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Immortality Cultivation Era (Web Novel)


When Gao Ge is awake, he finds that he has returned to the earth before aura reappeared. The world will usher in an era of practitioners soon. Various schools of cultivation and families of ancient martial arts will spring up. As a man who is living a second life, Gao Ge will never let go of the chance to grasp the resources, cultivation methods and treasure places first.

In this era, there are many geniuses and I, Gao Ge, shall be the king of them.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 415 Go to Black Market!2020-05-27
Chapter 414 You Leave First2020-05-26
Chapter 413 The Capable One Appears2020-05-26
Chapter 412 Beat the Mosquito with Archibald2020-05-24
Chapter 411 Trespass!2020-05-24
Chapter 410 So Many Bodyguards?2020-05-23
Chapter 409 Here They Come!2020-05-23
Chapter 408 Because They Don’t Know Each Other Well2020-05-20
Chapter 407 Jackass!2020-05-20
Chapter 406 Go Somewhere Else2020-05-20
Chapter 405 I Was Kidding2020-05-18
Chapter 404 Frustrated2020-05-16
Chapter 403 Three Ghost Kings2020-05-16
Chapter 402 The Explosive Sound2020-05-14
Chapter 401 Are You Shocked?2020-05-13
Chapter 400 Give Play to the Remaining Energy2020-05-12
Chapter 399 Take What I Should Gain2020-05-11
Chapter 398 Yang Zheng Feels Embarrassed2020-05-10
Chapter 397 Disadvantaged Groups?2020-05-10
Chapter 396 Stand Aside and Watch Others Die2020-05-08
Chapter 395 Save My Son!2020-05-08
Chapter 394 Break Into the Operating Room2020-05-06
Chapter 393 Become Well as Before2020-05-05
Chapter 392 His Incomparably Noble Ideological Awareness!2020-05-04
Chapter 391 Possessive of Your Food2020-05-03
Chapter 390 What Is This?2020-05-02
Chapter 389 Pandas Eat Human Beings?2020-05-02
Chapter 388 Go to See Pandas2020-05-02
Chapter 387 Lord Dragon King2020-04-29
Chapter 386 Reasonable People2020-04-29
Chapter 385 Teacher’s Order Shall Not Be Disobeyed2020-04-27
Chapter 384 Not Afraid to Die Outside?2020-04-27
Chapter 383 Zhang Li’s Request2020-04-25
Chapter 382 Die with No Regret2020-04-24
Chapter 381 Storm Pear Flower Needle Box!2020-04-23
Chapter 380 You Should Have Killed Me2020-04-22
Chapter 379 The Sword Can’t Hold On2020-04-21
Chapter 378 Come With the Sword2020-04-21
Chapter 377 The Only One2020-04-19
Chapter 376 Please Go to Hell2020-04-19
Chapter 375 See Through the Gate of Vitality2020-04-17
Chapter 374 Can’t Die in Vain!2020-04-16
Chapter 373 Die in Humiliation2020-04-15
Chapter 372 Are They Cheating2020-04-15
Chapter 371 No Need to Be That Big2020-04-13
Chapter 370 A Tale of Woe2020-04-12
Chapter 369 I’ll Take Revenge for You2020-04-11
Chapter 368 Get Ready2020-04-10
Chapter 367 Nirvana in Fire2020-04-09
Chapter 366 I’d Be Disappointed2020-04-08
Chapter 365 Sovereign of the Xiaoshan Sword Sect2020-04-07
Chapter 364 Treating All Fairly2020-04-06
Chapter 363 People May Die2020-04-05
Chapter 362 You’ll Be Disappointed2020-04-04
Chapter 361 Cough the Lung Out2020-04-03
Chapter 360 The People Who Raise Dragon2020-04-02
Chapter 359 I’m Risking My Life2020-04-02
Chapter 358 What the Hell2020-03-31
Chapter 357 A Copper Mirror2020-03-30
Chapter 356 I’ll Go with You2020-03-29
Chapter 355 Possessed by Ghost2020-03-29
Chapter 354 Share It Together2020-03-27
Chapter 353 Thunderbolt, Come!2020-03-26
Chapter 352 Armor Hero!2020-03-25
Chapter 351 Falling Fast2020-03-24
Chapter 350 This Jackass!2020-03-23
Chapter 349 Resolve to Beat You Up!2020-03-22
Chapter 348 Can’t Stand It Anymore2020-03-21
Chapter 347 Love Is a Light2020-03-20
Chapter 346 Rise to the Sky2020-03-19
Chapter 345 I Have Tried But I Can’t Beat It2020-03-18
Chapter 344 What Are You?2020-03-17
Chapter 343 It Is Not Invincible2020-03-17
Chapter 342 I’m Going to Save My Teacher2020-03-17
Chapter 341 The Rare Beasts in the Black Fog2020-03-14
Chapter 340 A Rare Beast That Can Come with a Vision2020-03-13
Chapter 339 Then They Will Die2020-03-12
Chapter 338 I’m Willing2020-03-11
Chapter 337 This Is Huaxia!2020-03-10
Chapter 336 I Don’t Forgive Her2020-03-09
Chapter 335 Cannot Be More Careful2020-03-08
Chapter 334 The Sightseeing Tour2020-03-07
Chapter 333 Destination2020-03-06
Chapter 332 Isn’t It Nice to Live Indolently2020-03-05
Chapter 331 They Are So Funny2020-03-05
Chapter 330 Bite Me?2020-03-05
Chapter 329 Storm Pear Flower Needle Box2020-03-05
Chapter 328 Not Feel at Ease2020-03-05
Chapter 327 Are You Okay or Not2020-03-05
Chapter 326 Then Close Your Eyes!2020-03-05
Chapter 325 Those Who Stop Me Will Be Killed by Me Here2020-03-05
Chapter 324 How Do You Know That I Am Suitable2020-03-05
Chapter 323 You Are Shameless2020-03-05
Chapter 322 I Am Her Man2020-03-05
Chapter 321 The Army Against the Willow Sect2020-03-05
Chapter 320 Giving up Qingrou to Protect the School2020-02-22
Chapter 319 I Have to Leave2020-02-21
Chapter 318 I Want to Beat Him2020-02-20
Chapter 317 They Reach the Haicheng City2020-02-19
Chapter 316 They Are the People That the Dragon Court Can Trust2020-02-18