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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 1467: Leaving the Mirage Immortal Palace

Chapter 1467: Leaving the Mirage Immortal Palace

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While Xiao Chen recuperated in peace, the entire Mirage Immortal Palace turned chaotic, uproars breaking out in every location.

At the Ten Thousand Fetus Blood Spring, Can Minghuo, the Blood Clad Sect's Vice Sect Master, appeared pale. His scarlet clothes were tattered from the blast, his hair in disarray; he was in an incredibly sorry state.

The tattered scarlet clothes wriggled around, looking like drops of fresh blood merging back together.

With a careful look, one would discover that these scarlet clothes were very different from the scarlet clothes that Xiao Chen saw in the past.

The original scarlet clothes emanated a strong Demonic Qi. Just looking at it made one uncomfortable.

The Demonic Qi of Can Minghuo's scarlet clothes was withdrawn, not showing itself. If one did not purposely look for it, one would not notice any Demonic Qi at all. The quality of his scarlet clothes was much higher.

According to rumor, people of different levels in the Blood Clad Sect wore different kinds of scarlet clothes. Of course, this was only the speculation of outsiders. The world still did not know much about this faction that suddenly came to prominence in recent years.

Suddenly, Can Minghuo coughed loudly. After coughing a few times, he vomited a mouthful of blood before feeling much better.

"Shadowless Saber Sovereign!"

Unexpectedly, Can Minghuo was so miserably tricked. In recent years, the Blood Clad Sect had been demonstrating their sharpness and rarely suffered like this. Can Minghuo was experienced and wise; normally, he would not be the one suffering, yet such a thing happened to him today.

Had Can Minghuo known earlier, he would not have believed those two Immortal Venerates.

Fortunately, Can Minghuo did not lose the Puppet Pearl. Just thinking of the consequences of losing it made him tremble in fear. It was something that the Treasure Master wanted.

If Can Minghuo lost it, even the Sect Master would not be able to protect him. He would end up suffering a life worse than death.

Footsteps resounded. Can Minghuo's expression changed slightly. Enduring the pain, he quickly left the place.

Soon, the Palace Master of the Cyclic Astral Palace's Sun Palace and other major characters of various Holy Lands arrived.

However, all they saw was rubble. They could not understand what had happened. They sensed no aura of any supreme treasure or natural treasure.

The people who caused this commotion already left long ago. This disturbance was destined to end very quickly, not attracting much attention.

The people present would never expect that this disturbance was what would give Xiao Chen the foundation to surpass a Prime. In the future, he would fight hard to avert a desperate crisis, saving the Kunlun Realm.

One month passed quickly. For most of the people who came, as long as they did not die in a restriction, they basically gained something, not wasting this trip.

These people either gained the Secret Treasures of the Heavenly Profound Sect, the Dao of predecessors, or some natural treasures.

People who were disappointed were not few, either. Chu Tian, the Sun Palace's Palace Master, was one of them.

There was only one more day before they had to leave the Mirage Immortal Palace. However, the Cyclic Astral Palace's people still had not found the Cyclic Arts. Their mission could already be deemed a failure.

After dismissing the people with him, Chu Tian took out a talisman. Once the talisman burned up, the Cyclic Astral Lord's figure appeared before him.

"Cyclic Astral Lord, your subordinate is incapable. I failed to obtain the Cycle Arts."

The Cyclic Astral Lord seemed to have expected this. He asked unhurriedly, "Did the Shadowless Saber Sovereign snatch it away?"


Chu Tian shook his head and explained the strange circumstances of back then.

The Cycle Arts secret manual suddenly vanished right before their eyes. Chu Tian felt very nervous, worrying that the Cyclic Astral Lord would not believe him.

Unexpectedly, after the Cyclic Astral Lord thought for a while, he said, "Alright, I got it. After you leave, quickly return to the Cyclic Astral Palace; there is no need to bother about this matter anymore."

After obtaining such an answer from the Cyclic Astral Lord, Chu Tian was in disbelief. He was only startled to his senses when the Cyclic Astral Lord's figure disappeared.

Feeling relieved of a heavy burden, he relaxed.


On another side, Can Minghuo contacted the Blood Clad Sect's Sect Master.

The identity of the Blood Clad Sect had always been a mystery. If there were someone here and they saw the image of the Sect Master, they would be shocked.

The true identity of the Blood Clad Sect's Sect Master was actually the Western Sea Dragon King, the Palace Master of the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace.

"Sect Master, we already obtained the Puppet Pearl," Can Minghuo reported respectfully.

The Western Sea Dragon King revealed a smile and nodded. "Very good. Be careful and bring back the Puppet Pearl. The Treasure Master will reward you for this; he will give you a Life Extending Pill."

Hearing the words "Life Extending Pill," Can Minghuo showed wild joy in his eyes. However, his eyes turned gloomy shortly after. He said, "However, there are some surprises on the Penglai Sea's side. Immortal Venerate Tian Yi was captured by the Shadowless Saber Sovereign, and Immortal Venerate Ming Yue's physical body was also destroyed."

Upon learning about the disastrous encounter of the two Immortal Venerates, the Western Sea Dragon King said calmly, "That's not a problem. As long as we obtain the Puppet Pearl, the Treasure Master's aim is already accomplished. The Immortal Venerates' matter was just a matter of convenience. He did not hold much hope for it."

When Can Minghuo heard this, he completely relaxed. This meant that this matter would not be blamed on him.


Inside the meditation room, Xiao Chen had long since recovered from his injuries, returning to his peak state.

He would leave the Mirage Immortal Palace soon. He had already read through the Cycle Arts secret manual once.

After closing the Cycle Arts secret manual, Xiao Chen was certain that it was the real deal. However, like the Heavenly Profound Holy Lady said, this was indeed just an incomplete copy and did not hold much value.

Without a doubt, one would succeed in comprehending the state of cycle by cultivating this Cycle Arts together with the seven thrones.

However, there was no mention of what came after comprehending the state of cycle. There was also no mention of how to cultivate it further and use it.

In Xiao Chen's opinion, merging the states to form the state of cycle was just the beginning. The important part was how to apply it later.

He could only slowly experiment in the future.

Or perhaps, after he left this abandoned land and arrived in the true realm of the Martial Dao, he would be able to meet with experts who cultivated the state of cycle.

However, no matter what, he was already satisfied with being able to cultivate the state of cycle.

Xiao Chen put away the Cycle Arts secret manual and took out the second great harvest of this trip, the Universe Origin Fruit.

This Universe Origin Fruit looked very ordinary. Its surface was uneven, with many dimples in them. It even felt somewhat prickly.

It was hard to imagine that a legendary Immortal Fruit would look like this.

If one were tricked by appearances and missed out on this fruit, one would truly regret it for life.

One needed to look carefully without shifting one's gaze away. After about seven to eight minutes, one would discover the profoundness of this fruit.

A scene of a golden Immortal Lord seated cross-legged would appear in the mind, which made one feel like one was bathed in a wondrous feeling of obtaining the Dao.

"It truly lives up to its name of Universe Origin Dao Fruit."

Xiao Chen looked away, filled with praises for it. However, he did not dare to eat this fruit right now.

Legends said that after eating this fruit, one would gain one thousand year's worth of cultivation. However, Xiao Chen did not quite believe that.

This was something of the Immortal Epoch. The cultivations of the Martial Epoch and of the Immortal Epoch were vastly different, completely unrelated to each other. No one could be certain of its exact effects now.

Based on the feeling that Xiao Chen got, he was more willing to believe the part about its miraculous effects on comprehending the Dao.

When the scene of the golden Immortal Lord appeared in his mind, he distinctly felt his Saber Energy's agitation.

After eating it, Xiao Chen's cultivation might not increase, but his comprehension of the Saber Dao definitely would. Perhaps, he might even comprehend the complete Saber Dao.

The Universe Origin Dao Fruit might contain a complete Dao, allowing anyone who consumed it to obtain the Dao.

Immortal Lords lived forever. One thousand years' worth of cultivation was just one thousand years' worth of time. Next to eternity, one thousand years was just a flick of the finger.

One thousand years of cultivation was not worth Immortal Lords fighting over it. What they valued had to be the effects on the Dao.

"Are you planning to eat it now?" the Heavenly Profound Holy Lady suddenly appeared and asked when she saw Xiao Chen staring at the Universe Origin Dao Fruit.

Xiao Chen smiled and put it away. He said, "It is too risky. If I consume it and lose consciousness, I might waste several decades here before I can get out."

"That's true. You are still very young, in the prime of your life. It would not be good to waste it here. I'm here to tell you that you will be sent out of the Immortal palace soon."

The Heavenly Profound Holy Lady asked, "Where do you want to go? I can send you anywhere within five thousand kilometers of the Immortal palace."

"Anywhere will do. Right now, I already recovered back to my peak. It does not matter to me where I come out."

Xiao Chen stood up and performed a cupped-fist salute. "Many thanks for your care in the Mirage Immortal Palace. Before I go, I have to thank you one more time."

"There's no need. Both of us were just getting what we each needed." The Heavenly Profound Holy Lady shook her head and rejected Xiao Chen's thanks. Then, she said, "Come, I'll send you off."

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