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I’m Really a Superstar (Web Novel) - Chapter 1669 - Zhang Ye eats a shark!

Chapter 1669: Zhang Ye eats a shark!

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Translator: Legge  Editor: Legge

The next day.


It blew up on the Internet.


“There’s another episode today!”

“There will be two straight episodes shown on Saturday and Sunday from now on!”

“How generous!”

“I can’t wait!”

“Yesterday’s episode was too fucking good!”

“The first episode was quite good as well!”

“This show must be very difficult to shoot, right? Doesn’t Zhang Ye need to rest?”

“Start broadcasting already! I’m dying from the wait!”

“I’m also dying of anticipation. I want to see how reckless Face-smacking Zhang can be again today!”

“Hahahaha, this glutton will get into trouble sooner or later!”

“Yeah, he even dares to eat an alligator! I really have to take my hat off to him!”

“It’s starting, it’s starting!”

“Wow! They’re off to an island for this episode!”

“What a beautiful place!”

The entire world had its attention on this.

After the massive round of heated discussions and word of mouth for the first two episodes, the number of viewers watching Man vs. Wild around the world surged even higher. More and more people were waiting at their televisions with the channel switched to Central TV International. It was as though this show had a magical touch. After only broadcasting two episodes, it had captured the attention of the entire world.

On TV.

It was Zhang Ye’s standard introduction again.

“I’m Zhang Ye. Some people say that I’m a host, and others say I’m a writer, film actor, movie director, singer, mathematician, and hacker. I won’t deny any of those, but I know that there is still a title I have that nobody knows about. I am a wilderness survival specialist. I’ve come to a deserted island in the Western Pacific. The scenery here is beautiful, but danger is lurking everywhere as well. I’ll be showing everyone how to survive in a wilderness like this.”

“Oh, this place is so beautiful.”

“Look, the ocean, the blue sky, and the beach.”

“I would really love to lie down on this beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but I know that’s not going to happen. The mistake people often make is that they wait too long to take action towards their survival. The time to act is when you’re feeling strong and feeling fresh. My priority right now is to orient myself and work out my options. Let’s go.”

“There’s nothing here.”

“This island is too small.”

“There are no coconuts, no fresh water, and no food.”

“I’m already hungry, so I must start looking for food.”

“Look, what’s this over here?”

“Oh, there’s a giant larva 1 in here.”

“Alright, this is it. I’m going to have to replenish my protein.”

“Damn, this tastes really bad.”

“Hey, have a look at this. There’s an island opposite and is separated by the sea. This is a twin island, and the island on the other side looks much larger, so there should be more resources as well. The chances of survival over there will be much higher. I’ve already decided I’m going to try to get to that island. What I need to do is build a simple raft to get there with.”

“I’m going out to the sea, wish me luck.”

“I’m almost there, I can already see the opposite shore.”

“Oh, damn! It’s a shark!”

“It’s hitting the raft!”

“The raft is gonna sink! Damn!”

“I’m gonna have to swim over!”

“Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!”

“A shark just swam past my leg! It’s coming after me!”

“I’ve finally come ashore!”

“I’m so exhausted. I need some food.”

“I’ve got terrible luck. There’s no food on this island either. All I see is a few sharks swimming around in the shallow waters. It seems like they’ve gotten trapped after trying to chase me. I can’t go out to the sea to catch any fish, and there’s no food sources on this island either. My biggest problem right now is hunger.”

“What should I do now?”

“It looks like I have no other choice.”

“Come on, I’m going to try to pull a shark onto the shore!”

At Peking University.

“How beautiful.”

“I have an urge to go on an adventure too.”

“Ah! What’s Professor Zhang eating this time?”

“It’s larva!”


“I’m gonna puke!”

“Me too!”


“Why does he eat everything!”

“He can even eat the larva raw?”

“He’s so impressive!”

“I’m convinced!”

In Germany.

“He going to the opposite shore.”

“The raft’s very well-made.”

“This Zhang Ye really has the skills to survive in the wilderness.”

“He’s impressive.”

“Ah, a shark!”

“There’s a shark coming!

The UK.

“Oh my God!”

“There are four of those sharks!”

“No, there’s five of them!”

“They’re chasing up to him! The raft is sinking!”

“Zhang Ye is in danger!”


“Eat him!”

“Bite him!”

“Get him, shark!”

“Attack him!”

“Chase after him! Do it!”



“Aiyo, oh my God! Those are real sharks!”

“Hurry up and swim, Face-smacking Zhang!”

“Who told you to brag! Now look who’s the foolish one!”

“Hurry up and run!”

“He’s back on shore! He’s safe now!”

“Thank God! I got such a scare!”


“There’s no food.”

“He has no way out.”

“Haha, he’s not going to make it past this episode.”

“If there’s no food, he’ll starve to death.”

“He deserves it! If he’s so great, maybe he should try eating a shark, haha!”


“What is he planning?”

“Fuck! H-He’s really going to eat a shark!”


“He’s gone back to the beach!”

“What is he trying to do?”

“Oh my Heavens! He’s trying to catch a shark!”

“This fellow has gone mad!”



“He really went for it!”

“He’s gone into the sea!”

“Ahhh! This Chinese man is too fearsome!”

“Th-That’s a shark, alright!? You should be counting your blessings that it doesn’t eat you! So why are you trying to eat it instead?”


“You can’t catch a shark!”

“He’s got huge balls!”

“Holy sh*t! Look!”

“It’s been caught! He caught it!”

The Netherlands.

“Wait, no.”

“It slipped from his hands. He didn’t manage to catch it!”

“One of the sharks got away! He has his eyes on another one!”

“Even the sharks are running away when they see him. Is this fellow still human?”

“He’s caught one again!”

“Fuck! He pulled it ashore!”


“He ate it!”

“He ate the shark!”

“I’m gonna faint!”

“He really fucking ate it!”

“That’s a shark! That’s a motherfucking shark!”

“I thought that he wouldn’t dare to eat it, but I was wrong!”

“Lord Zhang, I’m kneeling to you!”

“I’m fucking kneeling as well!”

“That was so fucking barbaric!”

Man vs. Wild’s third episode rolled credits.

On this day, the entire world had been astonished by Zhang Ye once again!

The entire world had been convinced by this Chinese glutton’s spirit once again!

They had never seen a person like him before!

They had never seen someone as daring as him before!

Just like he had done on the first and second episodes, anywhere that Zhang Ye went to, the place would be left barren. He ate everything that could be eaten, including a shark, and even larvae! The scenes, the atmosphere, the tension, all of it was shockingly astounding. Countless viewers around the world started to look at Zhang Ye in a different way. They were really starting to suspect that an alien was actually under the skin of this person!

On the same day.

The global viewership ratings were published.

Everyone was once again dumbfounded by the viewership ratings of Man vs. Wild!

China: #1!

The UK: #2!

France: #2!

America: #4!

Japan: #2!

Korea: #2!

India: #5!

Canada: #3!

Man vs. Wild had actually made it into the top three most viewed shows in many countries!

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