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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 1466: Mysterious Treasure Master

Chapter 1466: Mysterious Treasure Master

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"Good plan. Unexpectedly, you are so decisive, easily dealing with this calamity."

The Heavenly Profound Holy Lady appeared from nowhere, once again beside Xiao Chen.

The ninth floor of the Immortal palace's underground was destroyed. The entire Immortal palace was in chaos. However, the Heavenly Profound Holy Lady still remained calm, showing no changes in expression.

Xiao Chen dodged the falling rocks while avoiding the various restrictions. His Spiritual Sense picked up countless figures rushing towards this place.

The commotion was too great, startling everyone in the entire Immortal palace.

As Xiao Chen ran, he needed to keep an eye on the ancient lamp, not letting it escape. At this moment, he was multitasking and could not find time to do anything else. "Is there any place in the Immortal palace that is remote and safe, a place that people cannot find easily?"

The Heavenly Profound Holy Lady thought for a while before saying, "Come with me."

Indeed, there was a place. Xiao Chen released his bated breath. With the Heavenly Profound Holy Lady, the master of the Mirage Immortal Palace, helping him, the dangerous Mirage Immortal Palace became like his home, the dangers turning into benefits.

After a while, Xiao Chen followed the Heavenly Profound Holy Lady to a quiet bedroom. When the windows were open, one could see the Ghost Mountains from an extremely good vantage point.

"This was my bedroom. The room I used for meditation is at the side. You can go there to rest."

Xiao Chen casually looked around. Aside from being very clean and tidy, the bedroom was quite different from a regular girl's room.

"Many thanks."

He pushed open a set of doors and entered. Now, he finally had time to deal with this Immortal Venerate Tian Yi.

After casually tossing the ancient lamp to the floor, he leaned back and fell backward. The Cycle Throne that was infused into his clothes immediately came out and caught him.

"Whoosh!" The ancient lamp immediately crashed into the door. Then, it fell to the floor.

As Xiao Chen sat on the throne, he said indifferently, "Don't waste your efforts. This was where the Heavenly Profound Holy Lady meditated in the past. Unless I'm willing to open the doors, you can forget about getting out."

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Immortal Venerate Tian Yi, who was in the ancient lamp, was extremely reluctant to accept this. The lamp gave off a bright light as it repeatedly crashed into the door. However, it always fell back to the floor with nothing to show for its efforts.

After trying many times, Immortal Venerate Tian Yi finally gave up. A small illusory figure appeared above the ancient lamp. That was the Yuanying of an Immortal Cultivator.

The Yuanying was a very weak existence. The longer it remained like that, the weaker it would become.

If not for Immortal Venerate Tian Yi having reached the limits of Immortal Cultivation in this epoch, attaining the peak of the Void Training Stage, he would not have been able to last for so long.

After ordinary Immortal Cultivators lose their physical bodies, they needed to take up residence quickly in something. Otherwise, they faced destruction.

It was even possible that other Immortal Cultivators would eat them up. That would be the cruelest end, equal to cannibalism.

"Shadowless Saber Sovereign, what are you planning?!" Immortal Venerate Tian Yi demanded in rage as he looked at Xiao Chen. His tone contained a trace of deep fear.

Xiao Chen replied calmly, "Immortal Venerate Tian Yi, have you not given up yet? Don't delude yourself about me. You have already brought our relationship to one where only one of us can live.

"You now have two choices. One, be more cooperative and let me search your soul. After that, I'll give you a painless death. Two, you can refuse to cooperate, but I'll still be able to find out the things that I want. In that case, you will die an even more miserable death!"

Immortal Venerate Tian Yi smiled in his extreme rage. "Since both options lead to death, why should I let you benefit for nothing? Shadowless Saber Sovereign, you are too naive."

"Is that so?"

Xiao Chen did not get angry. With a thought, the Azure Dragon Yuanying that hid in the depths of his Heart of an Emperor slowly appeared above his head.

Seeing Xiao Chen's Azure Dragon Yuanying, Immortal Venerate Tian Yi was shocked and horrified. The ancient lamp shook intensely, revealing his extreme fear.

"A Yuanying! Furthermore, an Azure Dragon Yuanying! How can you dual-cultivate Immortal Cultivation and Martial Cultivation?! Even the Heavenly Profound Holy Lady could only cultivate as an Immortal after she scattered her Martial Cultivation."

This scene was simply too shocking. It completely surpassed the imagination and understanding of Immortal Venerate Tian Yi.

"There are many things that you do not know. There is no need for you to know how I can cultivate Immortal Cultivation. You only need to know that if I swallow up your Yuanying now, I will be able to know everything you know. You will die an even more miserable death."

As for why Xiao Chen could dual-cultivate Immortal Cultivation and Martial Cultivation, the answer lay in the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. This Cultivation Technique was left behind by either the Azure Emperor or the Sky Dome Immortal Lord.

The possibility of it being the latter was greater. However, none of that mattered.

This was the Martial Epoch. The Martial Dao reigned supreme. Cultivating the Immortal Dao to the limits would just result in strength similar to Immortal Venerate Tian Yi's. To Xiao Chen, aside from Supreme Magic Skills like the Divine Lightning Eye, the Immortal Dao did not hold much of an attraction to him.

A long time later, Immortal Venerate Tian Yi recovered from the shock of Xiao Chen being able to cultivate Immortal Cultivation as well.

He muttered to himself, "No wonder I sensed something familiar from your Saber Formation. It turned out that those were clones made using Immortal Arts. If I'd known—"

"It's already too late. I gave you many chances. Now, it is time to make your final decision."

Xiao Chen was not willing to listen to Immortal Venerate Tian Yi's nonsense, directly interrupting him.

Immortal Venerate Tian Yi remained silent for quite a while before saying helplessly, "I choose the first option."

The second option was too painful for Immortal Cultivators. It was tantamount to one being eaten alive. No cultivator would accept dying in such a way; it would be too tragic.

"Good. I'm not too willing to use the second method, either."

Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes and gathered his Spiritual Sense into a thread that flew towards Immortal Venerate Tian Yi's Yuanying.

With Immortal Venerate Tian Yi taking the initiative to cooperate, Xiao Chen did not run into any difficulties in his first time soul-searching someone. After one hour, he learned about the various happenings in the Penglai Sea regarding this trip.

The Treasure Master!

Everything all boiled down to this person. It turned out that the Penglai Sea had fallen into the control of the Treasure Master one thousand years ago.

The Treasure Master had defeated all three Immortal Venerates. Now, the Penglai Sea was one of the Treasure Master's pawns.

Xiao Chen also came to know that the master of the other faction—the Blood Clad Sect—was also the Heavenly Starry Ocean's Treasure Master.

He could not help feeling shocked. The low-profile and mysterious Treasure Master already had such means at his disposal. This was simply too shocking.

Furthermore, this was just what Immortal Venerate Tian Yi knew—which could be just the tip of the iceberg with more to the Treasure Master's faction.

As for the Eternal Heavenly Sword School's Xie Changtian, that person had been managed by Immortal Venerate Yun Chen all the while. Immortal Venerate Tian Yi did not know too much about this. He only knew that there was such a person living in the Penglai Sea.

"Scatter your Yuanying, then!"

After finding out everything he wanted to know, Xiao Chen did not humiliate or make things difficult for Immortal Venerate Tian Yi. He let Immortal Venerate Tian Yi choose to scatter his Yuanying by himself. This was a form of suicide.

It if were during the Immortal Epoch, it would still have been possible for him to become a Loose Immortal after doing this. Now, that was impossible.

"Shadowless Saber Sovereign, if it is possible, please do not attack the Penglai Sea. They are innocent, a group of pitiful people," Immortal Venerate Tian Yi said slowly; the words of a man on his deathbed always came from the heart.

Xiao Chen replied calmly, "Don't worry. I have never been a bloodthirsty person. This is a personal grudge; I will not involve others in this."

"Many thanks, fellow Daoist…"

After addressing Xiao Chen as a fellow Daoist, Immortal Venerate Tian Yi's Yuanying slowly scattered in the form of light, until it completely vanished.

"Dang!" The ancient lamp fell to the floor with a loud sound.

Xiao Chen stretched out his hand and picked it up. After toying with it for a while, he placed it in his Universe Ring. This was Immortal Venerate Tian Yi's life Magic Treasure. It should be extraordinary.

However, Xiao Chen could not be bothered to investigate it. The Treasure Master's matter still troubled him.

In this trip to the Mirage Immortal Palace, Xiao Chen unexpectedly uncovered such a big secret, aside from obtaining what he wanted.

He had a feeling that this person would stop hiding soon, that when the Treasure Master finally showed himself, the entire oceanic world would undergo a huge change; perhaps the entire Kunlun Realm would.

The Blood Clad Sect and the Penglai Sea were both pawns of the Treasure Master. He had sent the Blood Clad Sect to retrieve the Puppet Pearl but also sent the Immortal Cultivators to open the coffin. What was he trying to obtain from the coffin?

Aside from the painting, there was nothing else in the coffin. The answer seemed clear.

What did the Treasure Master want with the painting? This was truly confusing.

Time is short. I need to cultivate the Cycle Arts quickly and comprehend the state of cycle. After comprehending the complete Saber Dao, I will be able to fight against Primes, even surpass them.

The Demonic Calamity, the Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign, and now the Treasure Master. Although Xiao Chen already had considerable strength, he still felt enormous pressure.

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