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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 1469: The Dragon's Gate in Danger

Chapter 1469: The Dragon's Gate in Danger

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Time flew by quickly. In the blink of an eye, half a year passed.

For the past half a year, Xiao Chen had been on the isolated island in closed-door cultivation, not leaving it even once. He cultivated the Cycle Arts and lost track of time. The worries of the outside world no longer bothered him.

The situation in the Kunlun Continent changed. After the elites of the Kunlun Realm and the Demonic World fought at the Savage Battlefield, the struggle between the Demonic World and the Kunlun Realm intensified. Now, even the Demon Monarchs would occasionally interfere.

The shadow of the Demonic Calamity shrouded the entire continent. Under the pressure of the Demonic World, the Deity Dao Union and the Martial God Palace—two massive alliances—formed a temporary truce, not fighting with each other but working together against a common threat.

It was even to the point where they organized several large battles in the Astral Battlefield, holding intense firefights against the eighteen Demon Monarchs and the Deep Abyss Demonic World.

Both sides traded blows, winning some and losing some. They feared each other. However, they did not use up all their trump cards, waiting for the final decisive battle to decide the victory.

Regardless of the angle, the Kunlun Realm's factions were disadvantaged.

This was clear just from the fact that the battles took place in the Kunlun Realm and not the Deep Abyss Demonic World.

After the Hundred Race War, during the Ancient Era, the peak of the Martial Epoch passed and never returned. The Deep Abyss Demonic World, which had always been suppressed, took this opportunity to rise. The Kunlun Realm could only defend passively.

The Demonic Calamity would forever be a sword hanging over the heads of the Kunlun Realm's cultivators.


In the Demon Monarch's palace in the Eros Demon Realm of the eighteen Demon Realms of the Deep Abyss Demon World:

Chu Chaoyun and the Demon Monarch Leng Yue stood side by side, looking at a scene a distance from the palace.

There was no color or sunlight in the Demonic World. The sky was always dark. There was only a clump of light that looked like blood in the west.

A careful look would discover a huge figure giving off a boundless might, which encased every Demon Realm, in this clump of light. No Demon could escape the gaze of that figure.

That was the Demonic God, the one that everyone in the Demonic World believed in. The headquarters of the Dark Church was located in the scarlet ball of light.

Chu Chaoyun asked, "How goes the refinement of the Demon Sword?"

"It follows my every wish. I'm able to send it out or withdraw it as I please like a part of my body," Leng Yue replied softly. Her voice contained an alluring quality.

Chu Chaoyun smiled and said, "Since ancient times, there has not been a Demon Monarch who could refine the Evil Shadow Sword this quickly. It looks like you are the one destined to be the leader of the Demon Monarchs."

Leng Yue was expressionless, not appearing happy at all. "Before the Demonic God, the leader of the Demon Monarchs is just the humblest servant."

"Soon. Our chance will arrive very soon. After leaving here today, I will travel to the Sky Dome Realm. There will soon be great changes in the Kunlun Realm." Chu Chaoyun said some rebellious words as he looked at the Demonic God.

He revealed a cold smile. He understood what that Demonic God was and felt that it was not worth fearing or respecting at all.

However, Leng Yue's fear of the Demonic God deterred her from following up on Chu Chaoyun's statement; she remained silent.

"The Sky Dome Realm does not permit Martial Emperors to descend there. How are you going to go over?"

"Don't forget, I possess the Sky Dome Heart. As long as I'm willing, I can become the master of the Sky Dome Realm at any time," Chu Chaoyun replied softly with a faint smile.

Leng Yue still felt somewhat worried. "The Dark Church Master really never suspected you or doubted you?"

Chu Chaoyun smiled and said, "You are overthinking. He has known my plans from the very start. However, he is very confident in himself, believing that everything is within his control. He thinks that aside from himself, everyone else in the Sky Dome Realm is an ant.

"It's time to go. Do be very careful not to expose yourself. We still need to wait for the right time. It is not the time to show our hand yet."

Chu Chaoyun gently drifted away, disappearing from where he was and not leaving any traces behind. It was like he was never there.

Leng Yue sighed softly to herself. In her life, she admired only two men. One was Xiao Chen, and the other was naturally Chu Chaoyun.

Chu Chaoyun was unmatched by anyone Leng Yue had seen in courage and wisdom.

She had never seen an outsider who could infiltrate the upper echelon of the Dark Church and even contend with the Dark Church Master until today.

When betraying Teng Xiao, Chu Chaoyun had not hesitated, acting very decisively.

Chu Chaoyun was originally supposed to be Teng Xiao's pawn. However, he turned the situation around, tricking Teng Xiao and turning Teng Xiao into his pawn. Hence, the Azure Emperor's evil doppelganger was killed.

When Chu Chaoyun spoke of his true plan, he had startled Leng Yue, a Demon Monarch. That plan was extremely audacious. She did not even dare to think about it. However, he had not only conceived of such a plan but also carried it out step by step until today.

However, when Leng Yue thought about the battle between Chu Chaoyun and Xiao Chen, the event at the end of the plan, she frowned heavily. She could not help worrying for Xiao Chen.

Could Xiao Chen defeat Chu Chaoyun?


At this moment, the Heavenly Starry Ocean was not at peace.

The Blood Clad Sect, which rose up during the golden age, had already grown to the point of rivaling an Immortal Holy Land.

The conflict between the Blood Clad Sect and the various Holy Lands moved from covert out into the open. All sorts of minor clashes occurred until an intense clash finally happened. The Five Poison Sect fought a huge battle with the Blood Clad Sect in the Eastern Sea.

Both sides put in a lot of effort for the sake of a King Spirit Vein. The shock waves spread out for five hundred thousand kilometers. In the end, the Five Poison Sect lost; the Blood Clad Sect snatched away the King Spirit Vein.

After this battle, the Blood Clad Sect became the newest Holy Land of the Heavenly Starry Ocean. Its fame immediately spread far and wide.

The cultivators who wanted to join the Blood Clad Sect were as numerous as the clouds, unending. The sect flourished, its momentum surpassing that of the old overlords, the Lunar Palace and the Cyclic Astral Palace.

At this time, the identity of the Blood Clad Sect's Sect Master was intentionally exposed.

Now, the Western Sea Dragon King Ao Lang stood at the forefront and acknowledged his identity as the Blood Clad Sect's Sect Master.

His choosing to reveal himself at this point in time struck others as slightly weird.

Although there had already been some clues indicating close ties between the Blood Clad Sect and the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace, no one expected the person behind the Blood Clad Sect to be the Western Sea Dragon King himself.

The peace in the Heavenly Starry Ocean immediately ruptured.

After acknowledging his identity as the Blood Clad Sect's Sect Master, the Western Sea Dragon King Ao Lang rode the momentum and forcibly subdued the remnant factions of the Sea Monarch, grasping control of the Divine Dragon Palaces of all four seas.

It was clear that Ao Long had been planning and preparing for this for a long time. Otherwise, he would not have unified the Divine Dragon Palaces of the four seas so quickly after acknowledging his identity as the Blood Clad Sect's Sect Master.

When the Western Sea Dragon King's identity was exposed, the situation between the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace and the nearby Dragon's Gate promptly turned awkward.

Compared to the shock of the other factions, the Dragon's Gate could be said to be in a panic, completely caught off guard.

The unremarkable Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace had originally gone into decline, yet it managed to pull off a startling change, suddenly becoming a major faction comparable to an Immortal Holy Land. The Dragon's Gate's situation instantly turned precarious.

The City Lord, Mo Chen, immediately and decisively choose to seal the city. Aside from the Dragon's Gate's disciples, no one was allowed into Heavenly Dragon City.

At the same time, the Dragon's Gate started searching for spies within the city, investigating everyone suspiciously. On the other hand, they also sent a message to the Martial God Palace, requesting reinforcements.

The thirteen Great Bandits of the Black Sea chose this sensitive moment to announce that they would be moving to Heavenly Dragon City.

The Dragon's Gate's strength was already extraordinary. However, compared to an evil faction like the Blood Clad Sect, there clearly remained a huge difference.

Although the Blood Clad Sect still had not shown any signs of wanting to attack the Dragon's Gate, Mo Chen did not intend to be caught unprepared. The moment the Western Sea Dragon King acknowledged his identity, she started drafting all sorts of backup plans.

Indeed, half a month later, cultivators from the various Blood Clad Sect branches headed to the Western Sea, mustering at the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace.

In another half a month, the Divine Dragon Palaces of the four seas and the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises gathered.

The various factions in the Western Sea who originally affiliated themselves with the Dragon's Gate were attacked. Aside from a few astute sects that had moved far away, they all suffered destruction.

The news of the Blood Clad Sect wanting to attack the Dragon's Gate immediately spread throughout the Heavenly Starry Ocean, becoming a major matter that everyone paid attention to.

Many people saw this as the Western Sea Dragon King Ao Lang making an example of the Dragon's Gate, to establish the prestige of the Blood Clad Sect and trample on the past reputation of the Azure Dragon King. He wanted to show that the Blood Clad Sect was the true overlord.

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