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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 1471: Live and Die Together, Advance and Retreat Together

Chapter 1471: Live and Die Together, Advance and Retreat Together

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At the great hall of the City Lord's Residence of Heavenly Dragon City:

The upper echelon of the Dragon's Gate had assembled. Mo Chen, Yue Chenxi, Jin Dabao, Lord Jiu, Lan Tianji, Xiao Yu, Jin Lin, Gong Yangyu, Xuanyuan Zhantian, and the others were all here.

Several of these people were frequently outside, cultivating alone, outstanding talents who sought out their own fortuitous encounters in this golden age.

When these people received Mo Chen's message and found out that the Dragon's Gate was in trouble, they did not hesitate to rush back.

Right now, these people all possessed high cultivation. They were like fish in water in the golden age, able to hold their own anywhere.

The weakest of them were still Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors. The strongest ones were people no one expected: Xuanyuan Zhantian, Yue Chenxi, and Gong Yangyu.

Like Xiao Chen, all of them came from the Sky Dome Realm. All of them possessed a strength that rivaled that of Sovereign Martial Emperors.

Of the three, Xuanyuan Zhantian was the strongest. Even Yue Chenxi and Gong Yangyu were not aware of his true limits.

Xiao Chen had said it before: Xuanyuan Zhantian walked an extremely difficult path. What Xuanyuan Zhantian cultivated was purely the state of kingship.

After that, Xuanyuan Zhantian had a fortuitous encounter, stumbling upon a physical body Cultivation Technique from the peak period of the Ancient Era. Merging the state of kingship and physical body, he managed to form the King War Body that had unlimited potential.

Of the people here, Xuanyuan Zhantian was the last to advance to Martial Emperor. His Emperor's Road had been very dangerous, and he nearly fell on the final step.

However, he managed to pull through. Now, he gained a withdrawn sharpness. Even though he just stood at the corner of this great hall, his horrifying aura of kingship still put pressure on people.

"Miss Mo, did something happen for you to summon everyone?" Jin Lin, who came from the Supreme Sky Sect with Xiao Chen, asked.

Mo Chen and Lan Shaobai sat on the two chairs in the center. Lan Shaobai said, "Let me answer that. Last night, Ao Yu, the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace's Young Palace Master, personally sent a message to us, demanding we hand over Xiao Chen. Otherwise, the Blood Clad Sect will charge over half a month later and wash the Dragon's Gate in blood."

"Humph! They really talk big. Not to mention that Senior Brother Xiao Chen is currently not in the Dragon's Gate, even if he were around, we absolutely would not hand him over. The people of our Dragon's Gate are not easily bullied."

Angered, Jin Lin pounded the table, causing a loud sound.

"That little bastard. Back then, Xiao Chen was kind and did not take his life. Now that the situation turned around, that little bastard immediately starts strutting around with his nose in the air. When a vile character flourishes, they truly turned savage." Jin Dabao cursed in rage. He hated that, back when the Dragon's Gate was stronger, they had not eradicated the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace, leaving a future danger for themselves.

Mo Chen said, "There is no point saying all this now. I called everyone together so we can discuss this. Now, the Blood Clad Sect is in power. I've thought about it. Everyone here is a good friend of Big Brother Xiao Chen. There is no need to put everyone in danger to defend the city. We can temporarily head for the Kunlun Continent and hide. In the future, when Big Brother Xiao Chen returns, we can try to think of a solution.

"As long as the lush mountain remains, the fresh water will continue to flow."

Mo Chen's words were very sincere. She believed that if Xiao Chen were here, he also would not want to see his band of friends in danger.

After all, the Blood Clad Sect was simply too strong. The Western Sea Dragon King Ao Lang, the Blood Clad Sect's current Sect Master, was also ridiculously strong.

"There's no need. Miss Mo, since we chose to come back, we already made our decision. We are people of the Dragon's Gate. How can we just sit and watch the Dragon's Gate get destroyed?"

Xuanyuan Zhantian, who had been silent, suddenly spoke firmly. "Even if we cannot defeat them, we still have to do our best."

"That's right; what Brother Zhantian said makes sense. This Heavenly Dragon City is the culmination of Senior Brother Xiao Chen's efforts. Likewise, it is also the culmination of Miss Mo Chen's efforts. Even if we go, Miss Mo Chen will not leave, right?" Gong Yangyu smiled faintly, elegantly expressing his opinion.

"It took a lot of effort to build the Dragon's Gate. Think back to when the Dragon's Gate was reestablished and how much pressure Big Brother Xiao Chen faced. How can we retreat in the face of a little pressure? Miss Mo Chen, please permit us to resist the Blood Clad Sect together with you," Yue Chenxi said. She was like the rising sun as she glowed with determination.

"Let's do it together. No one should leave first. If we are to leave, we should leave together. Miss Mo Chen, there is no need for you to think of living and dying together with the Dragon's Gate. If you die in battle, Big Brother Xiao Chen will definitely be devastated," Xiao Yu looked at Mo Chen with large, sad eyes.

At the sincere smiles of the people who stepped forward in the great hall, Mo Chen's eyes teared up somewhat. She was moved beyond words. Now, she realized that she was being somewhat selfish earlier.

Gong Yangyu was right. Mo Chen had indeed been thinking of getting everyone to leave while remaining here alone.

However, when she heard what everyone said, she suddenly felt that she was being somewhat selfish.

The Dragon's Gate belonged to Xiao Chen, but also to Mo Chen and everyone else here.

"Sorry, Mo Chen was being somewhat selfish earlier. Everyone, please don't leave. We will live and die together, advance and retreat together. All of us have to live on properly; none of you are permitted to die."

Mo Chen's voice seemed somewhat choked up. As she smiled, tears spilled out of her eyes.

"Live and die together, advance and retreat together!"

At this moment, Lan Shaobai stood up as well and stretched his hand to the center.

Immediately, many hands were piled on each other.

All the Elders of the Dragon's Gate smiled, making a promise to overcome the difficulty together, to advance and retreat together.

Their smiles were carefree, determined, and courageous, revealing faith in the Dragon's Gate.

"This is the Dragon's Gate Treasure Armor that I personally refined based on the Azure Dragon Holy Armor. It is a complete set of Emperor Grade Secret Treasures. Although it is not comparable to the Azure Dragon Holy Armor that the Azure Emperor wore back then, it can achieve half the defense of that."

Since everyone decided to remain, Mo Chen did not argue any further. In order to raise the Dragon's Gate's strength, she took out the ten sets of Dragon's Gate Treasure Armor that she had refined.

Xuanyuan Zhantian's eyes lit up as he revealed joy on his face. He immediately dripped his blood on one to take ownership of it, refining the entire set.

With a thought, all the parts gave off an azure light as they automatically equipped themselves to every part of his body.

"Clack! Clack!"

After a while, the handsome Xuanyuan Zhantian showed a remarkable change in disposition with the Dragon's Gate Treasure Armor on. The azure-colored Battle Armor had patterns of True Dragons carved on it. His aura of kingship merged with the tyranny of a True Dragon.

It was like Xuanyuan Zhantian was the king of thousands of True Dragons, unique and unparalleled.

"It is really fitting. Miss Mo Chen, your skills are truly exquisite. Many thanks," Xuanyuan Zhantian said with a cupped-fist salute. He had a satisfied smile as he held the Heavenly War Halberd and swung it around a little.

Upon seeing Xuanyuan Zhantian radiating extraordinary might, everyone here could not wait to put on the Dragon's Gate Treasure Armor.

Right now, Mo Chen could be said to be unrivaled in the entire Kunlun Realm with regard to the Refining Dao. She already stood at the peak, far ahead of the second-ranked person.

Everyone was satisfied with their own Battle Armor, all of them extremely happy.

Xiao Yu wore the Dragon's Gate Treasure Armor and twirled around Lan Shaobai. Her heroic air immediately turned lively and adorable.

"Hehe! Elder Brother Shaobai, do I look cute in this armor?!"

Lan Shaobai smiled faintly and praised her a little, making Xiao Yu smile and blush.

Among the ten sets of Dragon's Gate Treasure Armor, there was one that was snow-white and accompanied by a red cape, looking very eye-catching.

Jin Dabao smiled and said, "This set of armor is truly unique. It looks very good, and it is as white as the winter snow. It really suits this Fat Lord's purity and good looks. However, it seems a little too small, not very fitting for this Fat Lord's figure."

Mo Chen's smile faded slightly. She said with a soft sigh, "This is for Big Brother Xiao Chen."

The moment Mo Chen said that, everyone appeared somewhat disappointed. If only Xiao Chen were here, to fight a common enemy together while wearing the same uniform!

"I believe that Xiao Chen will definitely rush back. He will put on this Battle Armor and lead us in our charge to push back the Blood Clad Sect!"

Xuanyuan Zhantian stood proudly. He showed determination in his handsome appearance, vaguely bolstering everyone's mood.

"I also believe that Big Brother Xiao Chen will definitely return. He has never disappointed us."

"Even if we are unfortunate and die in battle, he will don this white Battle Armor and take revenge for all of us."

"Half a month from now, we, as Elders of the Dragon's Gate, absolutely cannot let down the prestige of the Dragon's Gate and turn us into a joke for the Heavenly Starry Ocean."

"We absolutely cannot let the Dragon's Gate—the Dragon's Gate that Big Brother Xiao Chen endured so much pressure to reestablish—be destroyed like that."

"Live and die together, advance and retreat together."

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