They could still vividly remember everything that had happened, and it was an experience they didn’t want to go through again in their lifetimes. They had suffered too much, but they still managed to get past everything with Zhang Ye’s guidance. Many of them did not even expect that they would really finish filming this movie!




It was a jubilant scene.

After catching his breath, Zhang Ye stood up from the ground with great difficulty and went around embracing everyone and thanking them.

“Thank you, you did a great job.”

“Thank you, Boss Qian Jr., you did a great job.”

“Great work, Jacques.”

“Great work, Old Yao.”

But every one of them knew that it was Zhang Ye who had done the best and worked the hardest.

When the lions attacked, he was there.

When the rebels held them hostage, he was there.

When a dangerous explosion happened on the set, he was there.

Some of them might have experienced danger on one or two occasions, but it was different for Zhang Ye. He was the executive director and the male lead as well, so he had experienced all the dangers and hardships during the filming process. At a lot of dangerous moments, Zhang Ye even stepped forward to protect everyone. Besides being the film’s producer, director, screenwriter, lead actor, and choreographer, he also had to take on the role of bodyguard. Zhang Ye had really given a lot to the movie.

Jacques gave him a bear hug. “Zhang, it’s been quite the pleasure working with you.”

“Same.” Zhang Ye smiled and said, “I’ve always felt that you American actors would behave like divas. I didn’t expect you to be such a professional. It has changed a lot of my views on things.”

Jacques smiled and said, “I always thought that there weren’t any good actors in China and that a lot of them depended on their looks to earn a living. You’ve also changed my opinion of Chinese movies. Before coming to China, we never thought that there would be such an impressive director and actor like you. Zhang, I have a feeling that within ten years, you’ll become a world-famous superstar.”

Zhang Ye said, “I’ll be banking on your words then.”

Boss Qian Jr. laughed and said, “Are we going to celebrate? I’ll play host!”

Zhang Ye gave it some thought. “We can hold it when the box office earnings come out!”

Boss Qian Jr. said, “Alright!”

Zhang Ye looked at him. “What about the distribution of the movie?”

Boss Qian Jr. patted his chest. “I’ll speak to my dad! There won’t be any problems!”

The filming of the movie wrapped up.

The actors’ work was basically done.

However, the movie still wasn’t completed. There was still a lot of work waiting for Zhang Ye.

The post-production.

The VFX.

The editing.

Zhang Ye’s battle had just begun!

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