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I’m Really a Superstar (Web Novel) - Chapter 1640 - Battle of the premieres!

Chapter 1640: Battle of the premieres!

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Translator: Legge  Editor: Legge

On the first.

It was the day of the premiere.

The entire world’s attention was on this.

Today, a total of three Hollywood movies were being released. They were all big productions, and the one that attracted the most attention would have to be Commando 2. A global poll showed that it was the most anticipated Hollywood movie of the year with no others coming close.

The presales results.

The early reviews.

The attention from the moviegoers.

All those metrics were going off the charts.


Lines were already forming up at the entrance of the theater.

“It’s still not time?”

“I can’t wait any longer.”

“I heard that this movie is pretty good.”

“Yeah, the media’s early reviews rated it quite good.”

“That’s right, the most authoritative film ratings site has given it a score of 7.1. For a Hollywood action movie, that’s a good score.”


“Have you bought tickets yet?”

“I couldn’t get any tickets for today’s showing!”

“I ended up booking tickets for tomorrow.”

“I managed to get one, haha.”

“There’s a Japanese celebrity starring in it too, so I definitely have to watch it.”


“The presale tickets have already sold out?”

“Wilson’s appeal is still impressive.”

“Looks like Commando 2’s box office earnings are gonna explode.”

“Yup, it might end up being the global box office earnings champion this year.”

“Yeah, no other movies in the same period have anything on it.”

The UK.


“Commando 2 has been released first?”

“I think it’s due to the time zone differences that Wolf Warrior 2 hasn’t been released yet.”

“I just went to the cinema. Most of the sessions are showing Commando 2.”

“Hai, even though Zhang Ye’s new movie was said to be a global premiere, it’s actually showing mainly in China.”

“There’s nothing that can be done about that. Our Chinese movies aren’t popular internationally.”


“Haha, let’s go in now.”

“They’re playing the trailers, but it should start immediately!”

“I’m so looking forward to watching it!”

“It’s a full house in the cinema. This shows the appeal of Hollywood movies.”

“After today, Zhang Ye is gonna end up as a joke.”

In multiple countries.

In many of the big theater chains.

Moviegoers from around the world were entering theaters.

Amid the enthusiastic atmosphere, Commando 2 premiered!


Bang bang!


The movie began with a battle!



“Retreat already!”


The moviegoers were wearing 3D glasses and staring at the silver screen as characters they were familiar with appeared one by one. Emotions surged through the audience. This was the advantage of a sequel. After the first movie established a certain degree of popularity and fame, the second and third movies were much easier to make.


The protagonists went their separate ways.

The squad regrouped afterwards.

The entirety of the movie which ran for two hours was bursting with a classic Hollywood flavor.

When the first round of the global showings ended, the moviegoers were left wanting more as they walked out of the theaters.

On the Web.

Netizens from all over the world were discussing it.

“I just finished watching it!”

“How did you find it?”

“Pretty good.”

“Yeah, it was a really fun watch.”

“Wilson’s films are getting much better.”

“Hahaha, the tickets are really worth it. I recommend that everyone watch it.”

“I thought it was alright. The plot is still the same, so I don’t really recommend it.”

“In reality, it was OK. But since it follows the same format as Commando, the moviegoers will find the experience a little lacking. However, I thought the VFX were really good.”

“Yeah, the CGI was quite good.”

“Although it was not as good as I expected, I can’t deny that it was a good movie. I bet that the global box office rankings are gonna be dominated by Commando 2 this month.”

Some were calling it good, while others found it to be average. Everyone had a different opinion of the movie. Although the reviews were mixed, there was hardly anyone who rated this movie as terrible. For a Hollywood blockbuster, that was more than enough.

On a movie ratings site.

Commando 2’s rating saw some changes.





In the end, the score stabilized only after dropping to around 6.5.

Although the movie’s rating had quietly fallen lower from before, it wasn’t by much, and the trend was still considered a normal phenomenon. This was due to a limitation brought upon by the scale and number of moviegoers who reviewed the movie, leading to the score dropping lower than when it was reviewed during the early release sessions. Even so, 6.5 was a score above the commonly accepted standard.

The daily global box office real-time rankings.

With the hotly anticipated release of the Hollywood movies, the rankings chart was getting updated constantly.

Real-time statistics:

#1: Commando 2

—Box office earnings: US$4,257,700

#2: Life of Jimmy

—Box office earnings: US$2,184,400

#3: Despicable

—Box office earnings: US$1,981,200

There were a hundred movies on the global box office rankings, and the chart could only show that many of them. It was mainly dominated by Hollywood movies, with some British movies, some French movies, and some Japanese movies on it as well. Meanwhile, two of the top three movies had premiered globally today. The other movie was Life of Jimmy, which had been released last week and was the previous global box office leader until Commando 2 premiered.

Of course, the day had not ended yet.

There could still be some changes in the rankings until then.

Wilson’s company.

At this moment, the film crew was together and everyone was cheering.

“First place!”

“The reviews are still OK!”

“We’re assured of the weekend box office earnings champion!”

“Hahahaha, this is great!”

“Director Wilson, congratulations!”

“You’re going to exceed 500 million dollars at the box office again!”

“It’s still hard to say.”

“We’ve already earned over 4 million dollars at the box office. In the span of this day, we should be able to reach 20 million dollars in the North American region. Counting all the other regions, it should surpass 40 million dollars, and that’s still for the first day of release! It’s just the premiere!”

“Yeah, 500 million is definitely not going to be a problem!”

“We can already celebrate it in advance!”

“It’s a pity we couldn’t get the Chinese market, otherwise it would’ve been even higher.”

“It won’t be higher by much. Although it looks like there are a lot of people in China and their market is big, the box office there isn’t actually that big, so there’s no need to care about it.”

“Oh right, what’s the update on that Chinese movie?”

“Wolf Warrior 2? It’s a joke!”

“Haha, why do you guys care about the Chinese movie?”

“It’s not that we care, but didn’t it premiere on the same day as us? Our box office earnings are more or less known. All I’m curious about is the look on that Zhang Ye’s face!”

“He’s probably regretting his decision!”

“Our movie’s premiere has already earned over 4 million dollars at the box office in just two hours, how could he not be regretting it!”


The box office earnings kept soaring!

The reviews were coming in one after another!

Commando 2 became very popular the moment it premiered!

With the popularity of Commando 2, many of the other movies that were showing in the same period got overshadowed by it. This also led to many people around the world forgetting about Wolf Warrior 2!

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